(Caption) Two Flubs in a Row

October Caption Challenge (11/31)

Ok, so it didn’t work out exactly how Jerry had planned it, but it wasn’t that bad of a scenario, right?

Jerry and Tim had been going out for a couple of years, but lately, their relationship had been on the rocks. Tim was a bit of gym freak, going almost every day of the week, and while Jerry had liked the gym too, after a knee injury, he’d been laid up for about six months. In that time, with nothing to really focus his energy on, he’d eaten…a lot, and packed on quite a gut. Tim was merciless about it, ridiculing him for it, all sorts of mean and snide comments, even threatening to break up with him, if he didn’t lose it. But his knees never got fully back to normal, and the few times he’d gone, Jerry had always nearly damaged it again. So one day, passing a bookstore on the way home from work, he’d stumbled upon, well, a book of spells. And in that book, had been a love spell, a spell you can use to make someone love the parts of you that…well, maybe they shouldn’t. Sure, it was a bit of a cheat, right? But their relationship was so good in every other respect, why not just use this to help Tim past his prejudice?

So, Jerry cast the spell, and now, here they are.

Tim definitely has found a new love for his boyfriend’s gut. A rather obsessive, single minded love. He worshiped the thing, and his new mission in life to to make it as large as it could possibly get. What had freaked Jerry out more than that, though, was that Tim was no longer the muscle bound beast he’d been before he’d cast the spell. No, the new Tim was about as chubby as he was, and loved his own body just as much as he loved Tim’s–determined to grow both of them as large as they could possibly get.

Jerry just rolled with it. He still had the spell book, after all. He could figure out how to reverse this, and then he’d do it right. Unfortunately, he never got the chance. The next day, while he was at work, Tim happened across the spellbook in their room, took a look through the pages, and found something that would make his life absolutely perfect. 

When Jerry got home, he felt…an odd pulse shudder through him, but didn’t think much of it. He just waddled his way into the den of the home he shared with Tim since he’d retired a few years back, shucked off his 4XL clothes, and plopped down in a recliner, while his husband focused on fixing them both their substantial dinner. Fuck, he was hungry. He dug around in his gunt for his puny cock, gave it a little squeeze, thinking about how much bigger he’s gotten since finally being able to retire, and focus on what really mattered in life, getting as fat as he possibly could. 

After their massive dinner, a few belly rubs in the kitchen, the two of them headed to bed, and feeling sexy, Jerry took a selfie of himself in the mirror to send to a few fellow gainers later. There, on the bookshelf was the spell book, but in the morning, it had disappeared, gone elsewhere to tempt another soul.

Too Clever For Your Own Good (Part 3)

Eddie woke up with a raging headache, and the nagging sense that something had gone horribly wrong. It wasn’t like the other times he’d gotten home after Pigtown, when he could remember everything from the night before–instead, he could remember almost nothing at all. The last clear memory was of him and Pete arriving at Pigtown, and…talking, but he wasn’t sure what they’d been talking about. They….gone there to look for daddies, right? No–no, they’d been the daddies, and they’d gone to get cubs! He was sure of that. He opened his eyes and rolled over, and was pleased to see that, apparently, they’d been successful, because in the bed beside him was a beautiful, chubby cub. He went to snuggle closer to the boy, only to run into him sooner than he’d expected–he woke up a bit further, enough to sit up and look down at himself, where he discovered that he, too, was as much a chubby cub as the one beside him.

“W-What? No! No, this…this isn’t right,” he said to himself, his voice too high. “This isn’t right!”

His shout woke the cub beside him, and he rolled over. As soon as he saw his face, Eddie knew who it was, even if the face was very different from his last one–it was Pete. He didn’t have his beard, just a thin, blonde goatee around his mouth, and he looked at Eddie sleepily. “Eddie, shush. You’ll wake our daddies! They’re sleeping.”

“No–Pete, this isn’t right! Don’t you remember? We were supposed to be the daddies!”

Pete rolled his eyes, and sat up, “Fuck Eddie, you’re so fucking dumb. How many times do I have to remind you? We went to Pigtown to find daddies. You just had a nightmare.”

No–No, it was real,” Eddie said, “You have to believe me.”

“No Eddie–you’re wrong. You’re always wrong. You’re the one who needs to believe me. If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be some piss soaked bear, you know that? What you had, was a bad dream. You’re not a daddy, you’re just a dumb, fuck hungry cub. That’s all you’ve ever been, and all you’ll ever be. It’s a good thing you like it so much, just like I do.”

Eddie couldn’t believe him, and yet…he also knew that Pete was never wrong, even though Eddie was wrong all the time. It seemed like that should be flipped around, but his head still hurt so badly, and his thoughts refused to stay organized and focused. “No, I’m not stupid, you’re the stupid one.”

“I never said I wasn’t stupid, Eddie–just that you’re way stupider than me.”


“It was just a dream Eddie, go back to bed.”

He wanted to deny it, he really did, but the memories were already distant and hard to grasp…just like a dream. The logic of them didn’t make any sense, just like a dream. And look at him–he wasn’t a daddy! He didn’t even want to be a daddy, did he? No–he’d always wanted to be a cub, a stupid, horny cub who wanted nothing more than to get plowed by big daddy cocks, just like…like the cocks their new daddies had. He could remember then, how Pete had brought the two college kids over to their table, how they’d become the massive, hulking, leather clad daddies of their dreams, and fucked them all night long…Or even if that hadn’t happened, it sure was hot, thinking about getting fucked–it made his short cubby cock all hard. Eddie was having a hard time remembering what he’d even been thinking about, and Pete had already laid back down, so he did too–though he was too horny to sleep. He ended up jacking off, thinking about getting fucked, until he came, and then he nodded off again.

Later in the morning, he felt like himself again, in position beside his brother on their bed, while their rough daddies lubed up their cocks behind them, ready to plow their boys holes all morning long, before stopping for some lunch, and then even more fucking.

Eddie and Pete made out the whole time, stroking their tiny cocks to several orgasms while they got fucked, and neither of them could imagine being a part of a family other than this one.

Yeah, it wasn’t…quite what I’d planned I suppose, when I said I wanted to help my dad get a date. I never really could figure out why mom decided to leave, exactly–I’d always gotten along great with him. I mean, sure, he had a bit of a temper at times, but mostly he just seemed, well, lonely. He never showed much interest in dating, and I was planning on leaving for college at the end of the summer–I wanted him to have someone he could rely on while I was away, you know?

The fortune teller at the fair…I don’t know why I told her all about us, all about my dad’s problems, and how worried I was about him. The old woman had just given me a smirk, and odd look, and said that the next morning my wish would be granted. I didn’t quite understand what she meant by that, but I went home a while later, and my dad was still up, watching TV. I was tired, but joined him for a beer, and then six beers, and then…

Well, then I woke up with my head pounding, and my dad’s arms wrapped around me, tight. And fuck, it felt good, you know? I pushed back into him, unable to help myself, his cock hardening and he slipped it inside me again, nibbling at my ear, like it was perfectly normal for him to be fucking his own son. I was more than a bit freaked out, but the damn fair had disappeared like it had never existed…and before too long, I started to understand why my mom had left my dad in the first place.

That temper of his? In the bedroom, he was in charge, whether I liked it or not. I mean, I did like it, surprisingly enough, and when he saw how…compliant I was with him, suddenly that domination was creeping into the rest of our relationship too. We fought about me going to college–he ripped up my acceptance forms, I tried to leave, he shoved me up against the wall and raped my ass in just the right damn way…and so I stayed. I can’t just leave my dad all alone after all, right? Besides, this hole of mine has turned into quite a money maker online, so I think everything worked out alright in the end, don’t you?

Request by Anonymous

Hey, have you got a second–

Yeah, I know you don’t have much time for fags like me, but…


Why don’t you go sit down on that bed over there, hang out for a bit.

Oh I know you were heading to wrestling practice, I can see you in your singlet under those sweats. Why don’t you take those off, hang out for a bit with me?

Yeah, that’s it. Cuss me out all you want, but I know how much you like that body of yours, all hard muscle, top to bottom. Go on, you can rub yourself for a bit–trust me, it’s the last chance you’ll have in a while.


You can feel it can’t you? That shift? It’s already starting, those abs of yours getting swallowed up by that new gut of yours. No no, don’t stop rubbing yourself, trust me, you’ll enjoy being a fatty just as much as you loved your muscles before, you fucking pig.

Yeah, did that catch you off guard pig? There it is again, that whimper. Your cock hard yet? Don’t lie, I can see it straining that spandex, pig. Words sure do have power, don’t they? I’m damn tired of you calling me a fag, but I have a feeling you’re going to love your new title pig…

Oh? did you just cum? Just you wait.


Yeah, you’re getting bigger alright.

How big? Do you really want to know?

Five hundred pounds. 

Yeah, that’s right, five hundred. Hairy too–look at how fast that beard of yours has filled in, damn. That spandex is growing with you, don’t worry–after all, you won’t be wearing anything else. Oh, everyone else will think it’s normal, seeing you waddle around in that thing–they’ll think you’re disgusting sure, but that’ll only turn you on more. I’m the only one who’ll know any different, you see. We’re the only one’s who’ll remember you being anything beyond a fat, hairy, filthy pig.

Oh, speaking of filthy…


Damn, get a whiff of that funk rolling off you. Go on, lift that arm, get a whiff of yourself pig–damn, another load already? I can see the cum dribbling through the uniform, down between those massive, stinking thighs. Don’t worry, the ass is ripped out, gives me easy access, but you’ll have to piss through the front–I don’t think you’ll mind too much, though, after all, you like being filthy, I can see it in your eyes. Deny it all you want. 

Only one more change to go. Pretty soon, you’re going to be a faggot just like me. My slave. My fat, horny, stupid pig slave. Oh, you’ll remember who you were, sure, but you’ll never want to change back. You’ll love being my pig too much to even consider it. Well, shall we?


How does that feel, Master?

No, wait…that’s…oh fuck, did I…I fucking reversed our names, how the fuck–I just have to be quick–

Yes…sir…I won’t touch it sir. 

Yes sir, I was a bad faggot sir, I’m sorry.

What kind of punishment, sir?

Make…make me a pig like…you? I…please sir, I don’t–

Yes, I understand. It would…be an honor to be your dirty sowboi, I…agree completely. Thank you for the honor sir, I’ll have the changes ready to go within an hour.

Oh, after I suck your cock and eat out your ass? Of course sir, your pleasure is the most important thing in the world! Thank you for letting me serve you sir, thank you for everything.

“How about it boy? You wanna have some fun with a daddy tonight?”

The look on the young man’s face said enough that Nick didn’t even hear his cold letdown, just watched the young man walk off and disappear into the throng of the dance floor, and he didn’t even have the energy to scowl. He reached into the pocket of his cutoff jeans and found the small vial he’d purchased months ago, but which he hadn’t had the courage to use yet. A love potion. It probably wouldn’t even work, but it had sounded, from the shopkeeper’s description, that if you used it, there wasn’t any going back for either party.

Still, what was the point of having something like that and not using it? Then again, what right did he have to use it on someone? He had the same angry conversation in his mind every night at the club, and every night he went home alone, and every night he jacked off in his silent apartment, and every day after he’d swear he was going to use it, just get it over with, and he still hadn’t. Fuck, he needed to piss.

He headed back into the bar’s small bathroom–just a single toilet and sink–and took a piss. He pulled out the vial again and looked at the hazy pink in the dull light of the bathroom. Give it to another to drink, and both of you will love the other for the rest of your lives. He was lonely, but was it really worth it? Knowing it was all premised on deceit? Even if it was worth it, he obviously was too much of a chicken shit to use it. Before he could think about it too much, he poured the potion down the toilet and flushed it down with his piss.

The bathroom was occupied for the rest of the night–Nick barricaded himself in with the toilet, and refused to let anyone else use it. The bartender had to break the lock, and even then he had to call the police to pry Nick away from the toilet, kicking and screaming, trying to explain that he loved it, that he needed to be with it, and drag him off to the drunk tank for the night. A somewhat more sober, but very agitated, Nick returned the next day, and after buying the club a brand new toilet, he hauled their old filthy one away back to his apartment, where he stayed for days on the bathroom floor, talking to it, cleaning it with his tongue, feeding it lovingly, finally happy. No longer lonely with his new lover, a love that would never leave him, a love he would keep until he died.

Fuck, Russ almost couldn’t take it anymore, seeing Drew like that, his shirt off, growing belly hanging out, but he had to stay in control.

“Dude, what are you staring at my gut for?”

Russ yanked his eyes up to Drew’s face, where he could see his friend’s beard starting to fill in, and as he stared at it, it started to thicken and grow a bit denser, and he blushed and looked away. “Sorry, you just look…bigger…”

Drew didn’t look bigger–he was bigger, but Russ knew that of course. The potion he’d taken would let his gaze transform anyone he wanted, but it would only work until he and his target had sex–and he came. He should have invested in a chastity device or something, just to hold back, because the potion was making his libido rage out of control. It had only been an hour, and Drew had packed on 50 pounds, and was way hairier than he had been, and he hadn’t noticed a thing. Still, Russ wanted him bigger–hairier–butcher and tougher and rougher…

He needed something to calm his nerves, maybe some alcohol. The potion had said to not eat or drink anything for six hours before he took the potion, and to not eat or drink until the potion’s spell was completed, but one shot of something wouldn’t hurt, certainly. He excused himself and went into the kitchen, digging out some booze and taking a swig from the bottle, but his head immediately clouded up. The last thing he remembered was collapsing to the kitchen floor and seeing Drew rush over to him.


Russ woke up slowly. The headache pounding in his temples was one of the worst hangovers he’d ever experienced. He struggled up from the floor and went to grab his head, but found his hands were covered by some sort of mitt. Confused, he started to take them off, but stopped. Master Drew wouldn’t want him to do that–Master Drew wanted him to be a good pup.

“That you, pup?” A deep voice said from the bed, and he heard the creak of bedsprings as the massive man his roommate had become heaved himself up off the bed, over six feet tall and close to 400 pounds, and all master–his master.

This wasn’t right, he hadn’t wanted Drew to be his master, had he? Sure, he’d always liked bottoming, and he’d had a few fantasies…and Russ finally figured out that the alcohol must have lowered his inhibitions far enough that his subconscious had taken over the transformation. Still, he loved his big master, and Master Drew loved him, his pup–his slave. He nuzzled up against his thick leg, feeling his cock harden, and wondered what Russ might have in store for them today. Whatever it was, it would be good.

“Dang son, you smell so good, I could ride you all damn night!" 

Yep, I think I handed out the wrong drinks, judging from the horny looks on my dad’s friends’ faces as they close in around us, but my cock was so hard, thinking about how it would feel to serve them, I don’t care.

I’d bought the pheromones to prank my asshole father, who loved calling me a faggot and a pussy. He was the one who was supposed to get the Beta drink, but they’d all looked the same, and maybe I’d flipped the tray when I’d brought down the beers…

Dad pulled down my shorts as Uncle Willis shoved his thick cock down my throat, and I nearly came from that dominant thrust alone. The pills would last for 24 hours, but hey, I might as well make the best of a bad situation right? In fact, maybe being a faggot isn’t so bad after all, I think as my dad’s cock enters my ass, and I cum uncontrollably for the first of many times that night.

Marcus didn’t know what to do. He kept trying to shave it, and within an hour, it was back, thicker and wilder than before. He decided to just let it go and see what would happen–and was thankful when the growth slowed and appeared to stop leaving him with a massive wiry beard coating his face.

That spell had been a horrible idea. He’d wanted a beard, but one he could control. He found the spellbook and flipped through until he found the counter curse and started casting it…but the strangest thing happened. His beard began twisting against his face, contorting his lips and jaw into slight changes. He lost control of the spell, strange syllables falling from his mouth, making something new.

He could feel the power resonate within him, and he felt itchy. Looking at his body, he saw hair filling in the rest of his smooth form in a thick layer, and there was nothing he was going to be able to do about it. The beard had more than a mind of its own–and there was no telling what Marcus’s new sentient pelt might do with him.

Gifts from a Magi – Part 1

Jake had a problem. Well, not so much a problem as a set of circumstances which were conspiring together to make him as unhappy as possible. First, was the fact that he was graduating this coming weekend, ending his college career and he had no idea what he was going to do with the rest of his life. He had no job lined up, barely any money in his bank account, and after he’d come out to his family a couple of months ago, he…wasn’t exactly going to be welcomed back there with open arms either. Then there was Rand, on the left in the photo.

He was Jake’s best friend. They’d lived on the same floor during their freshman year, and had lived together ever since, even renting an apartment together as seniors. Rand was the first person Jake had come out to, and Rand in turn had been one of Jake’s biggest supporters at college. He was the one who’d convinced Jake to come out to his parents and quit living the big lie. Of course, this culminated in situations three and four, where Jake had fallen in live with Rand–even though Rand was straight as could be. Jake was…annoyed by this fact, but he treasured what relationship they did have, or at least what they had for the moment, because Rand was flying out the monday after graduation to start at his new job across the country, leaving Jake here…alone. And so, in his desperation, Jake was willing to cling to anything which might resolve this in someway which didn’t end with him alone, and possibly on the streets. Even a crazy idea like this one. He pulled the strange leather cocoon out of his drawer again and turned it over in his hands.

Jake had a thing for BDSM. He hadn’t delved into it too much, but he did like going out to leather clubs and hooking up on occasion. He’d been to most of the fetish gear shops in the city around the college, and had become pretty friendly with some of the regulars. He’d even played around with a few of them, and found a few fuckbuddies, but he’d always felt like he was saving himself for Rand, as sad as that was. He was talking about his problems with one of the shopkeepers when a strange man clad from head to toe in a shiny leather uniform had come up and introduced himself. His hand had been strangely cold and clammy to the touch, and something about his eyes bothered Jake, but he’d listened to the man’s offer. After getting the rundown on Jake’s situation, the man pulled out a strange, leather bodybag and gave it to him. When Jake asked what it was, the man said it was a solution to his problems–all he needed to do was get Rand into the cocoon, and then, twenty-four hours later, Rand would be a whole new man–Jake’s man.

Jake had been appalled by the idea at first–who wouldn’t be? And the man had been vague as to what exactly was going to happen to Rand. The man said it would turn Rand gay, but he also kept mentioning other changes, which he never elaborated on. Jake had tried to refuse the man’s offer, but he’d walked away, leaving Jake holding the leather. He’d stashed it for a week now, but he was starting to feel like he didn’t have a choice–he had to try, even though it was wrong. Still, he had no idea what would happen when Rand got into it, or whether he would even survive in the hot leather sack for a whole day, but he couldn’t help but think he needed to try. Hell, if he ruined their friendship, at least it would be over before Rand left him for good, which is what it felt like. But Jake still felt like he had to be honest to Rand first, and tell him how he was feeling.

So, that afternoon, as Rand was packing, he brought him a beer and they sat down, and Jake told him everything–about his fears of joblessness, of his unrequited love, of how he desperately needed Rand in his life…and while Rand didn’t freak out, he told Jake that he couldn’t be everything Jake wanted him to be. That he had his own life to live, and his own dreams, and that while he would always care about Jake–as a friend–he needed to leave, and Jake was furious. That settled it–he had to try the cocoon–he had to.

He went to the kitchen, popped open a couple of beers, roofied one of them, handed it to Rand and proposed a toast to life long friendships…and an hour later, Rand was so out of it couldn’t stop Jake from lying him down in the cocoon, apologizing and professing his love the entire time he fit him into the leather and zipped it up over his face. As soon as the zipper came up over the crown of Rand’s head, the tag broke off and the teeth disappeared, leaving only a stitched seam. Rand struggled inside for a few minutes, Jake watching with something between terror and horny fascination as his movements grew weaker and weaker–and then he was still.

Jake came over and could feel nothing, neither a breath nor a heartbeat, and his first thought was that Rand had suffocated and died. He tried prying apart the leather, cutting at it with scissors, a knife, stabbing it, anything he could do to rescue the man he loved, tears streaming down his face, but nothing marred the impervious leather. He thought about calling the cops, or an ambulance, but what would they say? What would they think? What had he done? He had to find that man, the one who’d given him the cocoon in the first place. It was his only chance. He left the apartment, giving one last look to the leather encased Rand, and drove downtown.

He trolled the leather bars and the bathhouses, he searched the fetish shops open late and the adult bookstores, but he never found him. He was reduced to wandering the streets, too terrified to return to look at what he’d done, but the eventual light of dawn, and his own exhaustion drove him home. Rand was still there, on the floor where Jake had left him…but something was different. The cocoon was a slightly different shape, like Rand was growing larger inside of it, and the leather itself had changed, gaining creases and cracks in the surface like it had been spent years uncared for by anyone. He put his ear to Rand’s chest, and faintly he could hear the pulse of a heartbeat, and the sheer joy he felt was overwhelming. He was alive in there–and changing. Perhaps the man had been right after all.

Despite his nerves and residual panic, Jake fell asleep and woke up in the early afternoon, rushing to check on his friend. The cocoon was looking quite worn now and almost…brittle, but even though it appeared weak, it still refused to be cut. The cocoon had continued growing, while remaining skin tight against Rand’s form, though it was looking quite a bit less like Rand at this point. Jake realized that he had no idea what was going to happen once the twenty-four hours had past–would Rand be a completely different person? Jake felt his nerves start up again, as he checked the clock. When exactly had he done the deed yesterday? He couldn’t remember. It had to have been sometime between five and six in the afternoon, and it was now four…this wait was going to kill him, but he couldn’t leave…what if Rand woke up and no one was here to meet him?

Jake tried watching TV, he tried reading, but nothing could take his eyes off the cocoon for long. Eventually he pulled over a chair and just sat down, watching and waiting for something to happen–though he had no idea what he was waiting for, exactly. He found himself getting caught in fantasy after fantasy, Rand emerging from the cocoon transformed into his own ideal man, with rippling muscles beautiful blow job lips and a tight hole. Jake had always fancied himself a top, and as he thought about what might come out, he found his fantasies turning more and more twisted. He would show Rand for denying his love–he would beat him. He would lock him in chastity. He would train him to love him as much as Jake loved him back, and they would be happy forever.

Rand’s first movement caught him off guard, the odd lurch and groan from inside the now thin, leather skin. Jake knew he should do something, but he could only sit and watch as Rand’s struggling increased, and he began ripping and tearing at the cocoon crumbling around him, and Jake caught the first glimpses of the new Rand. He had stripped him down to his underwear before putting him in the cocoon the day before, so when a leather booted foot burst out, he was taken aback, especially when he saw the thick hair covering the thigh, and he grimaced.

Jake had never been a fan of body hair–he was more one for smooth muscle. He’d actually suggested to Rand that he start shaving his chest a year ago. As more and more of Rand emerged from the casing, he realized that Rand whad become someone far removed from his dreams and fantasies. He was hairy, for one–really hairy, that glimpse of the thigh had been the tip of the iceberg. His chest was covered with a thick pelt, and when his head burst out, framed by a mane of wild, greying hair with a thick, long beard beneath, he couldn’t help but let out a sound of disgust. He couldn’t even bring himself to get down and help him as Rand struggled to his feet, staggered over to a chair and plopped down into it with a gasp.

“Fuck…” Rand muttered, his voice deep and gravelly, “God I need a smoke…” He pulled a carton of cigarettes and a lighter out of his vest, lit one and took a deep drag, letting out a thick plume of smoke into the room.

Jake’s face twisted up. He hated smokers…it was a filthy, disgusting and deadly habit. This wasn’t what he wanted at all. He was so caught in his disgust, that he almost didn’t register Rand talking to him. “Hey–Hey! Jake, what the fuck did you do to me, man? What the hell was that thing?”

Jake almost couldn’t get the words out, but the did come, and he told Rand the story, told him about the man, and the cocoon, and that he couldn’t imagine living without Rand, so he’d drugged him and forced him into the cocoon. Jake left out the part about how he now found Rand absolutely repulsive…but he started noticing how Rand was was now looking at him, while he played with his pierced dick.

He finished his story, and they both sat in silence for a moment, before Rand spoke. “Well, I guess you got what you wanted–I have to say that you look damn cute over there–so if this is the way things are going to be, I could get used to it. Now how about you come on over here and give me a hand with this? Daddy’s fuckin’ horny.”

Jake couldn’t move for a second, he couldn’t even speak. Rand had become everything he was least attracted to, an old, dirty smoker with a thick pelt of body hair, he fought the urge to vomit at the suggestion of even coming into contact with him. “No…No you don’t understand, this isn’t what I…I mean, I’m not…”

“Hey, you’re the one who did this to me,” Rand said, “And I’m touched Jake, that you wanted me, and now I want you…oh fuck do I. I can’t wait to plow that hot ass of yours.” Rand got up out of the chair, tromping over towards Jake who quickly got up and put the chair between them.

“Stay the fuck away from me, you’re fucking…you’re disgusting!” Jake said, and Rand stopped in his tracks, his brow furrowing.

“What–You think I’m…” Rand said, his face growing redder, “You’re the one who fucking did this to me, Jake. You’re the one who wanted me to fucking love you, to want you, and now I do. This is what you fucking wanted–and I don’t give a fuck whether you want me or not, I’m gonna have that ass of yours, bitch!” He grabbed the chair away from Jake who tried to run around towards the front door and escape, but Rand tackled him to the floor. Jake fought, and he fought hard, hitting and scratching at Rand’s face until the big man pulled back. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Rand shouted.

“Get out you fucking freak!” Jake screamed back, “I didn’t fucking want this, get the fuck out before I call the fucking police!”

Rand looked back and forth, from the crazed Jake on the ground to the door, and before he could stop himself, he was crying. He saw the clothes Jake had stripped off him the night before, he bundled them up in his arms and fled out the door, leaving Jake shaking and sobbing in the living room, alone.


To be Continued Tuesday