Yeah, I know I’m not like most burglars. For one, I only break into houses when they’re occupied. Well, I should be more specific–I only break into houses that are occupied my men, preferably by big, beefy daddies like this guy here–ain’t he something?

Yeah, he thought he could defend himself–they always do. He pointed the gun at me and looked in my eyes…and well, he wasn’t ready for my psychic blast, I don’t think, and his mind was blank and under my complete control seconds later. Before too long, he was on the bed, groaning, gun by his side, cock hard, playing with his nipples–helpless, basically–while I cased the joint and took what I wanted. Now don’t worry, I didn’t leave him unsatisfied. In fact, he thanked me profusely for the best orgasm of his life and for for robbing him of his worthless goods before sucking my cock off.

So I suppose I’ve never really robbed anyone, since they’re always happy to give me anything they want, isn’t that right? You do want to give me everything I want, right?

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