Why…Why did he keep putting it on? It had been three days since Greg’s visit to the strange curio shop in Chinatown. He’d picked up the small bottle of deodorant as a joke. What company, after all, would say their deodorant smelled like “Backwoods Musk”? He’d put it on before going to the gym to workout with Jeff, and they’d had a good laugh at the cedary, sweaty smell, but this was getting out of control. Greg was putting on weight, his beard was growing uncontrollably, and he couldn’t stop smelling himself.
There was a knock on the door, and when he opened it, there was Jeff, or he thought it was Jeff. He was looking a bit younger, and maybe even…chubby? “Greg…Greg, I gotta smell it again, please tell me…” Jeff said, but stopped and tackled his friend to the ground, lapping and licking at his pit, Greg groaning, his cock rock hard, and he knew why he kept putting it on–because it was his scent–his stench, and he and his boy here, they were going to be smelling like backwoods musk for the rest of their lives.

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