Interactive: Dale’s Story (Part 3)

 “Whatever Mike, you know she’s hot for me.”

“Fuck no, bro–she wants me!”

The two younger men laughed and paused a moment to light up a couple of cigarettes. Dale recognized them–they were Mike and Jerry, a couple of young fraternal twins in their late 20’s. They’d moved here from a couple of towns over to work as a couple of mechanics–they were still dressed in their coveralls from the day, coated with grease and grime from boot to face. They were both is solid shape–muscular and beefy from the heavy lifting they did all day long, but each of them with a fair sized paunch as well. While not exactly identical by any means, you could definitely get them mixed up if you weren’t careful, and the two were rarely seen separated.

Dale wondered if he should call out to them. Maybe they could go get help? They at least needed to get away from this crazy lunatic. He had to say something, but the breath was still locked in his lungs, the stranger smirking at him struggling to speak. “Well lookie there Dale! If it ain’t yer two boys–ya didn’t tell me they were joinin’ us tonight. Come on over here and have a seat”

Dale just gawked at him–and the brothers did as well…but neither of them found themselves capable of resisting the suggestion. Still…they didn’t know these two older guys, did they? They set themselves down on either side of Dale at the round table, slightly uncomfortable and quiet.

“Well Dale? Aren’t you proud of these two boys of yours? I must say they’re fine looking young men! Aren’t you going to introduce me?”

“I can’t introduce you, I don’ even know yer name!” Dale said, his tongue untied, “Ya guys, git the hell outta here. I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s fuckin’ insane!”

“Come…come on Pa, why would we leave? We just sat down…” Jerry said, his voice with an odd slowness to it, his eyes a bit hazy, like they were clouded with smoke.

“Yeah Pa, let’s have a beer–who’s your friend, anyway?”

Dale glowered at the stranger, “I ain’t gonna their damn Pa!”

“Now now Dale, words can hurt!” the stranger said, “Still, I suppose you can’t introduce me, can you? I mean, I have claimed this town here, but no one’s really met me yet! You’re the first person I’ve had much conversation with, really. But I don’t really want to talk about me anyway–I’d rather talk about you! Eh boys? Why don’t you tell me some things about your Pa here.”

“Pa? Oh, he owns the shop where we work–he taught us everything we know about engines. He didn’t finish high school, and he isn’t too smart, but he can tell you anything you want to know about any damn car!”

“Yeah–he was a trucker for a long time when he was younger. Wasn’t til our mom dumped the two of us on him that he settled down here, but we’re happy here, right Pa?”

“No!” Dale said, and forced himself up from the table and backed up a few steps–looked down at himself, but he too was now clad in a massive set of coveralls, coated with grease from the cars he’d spent all day working on–right? No, no this wasn’t right, this wasn’t real–it was a trick! “I don’ know what game ya think yer playin’,” he said to the stranger, “But I ain’t havin’ no more a it, ya hear me?”

“Now now, Dale, I know you aren’t too bright, but double negatives can be especially dangerous in situations like this, don’t you think? Still, it does seem like we’ll need to give you some…extra incentive to settle in to your new life a bit better. What do you think boys, you want to help you Pa out?”

“Please, just let me go…” Dale said, trying to back away, but his feet were glued back to the floor.

The stranger smiled, and said…

Alright, here are your options for what the stranger says:

  1. “Now we both know how much you love your son’s musk after a day at the shop–go give him a taste boys, and jog his memory.”
  2. “How about we give you something else to occupy your mind–like a ten inch cock and lemon sized balls to keep your horny boys happy.”

  3. “Now daddy, get on your hands and knees. We all know how much you like feeling them plug you up at both ends.”

  4. “Boys, why don’t we make sure your daddy doesn’t run off with a few more pitchers of beer and some greasy bar food.”

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Male Bonding (Part 4)

The game continued. Under the table, Jared had finished with Jared cock, and at his son’s orders had begun sucking off the remaining four men, while Maurice crawled around with him, draining bladders as the men needed–and they needed to often, as Trevor kept forcing drinks down their throats, and kept lighting more and more cigars for each of them. Kirk went down next–he’d never had that good of a poker face. Trevor had him eating out his armpits within moments, and then made the middle aged man get on his knees, and beg him to allow him the honor of licking his feet clean. Trevor was all too happy, but forced him to untie his shoes and pull off his socks with his teeth–and then made him promise that he wouldn’t shower more than once a week from that day on, and never with soap or deodorant–all the better to enjoy his own stink, right? Kirk was more than happy to agree, as he shoved his nose between Trevor’s toes and took it great heaving, piggish snorts, running his entire tongue from heel to toe, moaning and stroking his own cock like mad. He shoot on the floor, and Trevor made him lick it clean, before ordering him under the table as well to give the remaining three players foot massages and to lick them clean.

Carter, Dustin, and Ryan were the only remaining players. A strong rivalry had developed between Carter and Dustin, between ruler and usurper. It didn’t help that, with the fewest clothes, they each were the most vulnerable at being removed next. Ryan, on the other hand, still had the most clothes, and he was more than happy to keep it that way. He lost a few more, but it was Carter who fell next, pulling off his underwear as Trevor strode over, laughing. “Oh, and the boss falls! Still, we’ll have to find you something to sit on, don’t you think? Kirk! Get out here, and help me out with your boss here. Get on your hands and knees, Carter.”

Kirk was only too happy to clean out his boss’ hole. Well, at first he was disgusted, but the more he licked it, the more he…couldn’t stop. The more he enjoyed it. The more he loved the sensation of burrowing his tongue in there, getting it slick and wet. Trevor had to haul him away by the hair so he could line up his cock with Carter’s hole and slide it into the well opened hole, Carter immediately fighting the pleasure of it, of being penetrated, of being filled. His resistance didn’t last long, however, and he was shoving his whole body back, desperate to get more of Trevor’s cock inside him. Trevor told the two men at the table to get back to the game, that he had more to do with this pig here. A few rounds later, Carter was howling in some mixture of pain and pleasure as Trevor slipped his fist into his hole, the boss’ cock exploding across the carpet, Kirk diving for it and eating it up from the carpet. Trevor kept an eye on the heated battle going on between Dustin and Ryan. Neither had much left to lose in the game, and Dustin had come back from losing to being neck and neck. Ryan was terrified–but he hated Dustin, and he refused to lose to him. In the end, he counted the deck better, and beat him. Dustin was furious and went to jump across the table and throttle that “fat bitch,” but Trevor stopped him, and then told his father to take over loosening up his bosses’ asspussy for him. Jared dutifully got down and pushed his own fist in Carter’s hole in his son’s stead.

“Dustin, sit back down. Aren’t you hungry?”

“No I’m not fucking hungry, I’m–” he started to say, but Trevor shoved a slice of pizza in his mouth as he spoke.

“No fucker–you’re hungry. You’re fucking famished. You’re going to eat. You’re going to eat, and you’re not going to stop until I tell you to, got it?”

Dustin tried to fight the command, but he couldn’t. He went over to the mostly untouched snack table, and started stuffing his face with everything Laura, Maurice’s wife, had prepared earlier, shoving food in his mouth with his hands, terrified not only at the ferocity of his hunger, but also how horny he was at his sudden lack of control, at the sensation of his full gut.

Trevor ignored Dustin, however, and sat down next to Ryan. “Well done Ryan, looks like you win! Congrats–I kind of hope you’d be the one left standing.”

“Does…does that mean I can go? That…that you won’t do anything to me?”

Trevor laughed. “Let you go? Of course now, Ryan! No, you get the very best prize of all, in fact. No, forget…this. No, you’re a piece of shit, Ryan. Not because you’re fat–I love your size. No, because you’re the smartest fucker in this room, but you don’t believe it. You fucking hate yourself. No, Ryan. I’m not going to let you go–I’m going to kill everything in you that makes you weak, and then you’re going to help me break in these nasty sluts–how does that sound?”

Ryan tried to object, but Trevor just leaned in and started whispering in his ear. Slowly, Ryan stopped trying to fight back, and his face went…blank. Almost featureless, at the debauchery going on around them. Then, his mouth curled up into a smirk–a cruel smirk which was utterly alien to his face. His eyes took on new life, looking around him, at this nasty fucks around him, thinking about…about how much he was going to enjoy this. How much he’d always craved this, this ability to become a brutalizer, and he’d never even known it was inside him all along. Trevor released him, and he immediately got up from his chair, went over to Dustin, and started feeding him, faster than he could hope to keep up with, mocking him as he gagged and choked, trying to swallow everything Ryan shoved into him, and he smiled at Trevor. Trevor–he’d enslaved all of these men, sure, but not him. No, he’d simply told Ryan how to be free.

Breaking Point (Part 4)

I told Leon that if he could prove to me that he deserved to have his life back, then he’d get it back at the end of the August and go off to college, just like he’d imagined. I don’t think he quite realized the power I had over him at that point, not right away. Up to that point, other people had always felt incidental to him–just figments of agents that he could ignore at will, who had no real impact on his desired course through the world. He’d always simply expected other people to move from his past. The collision with someone like me–who had not only the desire, but also the ability to oppose him, was incomprehensible in the immediate aftermath of this new body. Still, he began to understand I putt him through a few paces in the trailer, while the rest of the crew carried on working outside, finishing shortly before quitting time. That was when he realized he wouldn’t be going home to his parents–to his room, to his friends. Instead, I informed him he’d be staying with me for the time being–and that he’d best behave himself, or he could kiss that future of his goodbye.

I live in a small house a good ways out of town on a couple acres of property–enough to assure myself a good measure of privacy. I had several guest rooms (and a rather cozy dungeon in the cellar) but Leon wasn’t a guest, he was a pig–meaning he got to sleep on a dog bed out in the garage. Meaning he had to be naked in the house at all times. Meaning he had to be ready for me whenever I desired him, and willing to perform whatever sick tasks I might have in mind. I gave him a week to get adjusted to his living arrangements and new body, before I ramped up his training.

I taught him to take pain and enjoy it. I forced him into bondage for hours on end. I taught him to drink piss and eat out my nasty crack after a good, long shit. He obeyed me both because he had to, and because he was becoming increasingly desperate to have his old life back. Finally, that cold demeanor was beginning to crack, the reality of the fact that he could do nothing other than submit wearing him down slowly but surely. I hurried him along a bit, by forcing him to serve his co-workers as well, quickly graduating him to our communal urinal, toilet paper and cumdump at the worksite. He was forbidden to shower, wear anything other than my dirtiest laundry (which fit his obese frame rather poorly) or shave, and soon stank to high heaven of piss, sweat and cum. The loss of testosterone from his now puny balls gave him a thin, patchy beard that only made him look older and more grungy as it became crusted with filth.

Finally–finally! He broke.

It was the middle of August, on the weekend. The weekends were particularly grueling for him–on purpose of course. I generally kept him in bondage for long periods of time, and at this point I had also fit him into chastity–although finding a cage small enough for his now puny cock was a challenge in itself. It was time for dinner, and I released him from the cage I’d decided he’d spend the day caged in, and he seemed…more reserved, somehow. I made him crawl behind me into the kitchen, where he found I had brought in a trough–and I dumped a pot of cold slop into it, telling him to eat up.

He broke out in sobs. Massive, heaving sobs. It wasn’t the greatest humiliation he’d suffered by far, but it was somehow a sign of how far he’d fallen. He started pleading and begging with me, telling me he was sorry, that he didn’t know how he could make it up to me, that he just wanted it to stop, that he couldn’t take another day of this. I listened. I let him poor his heart out, but soon all I could feel was my rock hard cock. When he’d run out of words, I ordered him to eat–watching his eyes go wide in terror–but he couldn’t resist. I got down behind him and started fucking his loose hole, letting the rough fuck tell him what I had no interest in saying, no interest in his revelations. That I was as unfeeling towards his exhaustion and terror as he’d been towards everyone for his entire life. That tears wouldn’t move me. That his understanding of needing to be punished wouldn’t absolve him from his due punishment.

If he’d just suffered, I probably would have let him go, but later that night, he asked me about the end of August, when he might get his life back. His…arrogance, to even ask…I told him to wait a couple of weeks, but I was…so furious, at him even daring to ask, at his…perhaps that was the ultimate cruelty, letting him keep believing, but I couldn’t let that stand. Seeing him break, it only partially, only made me want to drive him even deeper. I wanted to see him suffer more than anything now, and I couldn’t…stop fantasizing, about this idea I’d had. I’d planned it, in case he didn’t give in…but I’d never done something like this, Then again, I’d never dealt with someone like Leon. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dealt with horrible young men as cruel as he is–a good number of them were still employed with me, to this day. But I’d never…something in him, in his cocky resistance, in his confidence that even now he’d eventually be free of me, of all of this, even though there was nothing–nothing–he could feasibly do…it was a high I couldn’t deny myself, and I wanted to see that little meek castle crumble to dust. Did he deserve it, really? Probably no one did–but Leon needed it. I needed it, and it would be…perfect.

Breaking Point (Part 1)

There are always a few, every summer. The jocks needed summer jobs, after all. The rich ones had enough family connections to find something better than building and painting houses, but the poor ones, well, they usually answered my Craigslist ads. I give them a month, get to know them, see what they’re like. If they show some promise, some willingness to engage in hard work…I help them out a bit. But if they’re an asshole..well, what would you usually do with an asshole? I mean, I don’t know you that well, but hey, when I see an asshole, I fuck it, you know?

Leon was an asshole. I knew he was an asshole, in fact, when he showed up to the interview, wearing a tanktop, showing off that body of his that he worked so hard on. He smelled like he hadn’t had a shower recently, and I admit it, it got me a bit hard, smelling him, but that’s the kind of smell I like, you know? He was cocky. He gave all the right answers, but with a smirk that told me he’d be slacking off all day if I didn’t have someone keeping an eye on him day in and out. High school senior, heading off to college on a big football scholarship, he just wanted some extra cash but had no interest in working for it. Still, it was gonna be one of those summers, you know? I could just feel it. A boring, slow summer, so I figured why not? Might as well keep myself occupied, right?

I only needed two weeks to get fed up with the boy’s attitude. My instincts had been right, and so Monday I showed up with my special cigars tucked in my pocket. Now the rest of my crew, they’re pretty well inoculated. I’ve fucked around with all of them a bit–hell, a few of them were assholes in their time too, but my smoke just sends ‘em into a bit of daze at this point. They all like it, of course–makes them feel good and horny; they all tend to spend their lunch breaks fucking and sucking instead of eating, but a new guy like Leon? I smoked for ten minutes about twenty feet away that morning, and he was gone. I helped him into my trailer for a few hours, and we had a productive discussion, and that afternoon, I switched back to my normal smokes, and he was none the wiser, for the moment.

One thing about this summer was that we were having strange, heavy thunderstorms almost every afternoon, heavy enough that we’d have to stop working and take shelter in the shell of the house for twenty minutes or so, waiting for the rain to lighten up. Usually some guys would sneak around into the empty rooms and fuck for a bit–Leon hadn’t noticed of course, he was too fucking thick. Probably couldn’t even imagine that a bunch of rough looking construction workers like us might be, in his mind, complete faggots. Sure enough, that afternoon the rain came down and we took shelter–well, we all did, but Leon couldn’t get inside for some reason. The confusion on his face was lovely to witness, and the harder the rain came down, well, I saw his eyes glaze over, he gave a few snorts, and then he found a growing puddle of mud and started rolling in it, grinding his crotch into the muck, oinking and snorting, and the rest of us, fuck we were busting a gut at him! He sure seemed to be enjoying himself too–well, of course he was, he couldn’t help it.

The rain started to let up after fifteen minutes, and I knew, inside himself, he was hoping he’d be able to stop when the rain did, but instead, he found himself compelled to keep rolling in the mud, shoving it into his pants, getting his cock coated in it, grinding it into his face and hair. The rest of the guys went back to work, and we left him there in the muck for the rest of the day, helpless, listening to his grunt, oink and squeal in pleasure every time he came, and when quitting time came, the rest of the crew packed up and went off home, while I crouched down in front of him. I told him he had two choices–he could either spend all night in this muddy puddle, acting like a pig, hoping no one found him squealing and moaning like that, or he could let me fuck his ass, shoot in his hole, and he’d be able to go home.

He didn’t want to beg, he stayed silent, just grunting and grinding in the muck. I shrugged my shoulders and started to leave and got in my car, but once he realized I truly intended to abandon him, he had a change of heart–and so I gave him a good long fuck in the mud, and when it was finished, he finally crawled his way free, panting, exhausted and covered with grime, eyes filled with hate, but I just gave him a wink, and told him to be sure to be on time tomorrow. After all, I’d already forbidden him from quitting, and he wouldn’t be able to mention a word of this to anyone else. I wasn’t about to let this monster go so soon–I can’t let a man like that go without pushing him to the breaking point.

Brad’s Junker

***CAUTION*** This one’s a little…strange. Extreme grunge and some car sex. As in, sex with a car. Because why the fuck not?

He’d known it was a junker, however, he hadn’t expected it to be this frustrating of a project. Brad stood back up from where he was leaning over the car’s engine and scowled. He’d purchased it from a police auction the week before, planning on fixing it up in his garage and reselling it for a bit of a profit, but he’d been fiddling with it for two days now, and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. Well, other than the fact that it simply wouldn’t start. He’d gone over the whole car several times. It had been towed to his house, so he’d expected it to not run, but everything seemed to be working fine. Then he’d put the key in, tried to turn it on, and just…nothing. But more than once, the last few nights, he’d heard an engine revving in his garage, an engine he’d never heard before, but by the time he got out there to see what was happening, there was nothing beyond the faint scent of exhaust in the air.

He decided that he might as well check out the undercarriage one more time, see if there was something there that might explain any of this, although he doubted it. He got down on the greasy garage floor and slid under the car with his flashlight, checking for anything that might signal the problem, when he noticed the glint of liquid dripping under the engine. He scooted over, and sure enough, he could see something black and oily seeping from a connection between a pipe and some cable he didn’t recognize. He got closer, trying to figure out what was leaking, when the pipe burst open without warning, spraying his whole face with oil. He sputtered, trying to wipe the filth from his eyes, but the stream just kept coming, he coughed, and something shoved it’s way into his mouth and down his throat. It was the leaking cable, and he could feel the filth being pumped into his mouth and down into his stomach, making him want to vomit. With both hands he tried to yank it out, but it fought back, burrowing in deeper…and that’s when he realized that the car above him was running.

It was a very cold winter, and so he’d chosen to work with the garage doors closed. He didn’t know how the car had started itself, but if he didn’t get out from underneath it, he’d suffocate. He left the cable in his mouth and tried to push himself out from under the car, but for some reason he couldn’t move. Feeling around with his hands, he realized that the filth pumping into him had expanded his gut so much that it was pressing up against the underside of the car, pinning him to the ground. But…but was that so bad, really?

Brad shook his head, trying to clear it. The exhaust must be getting to him, he was feeling so lethargic all of a sudden. He could smell it now, the exhaust wafting back towards him under the car, a sickly smell, and he could see something else through the fumes. More cables were detaching from the car, winding down and ripping open his jumpsuit, attaching themselves to his nipples and the head of his cock. They were…sucking at them, and the pleasure was starting to overwhelm his terror, and he let out a loud groan around the tube in his mouth. Don’t fight it, he thought. Just…just accept it. He felt a spasm as he came, rubbing his taut gut with his hands, and that was the last thing he remembered before he passed out.

When Brad finally awoke, it was the next morning, and he was still underneath the car. In a panic, he hauled himself out from underneath it and stood up shakily, unsure if what had happened was a dream, or a hallucination, or who knew what. What he did know, however, was that he was horny. Very, very horny. Unable to stop himself, he undid the front of his jump suit, reached down, and pulled out his cock. It was huge–at least ten inches, with massive, low hanging balls to match, but something was strange. Looking down at his sack, while the skin was still flesh, it was like whatever was in there had turned black–he could see the color through his skin. This realization wasn’t enough to keep him from stroking his cock, and as soon as he did, a black, oily liquid started seeping from the head. Terrified, but curious, he got some on his finger and tasted it.

His mind immediately flashed to the oil the car had force fed him. It was the same substance, and while it tasted foul…some new part of him craved it. He coated his hand with the oily gunk and started licking it off, groaning, when he heard a pop from the car next to him.

The gas tank cover had flipped open, all on it’s own, and looking at that hole…just looking at it…he walked over, stroking his shaft, and fed it down into the tank. Immediately, the pipe came alive, sucking at his cock. It was all he could do to just grab onto the car and hang on, panting and groaning as the car sucked the oil from him into it’s tank, and revved to life. The exhaust filled the garage again, but rather than make him sick like before, the foul odor only made Brad even hornier. He ran his hands over his body, and realized that he his body had changed in the night, growing more muscular and defined, with a layer of hair all over his chest, and a short beard coating his face, and then he ran his hands over his hard nipples and…and they were so sensitive, and wet. Looking down, he saw the same black oil from his cock was seeping from them as well, running down into his hairy chest, and he looked down at the car–his car. He loved this car so much. He couldn’t imagine being away from it. The car stopped sucking on his cock, the tank full, and Brad pulled his cock free. The car was still running, and without any doubts, he opened the garage door and climbed into the driver’s seat. His car needed to be free, needed to be out on the road, and he had to go with it. He wasn’t quite sure where he was going, but he had a feeling he would know when he got there.


Sketch #9 – Mark and Jerry

Mark furrowed his brow, not entirely sure what to make of the email he’d just received from his boss down the hall. Part of it he could understand, but about halfway through it all just sort of…became a bunch of gibberish. Looking it over again, he didn’t want to have talk to him about it. Jerry had been acting strange all day, and he’d seemed a bit meaner than usual lately, and Jerry already hated Mark—he’d rather hire someone younger to replace him for half the wage, but Mark was too good and Jerry knew it. Any sign of weakness could become an excuse.

Still, he did need to know what in the hell Jerry was talking about. He got up, and brought up the email on his phone as he walked down to Jerry’s office, knocked on the door and stepped in before he could hear Jerry warn him not to. He gaped at the sight of his boss, naked aside from a pair of filthy looking, oversized underwear, tattoos coating his body that Mark had never seen, and was he jacking off?

“Get out! Get out, you fucker!”

Mark got out. He got out and he left work and he headed home before the shit could hit the fan, but something wasn’t right, a smell he couldn’t get out of his head, a buzzing at the base of his skull. He arrived home and immediately lit up a cigar—it was an old habit, but one that kept his nerves under control all the same—but this wasn’t the usual brand he smoked, was it? It was sharper and foul and…and…

Mark groaned and started rubbing his cock in his pants, his suit was changing, morphing around him into a pair of overalls that started out clean, but quickly became grubbier and full of holes, his beard whitening and growing long and tangled, his head balding aside from a thin horseshoe, but all he could think of was Jerry, that brief glance he’d gotten at the office, he couldn’t even remember what his face had looked like, but he wanted that filthy cock. He fumbled with his phone, snapped a pic of his dirty old cock and sent it to his boss.

horny wanna cum over

It was a few anxious minutes that he waited, until he got a reply.

still at office, cum fuck me daddy

Mark grabbed a couple extra cigars and climbed in his old, beatup truck. He had a boy to pick up, and they were going to have a wild night together.

He stepped out of the elevator and found a bear fucking a young, chubby cub on the carpet right in front of them.

“Fuck dad, you’re cock is so fucking big, I hope my cock is as big as yours when I grow up.”

“Well, if you want to get bigger, yer gonna have tah eat a whole lotta protein son,” the bear panted, biting and licking at the boy’s neck. “Good thing daddy’s got plenty tah feed ya.”

Mark was really fucking turned on watching them, but he had another date with Jerry. All through the office he could hear the hoots and hollers of rednecks fucking each other’s brains out, and in his boss’ office he found Jerry still in his chair, and he was even filthier than Mark remembered. Tattooed from head to toe, he reeked from across the small room, it was humid with his sweat and musk. He wasn’t alone–some overly buff brute with a shaved head and vacant eyes had his nose suffed in Jerry’s armpit, snorting and licking, jacking his cock wildly, his hairless muscles covered with a sheen of sweat.

“Fuck boy, yer even hotter ‘n I remember,” Mark said.

“Shut up ‘n fuck my filthy hole,” Jerry groaned, putting his legs up on the armrests of the chair.

Mark already had his cock hanging out of his crotchless overalls, and he worked it into the hole. It felt loose and sticky–he wasn’t the first in, but he didn’t care.

“I always hated you most of all, Mark,” Jerry said, and Mark immediately felt his balls tense up and shoot a huge load into Jerry’s ass. He couldn’t stop fucking though, he had lost all control of himself suddenly. "Fuckin’ hated you so much.“ Another massive orgasm, it nearly crippled him but he had to fuck, had to fill the hole up, had to keep going. Jerry was in his head now, he could feel him there, and he came a third time, his balls shooting dry now, blue with pain, he couldn’t think straight, and finally Jerry let him pull out. But his cock was small now, and his balls had shriveled up.

"Bet you’re hungry Mark. Come on piggy, I got some food for you right here,” Jerry said, and let loose a wet fart, cum leaking out of his hole. Mark just stared at it, knees collapsing, crawling forward, lapping up the sweaty, shitty crack, eating his cum out of his boss’ hole, eating all of the cum out of his hole.

“Gonna be my cumpig Mark, fuckin’ hate you, always fuckin’ hated you. Hey, Devon,” he added looking at the muscle brute beside him who had been the office intern, “You hate Mark too now. Fuck Mark’s nasty pighole, fuck it rough, and make him scream, big boy.”


–Day 1–

I woke up, and I couldn’t see anything. It was terrifying, that first time, when you open your eyes and you still can’t see a thing? And even worse, when you try to talk, and say something, and you find something in lodged in your mouth? I could scream–and I did scream, that was for sure, and did my best to escape, but my hands had been locked behind the chair I was sitting on, and my legs were tied to the chair, and the chair must have been bolted down, because my flailing didn’t move it an inch. Where in the hell was I? I didn’t know. I mean, I remembered the smoke shop, the one that everyone on the forum had been talking about, and I remember going in and asking for his special smokes, and the burly man behind the counter had given me one to try, and then…nothing.

I kicked and fought for a few more minutes, but I couldn’t get loose–all I did was tire myself out, and make it even harder to breathe through the tube in my mouth. I could breathe through my nose still, but the air was stale inside the mask, while through my mouth the air was clean. I sat there, panting for a bit, trying to figure out what to do, when I heard him speak.

“Ah, so you’re awake then. Good, that means we can go ahead and get started. Well, you fucking prick, you asked for one of my special blends, so here you go–we have a long week of changes ahead of us, so we might as well get started, eh?”

I couldn’t breathe as well, suddenly, and then I heard the sound of a lighter being lit, and then smoke started flooding my mouth through the tube. He must have stuffed a cigar in the other end or something, and I tried to just breathe through my nose…but this smoke, fuck, you don’t understand, whatever blend it was, it was…irresistible. Before long, I couldn’t get enough, I was inhaling deep off the tube in my mouth, sucking down as much smoke as I could, and he was chuckling, encouraging me to take as much as I needed.

I don’t know how much I smoked, but I know it was at least three cigars in a row. The guy’s special blends, the ones I had wanted, they could…change people, or at least that’s what the rumors claimed. But what in the hell was the guy talking about? I hadn’t acted like a prick! I mean, maybe I had been a bit rude…and maybe a bit of a snob, but fuck, I think I’ve been a weakling long enough to earn the right to be a fucking man, right? I mean, sure, I was impatient, but I didn’t give a shit about how to use the fucking product–you just smoke it–how hard could it be?

Well, not as hard as my cock. Fuck, by the time I’d finished the first cigar, my cock was aching in the chastity device he must have put on me while I was asleep–I mean–I was horny as fuck, and by the time I was through smoking it, I just wanted to cum, but there wasn’t exactly anyway for me to make my desire known, aside from moaning like a fucking whore. Still, eventually the smoke cleared away, and I could breathe again–for a moment at least.

He fiddled with the tube leading into my mouth–I could feel it being yanked around–and then something new flooded my mouth. It was the consistency of a shake, and it came so fast that I nearly choked–I didn’t exactly have many options beyond swallowing it all down. My gut felt like it was going to burst by the time the flow stopped–I don’t think I’d ever eaten anything as massive as that meal, but then it was back to the smoke. He kept it up, and he hasn’t said a word to me. I’m on my fourth feeding now, and I’m exhausted. I can’t sleep though, I have to keep eating. I’m…I’m so hungry, and so horny. The flow’s easing up, thank god–I think I have to try to sleep. There…there’s the smoke again, fuck, that feels good on my gut. Maybe…maybe I’ll sleep for just a little bit. I have to keep my wits about me, and the smoke…so good…horny though…so horny…

–Day 3–

Goodness, he’s looking good already, and we aren’t even halfway there–of course, I’ve been pumping him full of more smoke than any of these guys usually get–I usually only supply them with a dozen “special” cigars for a week of changes, but this guy, well, he’s already gone through a dozen, and I’m going to put another dozen more in him by the time we’re finished. The feedings and immobility are having the desired effect too–he’s plumping up nicely. Of course, he might have been slim walking in here, but he’s not going to be slim walking out. He’s probably at 250 pounds right now, but hell, we’ll see how big we can get him over the rest of the week. Still, I think it’s time for something new.

I’ve been waffling, I admit it. A dumbass redneck? A cock-starved retiree? A piss guzzling trucker? I mean, I have a lot of options, but I think I’ve settled on something. I want a fist pig–a preference for leather, but with more personality than a leather bear. Still, leather is a fine place to start, I think. I have him on a round of cigars at the moment, but lets go ahead and get him all dressed up. First, a harness, but we’re going to have this one spiked, I think. Yeah, I’m definitely feeling a certain punk vibe off of him–this is going to be hot.

Now, chaps? No, I don’t think chaps…hmm…how about. Yeah, I’m going to have to undo his feet for a second, but he’s so smoked out I doubt he’ll even notice. Hell, even I untied him, I don’t think he’d want to leave at this point. Besides, I still have his key–not that he’s going to give a shit about his own tiny ass cock by the time we’re done here.Still, I think some jeans…but distressed. Yeah, lets rip up the knees here a pit, and rip out the ass and crotch of course–he’s a fucking slut after all–no shame there, and then we’ll just…slip these babies on…yeah, that’s looking good.

Now, how about a beat up biker vest, and a bandanna–deep red of course. His hair’s growing out nicely, after all–and I kind of like it–though maybe a mohawk…mmm, yeah, that’ll be fuckin’ crazy. Now then, just add some of these old combat boots and tie his feet up again, and we’re all done–perfect.

Let’s see, how about that last accessory though? I’ve been stretching his ass out nicely since yesterday–aw yeah, look at how easy that plug slips in and out now–that’s so damn hot. We’re going to give this punked out bear the loosest hole in the city. I wonder…hell, why not? I’ll just give it a try. Pull it out and start out with a few fingers…aww fuck yeah, he’s fucking eating my hand with his hole, that’s so hot–but can he…yeah, he’s moaning, it hurts, but he wants it, he’s opening up perfectly–just a little more…fuck yeah, take my fist you fucking cunt, that’s so fucking hot. Feels good, doesn’t it? Having my fist pummel that prostate of yours? You like it, I can tell, but we’re not done yet, not by a long shot. Still, that’s enough of that for now. I’d give you a proper fucking, but I can’t get to your hole, so we’re just going to have to give you a bigger dildo for now. How about nine inches and as big as my fist? Still, even that isn’t going to be enough for a hog like you, just you fucking wait.

–Day 5–

Holy fuckin’ shit, this music is really starting to get on my fucking nerves now. Fucking metal? And fuckin’ Screamo at that? It’s just a bunch of dumbfucks playing guitars as badly as fucking possible, and some dude screaming his fuckin’ lungs out. What’s the fuckin’ point? It’s been playing non-stop since yesterday, and I mean, sure, I think it was even worse then. I dunno, maybe I’m just gettin’ used to it or somethin’.

Ow! Fucking hell, it fuckin’ happened again! My right fuckin’ ear this time, somethin’ fuckin keeps poking me every few minutes. I swear, like fuckin’ needles or somethin’. God damn, if it don’t make my fuckin’ cock ache every damn time though. Who knew a chastity device could feel so damn good though, eh? I’m so horny, but damn, if it don’t make my piggy hole feel so damn good. Aw yeah…yeah, he’s pumpin’ the dildo, oh yeah, fuckin’ righteous man, feels so damn nice, gettin’ reamed like that. Wonder how big it is–feels like a fuckin’ two litter bottle. Yeah, I’m gonna have to give that a try when he let’s me out–I bet I can take it. Hell, I’ve already taken both of his fuckin fists, I wonder…wonder if I could take three? Oh yeah, bet that would feel so damn good…

Fuck I’m hungry. I could eat a fuckin’ horse. Gotta keep this big gut a mine fed after all, gotta get bigger too–just…just a fat ass metalhead…yeah–ow! Fuck, again? and my tits this time? What the fuck is up with that? And this fuckin’ burnin’ that’s gettin’ on my nerves too. First it was just my arms, but now my whole gut feels like it’s on fire or somethin’. All itchy and shit. Man, my head…just feels so fuzzy all the time, gettin’ harder to think ‘bout anythin’ other than my…hole…yeah…fuck, feels so good, getting fucked like that…

…Shit, think…I think I zoned out for a bit there. Yeah, fuck, I remember this album, he played it yesterday. Man, it made me so angry yesterday…and…and I’m still angry, but also…kind of…kind of pumped up. Yeah, what a fuckin’ amazin’ solo, listen to that fucker shred! Man, if I didn’t have this fuckin’ smoke tube halfway down my throat, I’d be totally into this, I wonder if they tour. I bet…bet their mosh pits are fuckin’ out of this world, man. I’d love…love to find some big fucker in there, drunk off his ass, and just get down and dirty with him in the mud, get him to fuck my sloppy hole right there in front of everyone, like a fuckin’ punked out pig!

No–No, that’s not me, I don’t mean it. Did I really just think that? What in the hell is happening to me? I can’t even remember what I used to look like. I mean, all I see is this fat, tattooed and pierced thug, but that’s not me, it’s not. I–I mean…it would be…kinda hot if that were me. Yeah, with “SEXXXPIG” tattooed across my gut, and massive fucking gauges in my ears. Big doorknocker hangin’ from my septum, just…just a dumbass, punked out, bear whore.

Oh is…he fuckin’ is, workin’ both his fists in there with the dildo now. So damn full…of fuck yeah, the food’s starting! Yeah, I’m fuckin’ starved, fucking stuff me full at both ends, I’m such a hungry pig, just a hungry ass punked out piggy bear…yeah…feed me, stuff me, smoke me…that’s what I need, that’s what I was made for…

–Day 7–

Hot damn, what a fucking whore. As soon as I let him out, he’s on his knees, cigar clamped in one jaw, and he’s begging me to fuck him. Of course, his hole is so damn loose that I can’t feel a thing–I end up jacking my cock off with my fist inside his ass, and he fucking loves it. You should see him, he’s a fucking freak. Piercings everywhere–and I mean everywhere. When I took off the chastity belt, his cock and balls, they looked like a god damn pincushion. And even with the device off, I saw he’d chastized himself already–the massive PA through his three inch cock was padlocked to a ring in the massive ball stretcher he wore, pinning his cock against his massive sack. I asked him if he wanted to cum, and he told me he’d lost the key years ago–he could still cum on occasion, sure, but he loved how it felt when he got hard, like the ring was going to rip out of his cock head.

Well, he’s definitely a man, I’ll say that. The cigars put on a massive amount of hair–but it’s…well…manicured in some interesting ways. The hair is thick except for on his gut, where it accentuates the tattoo–SEXXXPIG–on a completely bare patch of skin, and his arms, where a riot of tattoos, some of them from metal bands, most of them sexual, form full sleeves to his shoulders. His beard is down to his gut and thickly tangled–he stinks like he hasn’t showered in a week, which I suppose he hasn’t. And his long hair has been spiked up into a deep red mohawk. I sent him on his way, and promised him cigars for life, so long as he stopped by for a rough bondage and fisting session once a month–like he’d turn down an offer like that. Still, he apparently had some metal festival to get to or something–he was going to see if he could turn to mosh pit into a metal orgy–and with that ass of his, I bet he’ll do just fine.