“No…Trevor…don’t, please–” Frank said, but any protests were swallowed by a loud moan as his son deepthroated his father’s cock once more.

“That’s a good cub,” Clyde said, coming up behind Frank and tugging at the older man’s nipples, “Show your daddy all the tricks you’ve learned over the past few months. Show him what a wonderful slut you’ve become.”

Clyde was Frank and Trevor’s next door neighbor, and several months ago, Trevor had asked his dad if he could work over at Clyde’s after school to earn some money. Frank had agreed, figuring it would be good for his son to have a job, but soon, he started to worry if Clyde was a bad influence. A few times he’d thought Trevor had come home smelling of sex, and Clyde had made some changes to his appearance, like telling Trevor to growa goatee and get a buzzcut. The final straw though, was when Frank had walked in on Trevor naked and had seen his nipples and penis were pierced.

Frank had stormed next door, but Clyde calmed him down and explained the situation. Clyde owned his own production company, and he had asked Trevor to help him produce and act in his films. He had a variety of sets, and he told Frank that he could strip down and see the indoor pool if he wanted, and Frank felt compelled to do as Clyde asked.

In the basement, he found Trevor wading in the pool, naked, and Clyde told Frank how handsome his cub son was, and Frank, well he was a big, beautiful bear himself. Clyde sat him down on the edge of the pool, where Trevor had immediately begun sucking his dad’s thick cock. Frank looked around and saw many video cameras catching all of the action, but it didn’t bother him–it turned him on knowing that horny men were watching his hot son suck his cock.

After all, it was just like Master Clyde said–This was what a hot son and father like Trevor and him should be doing with their time. He put one hand on the back of Trevor’s head and started thrusting down his son’s throat, saying, “That’s good boy, you know how to suck cock like a pro–your dad isn’t gonna last long if you keep that up.”

Clyde grinned, knowing he’d gained another beautiful bear for his burgeoning home movie business. He was certain men would pay good money for a series of father and son flicks, so Trevor and Frank were going to be very busy from now on. Clyde smiled as Frank pulled his cock out and shot his load all over his son’s face, before bending over and licking it out of his son’s goatee, kissing him passionately. Yes, the three of them would be very busy indeed.

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