“Who’s that? Oh, that isn’t anyone anymore. It’s just an art piece now. It was my last boyfriend. Sure, the relationship started well enough, but we had some problems. He didn’t really like wearing the rubber gear I wanted him in, he even tried running away. I tried talking some sense into him, but he wouldn’t listen to my reasoning, so I had to take some…extreme measures.

"Sure, I suppose I could have let him go, but he was so beautiful…not as beautiful as you, of course. He screamed at first, as I pumped the liquid latex into him, but he can’t scream now–he can’t do anything. He can just hang there, rubber sublime.

"Oh no, you can’t leave now, I have so much gear I want to see you in, so much rubber for you to wear. We can go out to the clubs, two hot rubberbois on the dance floor–it’ll be perfect. But if you really don’t want to–I do still have a lot of that liquid latex, and I think you might look even more beautiful wrapped in rubber forever.”

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