Request by Anonymous

Hey, have you got a second–

Yeah, I know you don’t have much time for fags like me, but…


Why don’t you go sit down on that bed over there, hang out for a bit.

Oh I know you were heading to wrestling practice, I can see you in your singlet under those sweats. Why don’t you take those off, hang out for a bit with me?

Yeah, that’s it. Cuss me out all you want, but I know how much you like that body of yours, all hard muscle, top to bottom. Go on, you can rub yourself for a bit–trust me, it’s the last chance you’ll have in a while.


You can feel it can’t you? That shift? It’s already starting, those abs of yours getting swallowed up by that new gut of yours. No no, don’t stop rubbing yourself, trust me, you’ll enjoy being a fatty just as much as you loved your muscles before, you fucking pig.

Yeah, did that catch you off guard pig? There it is again, that whimper. Your cock hard yet? Don’t lie, I can see it straining that spandex, pig. Words sure do have power, don’t they? I’m damn tired of you calling me a fag, but I have a feeling you’re going to love your new title pig…

Oh? did you just cum? Just you wait.


Yeah, you’re getting bigger alright.

How big? Do you really want to know?

Five hundred pounds. 

Yeah, that’s right, five hundred. Hairy too–look at how fast that beard of yours has filled in, damn. That spandex is growing with you, don’t worry–after all, you won’t be wearing anything else. Oh, everyone else will think it’s normal, seeing you waddle around in that thing–they’ll think you’re disgusting sure, but that’ll only turn you on more. I’m the only one who’ll know any different, you see. We’re the only one’s who’ll remember you being anything beyond a fat, hairy, filthy pig.

Oh, speaking of filthy…


Damn, get a whiff of that funk rolling off you. Go on, lift that arm, get a whiff of yourself pig–damn, another load already? I can see the cum dribbling through the uniform, down between those massive, stinking thighs. Don’t worry, the ass is ripped out, gives me easy access, but you’ll have to piss through the front–I don’t think you’ll mind too much, though, after all, you like being filthy, I can see it in your eyes. Deny it all you want. 

Only one more change to go. Pretty soon, you’re going to be a faggot just like me. My slave. My fat, horny, stupid pig slave. Oh, you’ll remember who you were, sure, but you’ll never want to change back. You’ll love being my pig too much to even consider it. Well, shall we?


How does that feel, Master?

No, wait…that’s…oh fuck, did I…I fucking reversed our names, how the fuck–I just have to be quick–

Yes…sir…I won’t touch it sir. 

Yes sir, I was a bad faggot sir, I’m sorry.

What kind of punishment, sir?

Make…make me a pig like…you? I…please sir, I don’t–

Yes, I understand. It would…be an honor to be your dirty sowboi, I…agree completely. Thank you for the honor sir, I’ll have the changes ready to go within an hour.

Oh, after I suck your cock and eat out your ass? Of course sir, your pleasure is the most important thing in the world! Thank you for letting me serve you sir, thank you for everything.

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