My housemate Mark–he’s a nice guy, but I feel like he’s taking this charity thing too far…Here, let me back up. Mark does a lot of volunteer work outside of college, and one thing he’s really involved in his helping the homeless. Well, one night last week he brought this disgusting bum home and let him sleep on the couch for a night. I woke up to Mark’s screaming, and I burst in his room and the fucker is naked with his hands around Mark’s throat. I bring the guy down–I mean, I know how to tackle from football–and the derelict gets carted off the jail…but…

Mark’s been acting really strange: missing classes, getting drunk and high, inviting all of these other derelicts around. He doesn’t even seem like the same person. And there’s this one new friend of his, I think he was…waiting for me in my room. He tried tacking me to the ground while saying these strange words…I don’t know, I just ran. I don’t want to go home, but I think they’re following me. Is…is that them? Oh god, no–

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