It wasn’t easy to relax and enjoy the rodeo when you could feel the eyes of those two, burly cowboys drilling into the back of your skull. The worst part, was that they made no effort to hide it. Whenever you looked back, they’d keep staring, and grin. You asked them to stop, but they never said anything back. Soon, you couldn’t take it, and you left.

They followed you, waited for the right moment before dragging you off, and throwing you into the back of their truck. You don’t know how long you’ve been here–there’s no outside light in the barn, but the lights turn on and off at intervals which seem to fast to be days. You’re tied up, and there is a trough in front of you which is always full. You eat. If you don’t eat, you get punished. On occasion, they come back and stare, but they speak now. They say that you’ll get them a fortune on the auction block in a year. They say you’ll make the buyer’s very happy, after all, they do love their potbellied pigslaves.

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