“Dang Tory, how much shit did you give him?”

“Well, I got ‘em drunk first, ‘n then some heroin–hey, if he wants tah know what it’s like tah be homeless, might as well give ’em the good stuff.”

“Shit, fuckin’ heroin? That’s pricey man, how much ya’d find on him?”

“Eh, not too much, but I got’s my payment elsewhere–he’’s a total fag man, look how hard his cock is, all chained up like that. He’s been beggin’ fer me cock–gettin’ me so damn hard…Already had his ass twice, ‘n look how hard he is, even drugged the fuck out. Think I’m gonna keep ’em, actually. Might be nice havin’ a pet fag around. ‘Sides, I can rent ’em out for some extra cash.”

“That’s fucked up Tory.”

“Eh mind yer own fuckin’ business. Panhandlin’ ain’t paying out like it used to–too many assholes takin’ all the good spots who ain’t even one of us.”

“How much?”

“Two bucks, either hole.”

“Here. I ain’t a fag, but a fresh hole’s too good to pass up.”

“I hear ya man, I hear ya.”

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