Saul really had been wrong about his new neighbors. Sure, he’d been worried when those black thugs had moved into the foreclosed house next door, playing their loud music at all hours, and throwing huge parties on the weekends. In his misguided judgment, he’d even mistakenly called the cops on them a few times. He’d never understood why the officers never broke up the huge parties–they would just knock on the door, talk to one of the hoodlums, and then leave like nothing was wrong.

Now he understood though–he understood that these young, beautiful black men were his ideal neighbors, how could he have not realized it before? With their young toned bodies, ebony skin, and huge cocks, how could an old, fat, perverted faggot like him be disappointed with that? Of course, he’d needed their help to realize that about himself, but after a long chat, and especially after feeling each of their huge cocks crammed down his throat, he quickly realized that they were right. He was a total pervert who spent his days fantasizing about big black cocks–and he was the luckiest pervert on the block.

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