Growing older sucked. Now forty, Roy was fighting his body every day, from the balding to the body hair, to the paunch that resisted every diet and workout. There was no denying it–he was a bear, and he wasn’t happy about it. Well, he did like the way he looked, the real problem was that none of the guys he wanted were all that into his mature look.
Yeah, Roy loved twinks–he almost hated admitting it out loud, but something about their boyish looks and smooth, slim bodies drove him absolutely wild. Unfortunately, none of them ever gave him the time of day–until now. He still couldn’t believe the shirt had worked. He’d bought it online for the hefty price of 500 dollars, and he thought he’d been scammed when he couldn’t see anything odd about it–it just looked like a yellow shirt to him. But the first time he’d worn it to the club? The twinks had swarmed him. He’d gone home with three different boys, who’d kept him up all damn night.
So maybe growing older wasn’t so bad, so long as one always had the sense to be fashion forward.

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