David hadn’t known he’d had any spiritual issues until his first meeting with The Guru, but now, he was well on the way to enlightenment–he hoped. He wasn’t sure why The Guru had invited him to his training compound for a week long retreat, or why The Guru had insisted he stay for an extended retreat once there, but he knew it was for his own good.
He particularly loved the hours he spent meditating. He now work his ropes at all times, to ensure he was was constantly reminded of how he was bound to The Guru, in both body and soul. The Guru had recently complimented David on how large his nipples were getting, and the compliment alone had been enough to send David into an orgasm, and he’d profusely apologized for his improper ejaculation, and allowed The Guru to punish him for eight hours to show how remorseful he was.
Watching the Enlightened stroll the campus, eyes glazed over, huge plugs up their asses, their cocks in eternal chastity, David knew he would be among their ranks one day–but until then, he would continue his meditations, and obey The Guru’s every command.

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