Patreon Exclusives: “Stud Service” & “Arctos: Scents #1 and #2”

Got a couple new stories up for Patrons this week! The first one is currently in early access, which means that it’ll get posted publicly in a week or so. I’ve had it sitting around for a while and never got around to posting it. It’s got some good old fashioned weird shit–anthro, furry, feral, cock swapping, fairy tale oddities etc. You can find it here, or you can hang on for a while and catch it here in a bit.

The others are a pair of suggested stories based off ideas from Patrons. Folks liked the first one I did last week, and so I did a follow up with a different scent I’d mentioned. I’ll go ahead and post the first one in full–if you enjoy it, you can find the second one here.

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Blake didn’t know what the package was when it showed up in his mailbox, nor did he recognize the company on the label–some place called Arctos Industries. He took it inside with the rest of his mail, opened it up, and three little canisters fell out, along with a note:


You’re a man of discerning scent. We here at Arctos are offering you a sample pack of our new personal scents–Mechanic, Dungeoneer, and Truckstop. Now you too can smell like an Arctos man. The full strength formulas can be found at our website, once you’ve settled on your favorite. Happy scenting.”

“Fucking weird ass marketing campaigns these days,” Blake said, and looked at the three aerosol cans. They must be some kind of deodorant or body spray. Out of curiosity, he popped the top off one, labeled Mechanic, and gave it a little spray in the air.

Grease. Motor oil. Sweat. New car smell. Metal shavings. Battery acid. 

It was…strong. If this wasn’t full strength, he didn’t want to know what the real thing smelled like. But the smell was lingering in his nose, he couldn’t quite seem to shake it, somehow. Something…something was off. He realized then that he’d taken his shirt off at some point, but when? He tried to move away from where he’d sprayed it, but it followed him–he lifted an arm up, gave a sniff, and realized it was on him–he’d sprayed himself with it, but when? Looking at the clock, he’d lost…fifteen minutes? He was feeling woozy again, woozy, and…horny. That was the last thing he remembered clearly, until he found himself lying in his bed.

With a moan, he stood up, and looked around. What time was it? He looked for his phone, but it was nowhere to be seen. He got up and went into the kitchen, and discovered it was…morning. He turned on his computer, and found out it was morning…two days later. He’d just lost around 36 hours of time, and he had no way of accounting for it at all. He heard the buzz of his phone, back in his bedroom, and he found it in the pocket of some filthy coveralls he had never seen before in his life, coated with grease and motor oil. He couldn’t imagine wearing something like that ever–but then why were they here, with his phone in the pocket? The buzz had been a message from some stranger he didn’t even know, asking why he wasn’t at the shop–probably a wrong number.

Other stuff was off though. He went to make himself some breakfast, and found leftover take out from some fast food place in the fridge–shit he would have never ordered in his life. He threw it out. His hands were filthy, with grease under the nails from who knew what. He drank his coffee, and noticed the canister of deodorant was still on the counter. Mechanic–that was the last thing he’d done before blacking out. Did that have something to do with all of this? He didn’t want to test the theory–he just chucked it in the trash with the fast food, and wondered if he should call the doctor. 

In the end, he felt fine though–he watched TV for the rest of the morning and early afternoon, only for his show to be interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Wondering who it could be, he opened it, and found himself looking at a stocky guy wearing some grungy looking coveralls. He looked surprised, and then confused. “Oh, hey. Is Blake here?”

“Uh…yeah, I’m Blake.”

“No, I mean…big guy, roommate?”

“I live here alone, no other Blake as far as I…what are you doing?” Blake asked, as the shorter guy started sniffing the air. 

“I…I smell him, he’s here somewhere,” he said, and pushed past Blake into the apartment.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?” The guy made a beeline for the trash can, and pulled out the canister, then came back and sniffed Blake. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Get out of my apartment.”

Blake tried to shove him back out into the hallway, but before he could, the guy pulled off the top of the canister and sprayed Blake with the Mechanic scent again. As soon as he smelled it, he blanked out again for a second, and when he came to…he was…different. 

“Fuck, I knew you had to be here, I had to smell you again,” the guy said, his face shoved into Blake’s armpit. He…He was naked, mostly naked. But something was off. He was bigger, hairier. He tried to push the stranger away, but ended up using his hand to shove him harder into his armpit. Things began to swim, losing more clarity, and then, he wasn’t in his apartment.

He was in a bathroom. Not the cleanest bathroom he’d ever seen. It was obviously a business bathroom, single occupancy, lock on the door. Blake looked around him, totally disoriented, and saw himself in the mirror, face coated in grime, wearing the coveralls he’d found in the apartment, the nametag patch on them said Blake. They fit…poorly. They pooled around the work boots he had on, which were also too small, and hung off him, like they were made for a guy at least a hundred pounds heavier. What in the world was happening to him? He found his phone in his pocket, but couldn’t unlock it–someone had changed the pin on him to something he didn’t know. He could see the date though–he’d lost…five days this time! How was that even possible?

He left the bathroom, and found himself in the lobby of a mechanic’s garage. One of the customer’s waiting did a double take when he came out, then buried his face back in the magazine he was reading. Blake, red in the face, left the lobby and looked for his car, but it wasn’t anywhere that he could see. He was still wandering about when the guy who had shown up at his apartment before came jogging over to him.

“You! Where…where the hell am I? What did you do to me?”

“Hey, easy now, calm down, I can explain,” he said, but he just pulled the canister from his pocket and shot it all over Blake’s body, “I was hoping a smaller dose would be ok, since we’re running low, but the full strength spray should arrive today–it’s all going to be fine.”

Blake choked and gasped, and he…he could feel it. Feel his body growing larger, his gut filling out the front of his coveralls, hair receding and filling in with grey, a bushy beard across his face, and the stench! Fuck, he smelled fucking good, made his fat cock get hard and start leaking in the front of his favorite coveralls…but what was he doing out here in the parking lot? Last thing he remembered, he’d needed to take a piss, and his boy wasn’t around to drink it for him. “What the hell, I fergot some shit again…” he muttered, embarrassed. That had been happening lately, just…losing time without any explanation. 

“Don’t worry Daddy, your medication will get here today–you’ll be feeling better soon enough,” Sam said, and gave the massive, smelly mechanic a hug, taking a deep inhale of his scent, his own cock going crazy. “It’s lunch time Daddy, why don’t we hit the drive through, and we can both get fed,” he said, and groped Blake’s crotch.

“Fuck boy, sounds like a plan tah me,” Blake growled to him. They hopped in the used truck they’d bought a few days before–he didn’t know what he’d been thinking, buying a little car he could barely fit into, but this was so much more comfy. They headed for the drive through–Blake would get his usual massive meal, and while he ate, his boy would get a load of mechanic cum for his troubles.

Arctos: Filters – Episode 1 (Part 1)

“Wait, is this the right one?” Bruce asked himself when he opened up the app on his phone, and started scrolling down through it. One of his coworkers that day had mentioned some new app that did some sort of really cool photo filters, but by the time he’d gotten home he hadn’t been able to remember the exact name. This one had sounded familiar though, and so he’d downloaded it from some company named Arctos. He booted it up, and it looked…well, like a lot of other filter programs he’d seen, but nothing particularly special. He’d just have to ask him for the right name tomorrow at work.

He browsed through the selections in this one, and was actually impressed by the sheer number. There were filters to change facial hair and hairstyle, filters that made you look like someone from a particular occupation–and then he saw something he hadn’t seen before–there were filters that the app claimed could change the look of your whole body. There was a buzz from his phone, a message from Jean, his boyfriend, checking to see if they were still on for dinner tonight, and Bruce decided to send him something funny. There was a collection of animal filters, and he found one that looked like a set of floppy pig ears. He turned it on, and was surprised by how lifelike it was–when he turned his head, he could see the ears swinging with it, and the physics of them was surprisingly realistic. He tilted his head to the side, letting one ear flop against his cheek, while the other one hung down, and then tilted it the other way. He didn’t know what company this was, but this was actually way more impressive than the one his coworker had mentioned. He took a photo of himself with the floppy ears–though it took a while for it to pop up on the screen, and then he sent it to Jean, along with a message that he was just about to leave.

He slipped his phone into his pocket, grabbed his coat and stepped out of his apartment. Jean lived a few streets away, but Bruce preferred walking, rather than trying to catch a bus. He hit the street, checked his phone again, and saw a message from Jean–“There’s my handsome man,”–but no mention of the ears added to the photo. Bruce was a bit annoyed that Jean didn’t mention the filter, he usually liked silly things like that, but it wasn’t a big deal, he supposed. Bruce just enjoyed the Spring chill on the twenty minute walk to his place, not really thinking about much in particular beyond how excited he was for Summer to finally arrive. He buzzed for Jean, who let him into the building, and Bruce hiked up the three stories to his apartment, where Jean was waiting for him. He gave him a kiss, and stepped inside, hanging his coat up on the hook inside. “Did you like that pic I sent?” he asked, “Kind of cool, right?”

Jean looked at him a bit puzzled, “Of course, you’re always cute in a photo–are you just fishing for compliments, or what?”

Bruce rolled his eyes, “Yeah, but the ears Jean, come on.”

Jean just chuckled, “I know you feel self-conscious about them sometimes, so I never know if I should say anything or not, but of course they looked good–they always do,” he stepped closer, reached up and flicked one of the floppy ears hanging off of Bruce’s head, and watched his boyfriend’s face go pale, both hands flying up to the side of his head, and then he dashed to the bathroom like a madman, locking the door behind him.

They were there. The ears, they were real! Bruce grabbed one and gave it a tug, wincing from the sudden pain. It couldn’t be possible, it didn’t make any sense! He stared at himself in the mirror over the sink, tilting his head side to side like he had into his phone half an hour earlier, watching his new ears flop and hang just like they had, just like…they always had, right? He fumbled with his phone and pulled up his photos, looking through his selfies, and sure enough, his ears were there, in every single photo. His pig ears. Had he really walked all the way over here, and not a single person had looked at him? Or had they been looking, and he was just so used to the stares at this point, that he didn’t worry about it?

“Bruce?” Jean said, “I’m sorry, I…I mean, you asked, and I didn’t want to upset you, alright? Let’s talk about it.”

Bruce went back to the app, and his photo was still up. He backed out to the camera, and there, in the upper left hand corner, was a button marked undo. He slammed it, watched the screen process for a moment, and when the screen came back alive, they were gone. His normal, human ears were right there, like they’d never left. He looked in the mirror, and again, the pig ears were gone, and also from all of his photos, which had also turned back to normal. He heaved a sigh of relief, and then opened the door, where a very concerned looking Jean was standing.

Arctos Audio 2: True Story (Part 1)

Nate had always been a fan of horror stories, and so when he stumbled upon the Arctos Audio website, that was the first section he decided to check out. Of course, the tagline of the section–”Stories so horrifying you find yourself wishing they’d happen to you!”–was a bit…disturbing, he decided to take a look around anyway. The prices were decent, and as a new customer he was offered a free audiobook just for signing up. It couldn’t hurt, right? The story he ended up selecting was one called, “To be a Hog.” He loaded it up and listened, and to his surprise, it was one of the most horrific stories he’d ever heard–it was so awful, that over the course of the story he tried multiple times to try and stop the file, but he was, at the same time, gripped by a grim curiosity–he needed to hear how the story ended.

When the file had finally reached completion, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do then–vomit? Take a shower? Who in their right mind had come up with such a fucked up story? To his surprise, there was no author listed with the story, and a cursory search around the internet didn’t reveal anything about the book–it didn’t seem to be listed on any sites other than Arctos, and it was difficult finding any real details about that company itself. In the end, he thought it best to just…put the story out of his mind as best he could–he certainly wasn’t going to be purchasing any other stories from them–he was a fan of horror, and he didn’t mind gore…but that story had gone beyond the morn, and into a sadistic realm Nate had never contemplated before in his life.

But as much as he wanted to leave it behind him, the story stuck around with him, haunting him over the next several days. He would see something on the street–a fat man gorging himself at a table or an overturned trashcan, and he’d be reminded of the story, replaying it in his mind, the calm voice of the narrator replaying the scenes for him unbidden. He found himself picturing the young man dragging the hog’s head from the butcher’s trash, examining it with glee and excitement as he hollowed out the skull. How he’d snuck onto the farm, hiding among the pigs, feasting on their slop, groping himself…

He’d break free eventually, but it was taking a toll on him. Soon, the story was invading his dreams, and he would find himself in the position of the young man, at the mercy of the farmer, knife gleaming in the lantern light–and he’d awake, heaving for breath, terrified, and disgusted to discover that the dream had been accompanied by…a nighttime emission of sizable quantity–something he struggled to hide from his husband, Paul, each morning, who began to wonder why the sheets were freshly laundered every night when he arrived home from work.

Who could have possibly written such a monstrous thing, he found himself wondering over and over again. He would search and search, but he never sound any detail of the story’s anonymous author, though a small note on the copyright page caught his eye again and again:

“Based on a true story.”

How could it be so? It had to be impossible, and yet he couldn’t quite bring himself to doubt it entirely. He searched for news of men mutilated on farms, but only found a few articles regarding various equipment accidents–and nothing so vile as the book described, and yet…and yet…the horror was beginning to turn into something else. He wanted to know what could drive someone to such horrors; he wanted to know how someone could do something so twisted to their own body, and how someone else could strip another of their humanity. Slowly but surely, another possibility began to creep into his mind. Why, after all, had he chosen that story of all the ones offered? Why had the main character, that young man seemed so relatable and sympathetic? Who else would he still be thinking about this, if he, in some small way, didn’t want the same? If he didn’t want to be a hog himself?

The idea was farcical to him, and yet…before too much longer, reliving parts of the story was the only thing that could get him to cum, whether he was sleeping or awake. He was gaining weight, and while Paul was concerned by his strange behavior and emotional distance, he also couldn’t bare the thought of exposing his husband to any of it. What would he think of him? He would be crushed, right?

And so, in desperation, he wrote in to Arctos and described what he was feeling, and what was happening to him. He didn’t know why, exactly, he thought telling them would give him a solution, but more than anything else, he just needed to tell someone! It didn’t matter who. Better it was some anonymous no-one on the other end of the internet, than someone he might know–and when he’d finished and sent it off…he really did feel better. A bit better. He slept more soundly that night that he had in weeks, and when he woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed and ready to move on past this nightmare that had been consuming him for weeks, he found a reply from Arctos waiting for him in the mailbox. Apparently, he was being shipped two packages, which would arrive later that day, and there was also a note:

“We here at Arctos are pleased that you enjoyed the book so much! We’ve sent you a special gift, complimentary of course, to help ease some of your worries. Thank you for helping make Arctos Audio the go to destination for erotic literature!”

“Hello sir, I’m a representative from Arctos Outfitters. I was wondering if you’d like to try a sample of one of our specialty line of soaps in the showers today,” the young man said, as Rudy approached the gym showers with his towel wrapped around his waist.

“E-Excuse me?” he said, looking around and a bit confused. The man was young, but had a nicely trimmed beard, and a bit of a paunch–but it looked good on him somehow, even if Rudy would never in his life let himself get that heavy. He was also completely naked, which even in this locker room was…fairly brazen.

“Just a sample is all. It’s completely free.”

“Yeah, but…here?” Rudy asked.

“Well, it makes sense doesn’t it? Why wouldn’t you hand out soap at the showers?” the young man said, grinning from cheek to cheek. “No one needs a sample of soap on the street corner.

Wanting to avoid an argument, he just took the little bar of soap the man handed him, wrapped in a little paper wrapper-like a hotel soap. He looked at the label, and it said it was called “Cubble.”

“Oh, that’s my favorite–I use it every day!” the young man said, giggling a bit, “Enjoy your shower!”

He went into the room, surprised to find a few other showers running, and the room quite steamy–so much so it was a bit difficult to see through the room. He went to a showerhead and turned it on, waited for the temperature to stabilize, and then lathered up with the sample of soap. True to it’s name, it was…quite foamy, so much so that it was even a bit…tingly, making him chuckle, and then giggle–a sound which made him rather embarrassed to come out of his usually mature, deep voiced throat. Still, the soap did feel good. He ran it down over his abs again…only to discover they weren’t abs anymore–he had a small round gut, not unlike the young man who’d give him the soap. He dropped it in surprise, and gripped his chubby midsection in surprise.

“Looks like you dropped something boy, let me get that for you,” a voice said beside him, and a massive, older…daddy knelt down beside him and picked up the bar. “You still have about half left–let daddy help you out, get those…hard to reach spots.”

Rudy was helpless as the man scrubbed him down, moaning and giggling as the man washed him, paying extra attention to his cock and balls, before shoving Rudy up against the wall of the shower and sliding his cock into the new cub’s soap slick crack. “Think you ‘n I are gonna pay that Arctos shop a visit tonight boy–we’re gonna need some more soap, and a whole lot of things to get dirty with in between.”

Pigtail (1 of 2) – A short variation to “Asslickers” from a month or two ago.

You’re not opposed to a bit of kink. Besides, it’s a just a dildo–no one was going to see it besides you, unless you wanted them to. You’d seen the Arctos label going around, and you’d heard some crazy stories about their stuff before, but it was all just marketing hype, you were sure. Still, something about that just…called to you. It was part of a new line of dildos and buttplugs they were rolling out called Asslickers–and the one you purchased was a six inch, moderately thick pink shaft, with a curly cue tail sticking out the end. You don’t have a pig’s physique, really, but something about being called a pig had always turned you on, for reasons you’d never been able to explain well. Now, in private, you could look a bit more like you you thought, with a laugh.

It arrived a week later, and you’d almost forgotten you’d bought it. You had a free evening when it showed up on your doorstep, so you decided to give it a test drive. You took it out of it’s wrapped, and noticed that the surface didn’t feel like rubber–instead, it was hard and stiff with almost no give. Even the curly tail didn’t wiggle at all, which seemed to defy its purpose. Still, it seems like a waste to spend that money and not at least try it. So you get undressed, hop on your bed, lube it up and work it inside you. There’s a mirror to one side of you, and you can see that pig tail sticking out of your ass, and fuck, you feel sexy seeing that. Then you notice an odd taste in your mouth–or tastes, rather–and your body starts feeling…strange.

Your skin is hot all of a sudden, your gut gurgling. You think about pulling the dildo out, but a sudden horniness catches you off guard, and you helplessly reach back and start fucking yourself harder with the dildo. It’s odd–it almost feels…smaller in your ass, all of a sudden. You look back over in the mirror, and grunt in surprise–you’re…fatter. Not massively so, but you have a soft gut, your ass is thicker, your arms thick. You start grunting more, almost oinking and squealing at times, bucking your ass back…and you can feel you hold doing something…strange. It’s almost like it’s pulling the dildo in all by itself, swallowing it down…and sure enough, in a minute, you see that curly corkscrew slide inside your guts–and the dildo is gone. You never see it again, but you shoot one of the largest loads of your life as something presses it’s way back out of your body. You think it’s the dildo for a moment, but reaching back, nothing came out of your ass–no, a curly pink tail pushed it’s way out above your crack, and is wiggling with glee instead. 


Oh this so needs a caption story

@wesleybracken  @ursinityunchained ANYONE get one this!

Arctos Industry has begun rolling out our newest product, Daddy Drops! For when you want to feel like the Daddy inside you!

WARNING – May cause: hair loss, hair bleaching, hair growth, memory loss, memory changes, personality changes, shortened lifespan, aggression, dominance and other unanticipated side effects. Use only as directed on packaging.

We’ve already released this exciting new experience is several test markets, and we’d like to share one testimonial from a very happy could of brand new daddies!

I gotta say, when I went over there, after mah friend Jerry called me up, tellin’ me he’d gotten this amazin’ new product in the mail, I was purty skeptical. Hell, it didn’t even sound much like Jerry on the other end a the line. The voice seemed…deeper, and had a bit of a southern twang tah it. Both Jerry ‘n I were students at the local college, and came from the Northeast–there was nothin’ southern ‘bout either a us!

I got there, and fuck, I was right–It wasn’t really Jerry sittin’ there, ‘r not the Jerry I ‘membered. This hot fuckin’ daddy, damn! Big gut, thick tits, sittin’ there naked, strokin’ a big ol’ cock! I mean, at the time, I wasn’t tah keen on it. Hell, I was freakin’ out, when he told me he’d found these drops in the mail, made ‘em intah a proper daddy. He took another one, and damn, I watched as his hair on his head shrank back and disappeared, that goatee growin’ longer, a pure white, though a bit yellowed at the mouth, on account a all his cigar smokin’. Cock grew a nother two inches, damn, and he…I mean…

He was my…daddy, ya know? Ya just know, sometimes. I couldn’t fight ‘em off, when he pinned me tah the wall, forced open mah mouth, gave me a couple drops of the stuff as well. I’m not quite the daddy he is, but fuck, I don’ care. I just wanna serve that fucker all day ‘n night, can’t git enough a that cock in any a mah holes. We both used tah hate rednecks, but now we’re too stupid (and old) tah go tah school, so we’re truck drivin’ cross country. Good money, and we make a daddy here ‘n there tah fuck around with. So thanks Arctos! From Daddy Jer and Daddy Mick, ya got two customers fer life!

Here at the Arctos Briar Division strive to provide the highest quality of pipes, pipe tobacco, and accessories to ensure that any man who tries one of our products is determined to be a pipe smoker for life!

Included here is one pipe smoker starter kit. By now, our patented smart memory chemicals implanted in these instructions will have given you the basic knowledge to smoke your first pipe like a pro, right out of the box! Simply let instinct guide you, and those hands of yours will do the rest. We here at Arctos pride ourselves in making our products so easy to use, soon you won’t be able to imagine life without them.

If you’re still resisting, you’ll be happy to know our smart chems have also begun training your nervous system to develop the nicotine habit of a long-term, heavy smoker. We guarantee that any reservations you have about your starter kit will soon seem secondary to the shaking, burning need in your gut for your first breath of smoke. The chems will continue to foster addiction in your system, so the longer you resist, the greater your need will be when you do, finally, succumb. Don’t forget, as with any Arctos product, we’re proud to state that any customer dissatisfaction with our products is always temporary.

The smart chems in the pipe you can’t stop yourself from smoking now will, at this point, have begun the process of reshaping your mind and body into that of a proud, pipe smoking bear. The arousal you’re likely feeling is natural–after all, why smoke if the mere taste of smoke isn’t enough to make that hard cock of yours rigid in your Arctos brand Carpenter Jeans (order SKU 96571) or Full Figure Overalls (order SKU 92638)? You’ll be glad to know that your pipe starter kit comes with a collection of coupons we’re sure you will be needing soon enough. One in particular we’d like to draw your attention to is a free pipe starter kit you can send to the person of your choice!

Doesn’t that sound fun, daddy bear? Go on, keep stroking, thinking about turning that friend of yours into a big, hairy, bearded pipe smoking bear like you are now. We’re even happy to throw in one pipe tobacco flavor upgrade of your choice for free! Want a young, submissive cub willing to serve you all day long? Try Cub Cut (order SKU 34865)! If you’re tastes run more along full figured fellows, then we’d suggest our Pig Plug (order SKU 35109). 

Included is the full Arctos catalog for you to peruse while you keep jacking off, thinking about who you’d like to receive your complimentary starter kit!

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