Interactive: Hypno Time! (Part 2)

Sunday Morning

As far as Max could tell, one moment Johnny had the gun pointed at him, there was that…strange light that seemed to suffuse everything, and then he was back on the couch–if he hadn’t suddenly moved from one end to the other, he would have thought no time had passed at all. That…and he kinda felt like shit. He coughed and looked up at Johnny standing in front of him. “Happy Sunday,” he said with a big grin on his face–a grin that told Max he was probably in store for some surprises–especially since he couldn’t remember a thing from the past 24 hours. The gun seemed to wipe his memory from when he was in a trance, unless Johnny told him explicitly to be aware of something–even then, it was more like a dream than anything else, like the time in trance was spent outside of his body, or maybe deeper inside of himself. Not present in any case.

He moved his tongue around his mouth–there was a taste there, something he didn’t recognize immediately, but which he knew should be familiar…somehow. It was related to the smell in the room around them, and when he saw the haze, he realized what it was–it was cigarette smoke. He looked down at his hand then, realizing there was something between his fingers, and sure enough–it was a lit cigarette. He was fucking smoking–why in the hell was he smoking! He tried to snuff it out in the ashtray on the side table, but instead he took another drag off it, and saw Max’s eyes light up in delight.

“I had to figure out something that I knew you would never agree to if you were just pretending,” Max said, “And frankly, I’ve always liked guys who smoke–the more the better.”

“Wait…what the fuck, Johnny? This–you can’t just make me a fucking smoker! This…this shit is deadly.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve had this conversation already, a ton of times,” Johnny said, tapping a cigarette out into his fingers, and lighting one up himself like it was the most natural thing in the world–except Max, as far as he could recall, had never seen Johnny smoke before in their lives. “I know you hate my smoking, but I don’t think you’ll be objecting much in the future, which is good for me–besides, you think it’s sexy too, don’t you?” He lit the cigarette, and when Max saw the end flare to life…something in his chest skipped a beat, and he inhaled deep off his own cigarette, coughing a bit at the sudden desire. “Fuck, why…Johnny, you’re not a smoker, why the fuck did you do this to us?”

“Not a smoker? I’ve been smoking a pack a day since we started dating.”

“No…No, Johnny, you…what the fuck happened?”

“Take off your shirt, let’s see how those studs look today,” Johnny said, pushing the subject away from his own sudden shift in attitude towards some other changes he’d made to Max over the last day.

Max did as he was told, pulled off his shirt, and saw that his nipples had been pierced with two studs–that explained the pain he’d felt there when he woke up from the gun.

“Pants too–let’s see it.”

Afraid of what he would find, Max pulled down his pants, and saw that his cock was pierced through with a PA–nothing too large, but still, it was a shock.

“See” Now we match,” Johnny said, pulling down his own pants, revealing his own cock with a ring in it that Max couldn’t recall ever seeing before–and that looked like it had been there for quite a bit longer than his new one, one he could…almost recall feeling in his throat before this. “Come on, smoke your cigar for me.”

Like a trigger, Max sat forward of the couch and started sucking Johnny’s ringed cock, careful to keep it away from his teeth, as he’d…figured out to do before this…right? Even the smoking, that had seemed so strange a second ago, seemed more…normal to him now. Then Johnny ran a hand over Max’s head, he shuddered, and pulled away from his cock, running his own hands over his skull.

“I always like a cueball–it looks good on you,” Johnny said.

“God fucking–” Max said, got up and went into the bathroom, and sure enough, he was bald on top–smoothly shaved, and he saw on his face a full day’s worth of stubble. This, at least, he could fix. He grabbed his razor, but when he tried to shave his face, his arm went to his head automatically–he couldn’t manage to make his hands shave his stubble, no matter how he tried.

“Guess you’ll have to grow that beard out now.”

“Fuck you–Johnny, put…put me back.”


“What the fuck do you mean, no?”

“I like you this way–you’ll like yourself too, just give it a few days to get adjusted.”

“No–Johnny, something happened–not just to me, but to you too. Did…did you shoot yourself with the gun? What did you do with it?”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I just used it on you. I’ve been awake all day. Now finish your cigar.”

Max tried to resist the command, but he couldn’t–he got back down and went back to sucking off his boyfriend’s cock, stroking his own–carefully minding his new ring, still smoking his cigarette, wondering if he was going insane. It felt like it–but on the other hand…it was all kind of sexy, wasn’t it?

True to Johnny’s word, after a few days, Max had decided to give in and enjoy it, but something nagged at him all the same. Johnny…had changed too. He was sure of it. Not much, but enough that it was noticeable. Enough that he told Johnny he should stop using the gun, but Johnny dismissed his concerns, telling him the trance was probably messing with his memory. Besides, Johnny already had some new ideas percolating, which he broke to Max a couple of weeks later–this time, he wanted to trance him for a full weekend, Friday afternoon to Monday morning.

Max balked–and he demanded that Johnny tell him what he had in mind–and this time, Johnny did. There were a couple of guys that Johnny knew, and he’d decided that the three of them–Johnny and the two mystery men, would have the privilege of Max servicing them for a long weekend. Max asked him who the men were, but Johnny wouldn’t say–he wanted it to be a surprise. Again, Max was hesitant, but Johnny wore him down, and soon enough, he gave in, and plans were made.

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