“If you ask me, all those stinking hippies should just go get a damn job!” one of the bankers shouted, bringing another round of clapping, laughing and snorting from the businessmen and politicians seated around the table.

A CEO picked up where that one left off, “Ha! No kidding. And their fucking glitter-bombing or whatever–fucking faggots *grunt*. Like a handful of stinking glitter is going to do anything!” Again, everyone laughed, still stuffing their faces with as much food as they could grab with their bare hands.

Daniel, however, wasn’t feeling well, and he hurried to the bathroom. He wasn’t sure if it was the large amount of wine he’d drunk, but his face…what was wrong with his face?

“Daniel? Are you in there? What’s wrong?” a voice said outside the door–it was Daniel’s brother Chuck. He stepped in, and Daniel was horrified–his brother’s head had been replaced with that of a pig, and he looked like he had gained a hundred pounds, his suit ill-fitting on his now obese frame. And the hungry look in his eyes–it was making Daniel horny, and he pulled his cock out of his suit pants, struggling around his own expanding gut.

Chuck grinned and got down on his knees, slurping down his brother’s cock, Daniel snorting and grunting as he drove his dick down Chuck’s throat, feeling his clothes ripping off his body. His mind–he knew something was wrong, but it felt as though he were being controlled by something else–some primal urge, something not human. He reached around with a trotter like hand and began probing his asshole, feeling his new corkscrew tail. The sensation of having something at his hole threw him into overdrive, and he shot a huge load down his brother’s throat, but it wasn’t enough. He bent over the sink, and in a strange rough voice no longer his own, he panted, “Fuck me, Chuck, *oink* fuck me!”

Daniel watched his potbellied brother heave himself up off the floor, his deformed cock leaking precum, and he realized that he was now more beast than man. There was none of the usual spark of intellect in his eyes–but his terror was swept away once his brother thrust his hard cock into his ass, rutting and squealing. Daniel looked in the mirror, his own mind crumbling away, and realized too late that foul smelling glitter could have an effect, if one knew the right spells.

Back in the dining room, the brothers’ guests had descended into their own orgy, clamoring out of their ripping suits and onto the table, gorging themselves in between bouts of mindless, bestial sex. In the morning, the reporters thought it was a prank–a high-profile fundraiser for a Republican SuperPac filled with pigs, but as the reports came in of the politicians, businessmen and CEO’s who had gone missing–well, one thing was certain. Politics in the USA would never be the same again. 

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