“Dang son, you smell so good, I could ride you all damn night!" 

Yep, I think I handed out the wrong drinks, judging from the horny looks on my dad’s friends’ faces as they close in around us, but my cock was so hard, thinking about how it would feel to serve them, I don’t care.

I’d bought the pheromones to prank my asshole father, who loved calling me a faggot and a pussy. He was the one who was supposed to get the Beta drink, but they’d all looked the same, and maybe I’d flipped the tray when I’d brought down the beers…

Dad pulled down my shorts as Uncle Willis shoved his thick cock down my throat, and I nearly came from that dominant thrust alone. The pills would last for 24 hours, but hey, I might as well make the best of a bad situation right? In fact, maybe being a faggot isn’t so bad after all, I think as my dad’s cock enters my ass, and I cum uncontrollably for the first of many times that night.

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