When my son told me he that someone was bullying him at school, I hadn’t imagined it would be a teacher. Apparently Mr. Wilson, his English teacher, was a bible thumping conservative–and as soon as he’d found out that my boy and I are gay, he’d started flunking him on nearly every assignment. 

Now, I’ve raised my boy right–he’s going to be strong, masculine man like his dad when he grows up, but while I knew he could take care of himself in a school yard brawl, I figured a more nuanced approach would be best here. I went in and tried talking like a reasonable man, but Mr. Wilson didn’t want to hear it, and the administration was no help…so I took matters into my own hands.

My son’s off at college now, and Mr. Wilson is in my basement. He doesn’t want to be there right now, but he’ll change his mind soon enough. I have four years to get him pretrained so I can hand the leash over to my boy as a present when he graduates. My boy’s first slave–goodness, how time flies.

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