Oh this so needs a caption story

@wesleybracken  @ursinityunchained ANYONE get one this!

Arctos Industry has begun rolling out our newest product, Daddy Drops! For when you want to feel like the Daddy inside you!

WARNING – May cause: hair loss, hair bleaching, hair growth, memory loss, memory changes, personality changes, shortened lifespan, aggression, dominance and other unanticipated side effects. Use only as directed on packaging.

We’ve already released this exciting new experience is several test markets, and we’d like to share one testimonial from a very happy could of brand new daddies!

I gotta say, when I went over there, after mah friend Jerry called me up, tellin’ me he’d gotten this amazin’ new product in the mail, I was purty skeptical. Hell, it didn’t even sound much like Jerry on the other end a the line. The voice seemed…deeper, and had a bit of a southern twang tah it. Both Jerry ‘n I were students at the local college, and came from the Northeast–there was nothin’ southern ‘bout either a us!

I got there, and fuck, I was right–It wasn’t really Jerry sittin’ there, ‘r not the Jerry I ‘membered. This hot fuckin’ daddy, damn! Big gut, thick tits, sittin’ there naked, strokin’ a big ol’ cock! I mean, at the time, I wasn’t tah keen on it. Hell, I was freakin’ out, when he told me he’d found these drops in the mail, made ‘em intah a proper daddy. He took another one, and damn, I watched as his hair on his head shrank back and disappeared, that goatee growin’ longer, a pure white, though a bit yellowed at the mouth, on account a all his cigar smokin’. Cock grew a nother two inches, damn, and he…I mean…

He was my…daddy, ya know? Ya just know, sometimes. I couldn’t fight ‘em off, when he pinned me tah the wall, forced open mah mouth, gave me a couple drops of the stuff as well. I’m not quite the daddy he is, but fuck, I don’ care. I just wanna serve that fucker all day ‘n night, can’t git enough a that cock in any a mah holes. We both used tah hate rednecks, but now we’re too stupid (and old) tah go tah school, so we’re truck drivin’ cross country. Good money, and we make a daddy here ‘n there tah fuck around with. So thanks Arctos! From Daddy Jer and Daddy Mick, ya got two customers fer life!

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