The biggest challenge facing our industry is the sheer volume of pornography which can be found on the internet, free of charge. It’s difficult to make a profit when individuals are contributing their own images, and are smart enough to  run file-sharing sites, allowing the distribution of our product outside our paywalls. My company is here to offer the solution.

This solution is our new subliminal video encoding process–pervware. Here, you can see one of our successful subjects. In watching our videos, the subliminal programming causing several changes to the subjects mind and physiology. First, it increases arousal, essentially promoting an addiction to pornography. It decreases metabolism and increases production of aging free radicals, causing the individual to gain weight and appear to age rapidly. This results in a dramatic loss of self-esteem, decreases the individuals desire to self-post, and decreases their ability to satisfy their sexual desires through real-life interaction. Finally, decreased cognitive function and increased risk aversion reduces the technical competence of our clients, keeping them from moving outside our paywalls, and also decreases imagination, destroying personal fantasy production. The result? The perfect porn consumer–and a permanent solution for the future of our industry. 

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