“Come on son, please let me take these off? I’ve been pissing through them for weeks now, they’re vile.”

“Dad, at least be thankful that I let you cut a whole in the back so you haven’t been storing your shit that long too.”

“Yeah, but you don’t even let me wipe! I…I think the guys at work can smell them through my clothes.”

“Are you sure they aren’t just smelling you? I mean, you haven’t showered in ten days? I mean, have you smelled those pits of yours? No, go on dad, smell them, tell me what you think of them.”

“No, please…oh fuck, it’s so fucking nasty…I think I’m gonna–”

“Don’t throw up, you fucking pussy. Besides, it’s growing on you now, isn’t it? You enjoy your stench, judging by how your cock is tenting out your filthy underwear.”

“Please…Please don’t, I’m your father! Don’t touch me there!”

“Shut up and smell your pits, pig! Smell ‘em and enjoy them. Here, you want to take these shorts off? Here, I’ll take them off for you…damn dad, these are rank–God, I love the smell of pissy shorts. Here, you smell them, get your nose right in there and don’t fucking stop.”

“Son, please–”

“Shut up bitch, and focus on the smell, focus on how filthy and rank it is, focus on how hard that stench is making your cock in my hand–your son’s hand no less, you pervert. Yeah, look at yourself in that mirror, unwashed body, your nose buried in your own piss sodden underwear, your son jacking your rock hard cock…you’re gonna cum, aren’t you? You can’t stop it, because all of this is making you so turned on you can’t fucking help yourself!”

“Oh for the love of God, please! Please don’t–oh…Oh! god…damn it…”

“Now wipe up that seed with them and now you’re gonna suck it out…yeah bitch, get it in that hole of yours and suck–aww, is the faggot gonna cry now? Don’t cry dad, this is how men enjoy themselves, this is how we bond. Don’t be a fucking pussy about it…Now take ’em out and put them on backwards.”

“Backwards? But…”

“Talking about you storing up a few loads of shit in those was just too hot to resist, but don’t worry, at least you’ll be able to reach your cock, because from now on, you’re gonna be pissing up and all over your clothes, and whenever you drop a load of shit in those shorts, you’re gonna jack off and love it–oh quit your fucking blubbering! You’re the one who wanted more father-son bonding time! I can’t help it if I only like bonding with dirty, filthy pigs like you’re gonna be. 

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