One Change #3 – Justice

With this power, why wouldn’t someone go around trying to right a few wrongs as well? Certainly a few changes were devoted to trying and correct injustices made against people in the past and to try and give criminals and bullies what they deserve. Here was a good example–Mr. White.

He looks like a nice man, right? A good neighbor, a delightful old character? Unfortunately, he had a history of abusing children, and when the person responsible for these changes learned about what he’d done from a grown victim, he knew that something had to be done about it. It turned out that Mr. White had an entire basement in his home where he did his work–so the Changer decided that–before Mr. White had harmed anyone, he should have been kept locked up in a dungeon himself.

Not very pretty no, but fitting. The new Mr. White was kept chained in a cage in a basement by a cruel master–aside from the times he was being fucked, fisted or beaten into submission. Sure, the new Mr. White didn’t know why he deserved this treatment, but it was better to spare his victims as far as the Changer was concerned. Besides, the new Mr. White had long since accepted his role, after nearly fifty years of slavery, and he derived plenty of satisfaction from it now.

Of course, not every punishment needed to be so extreme. Sometimes it was better just to force the culprit into a fitting new life, as was the case with Vinnie.

Living as a redneck, he was fond of bullying and beating up anyone remotely resembling a faggot in his eyes, and the Changer could sense that this was born from his own questionable sexuality. Vinnie also loved violence–it helped him get off. So, instead of being turned on by violence, the Changer decided to make him thrilled by men looking at him instead.

The new Vinnie certainly wasn’t a redneck–he’d moved to the city as soon as he’d saved enough for the train ticket. He’d wanted to be a star, but he’d settled for being a stripper at a local bear and leather bar. He loved the work, and the men loved him–his confidence, his thrill at being watched. The Changer was happy to find that this new Vinnie, living open, was much happier than the old one, and considered his work well done.

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