Ryan checked his watch again, and cursed himself for oversleeping. He had drugged Tom’s drink at the bar last night so the formula should be in full effect this morning, but he’d wanted to be there to see it happen, damn it! Ryan and Tom had been rivals for as long as they’d been swimming, but with the Olympic trials coming up–Ryan wanted a spot, and wanted to make sure Tom didn’t get one. The formula Tom drank would react with water and make him bloat with fat–nothing he couldn’t work off in a year, but enough to slow him down–provided he got out of the water fast enough.

Ryan had suggested they race each other the next morning, but he’d slept in, and was now a half hour late. He quickly stripped down in the locker room and burst into the gym, expecting to see Tom screaming and terrified, or not there at all, but he was in the shallow end, just standing there…and he was huge, a massive, hairy gut bobbing in the water. He looked up and saw Ryan there, and smirked. “Well, I guess you got me, eh? Here to swim your victory lap?”

Confused, Ryan came closer to Tom, and was caught off guard when the now obese swimmer grabbed his ankle and hauled him down into the water. Immediately, Ryan felt his stomach gurgle and begin to expand, and he tried to fight Tom off, but pleasure surged through him, and he moaned.

“Feels good, right? I wasn’t expecting that either. I got the same formula from the doc, and drugged you too. But you know what? Being fat feels really good,” Tom said, pushing his gut up against Ryan, “So why don’t we see where this takes us?”

Tom leaned in to kiss him, but Ryan pulled back. “Come on man, we aren’t…we aren’t gay!” But the pleasure coursing through him, the sensation of Tom’s gut rubbing against him in the water was turning him on, and when Tom grabbed his cock, he didn’t resist. Unable to help himself, he started rubbing Tom’s gut with his hands, then leaned over and suckled one of his big nipples, Tom groaning and thrusting his cock into Ryan’s fattening middle.

It was an hour later when they heaved themselves out of the pool. They found a scale in the gym, and  took a look at the damage. Ryan clocked in at 434 pounds, and Tom at 506. They both knew they should be disgusted with themselves, but they couldn’t stop making out and kneading their fat, hairy forms. “How about we go get some breakfast?” Ryan said.

“Sounds great, but lets get something greasy–no more Subway for me.” Tom replied, and they laughed.

“I bet I can eat way more than you though.”

“Oh, is that a challenge? I’d like to see you try.”

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