Patron Bonus – Arctos: Daddy Service

Here’s the second suggested story from this month, which was another double sized one! If you want to read the second half, you can support me at the $5 tier or higher to get access.

“Guys, just get over here, you aren’t going to believe this guy!”

Neither Reese nor Hugh knew what Dan was talking about, but it was a Saturday night, none of them had anything better to do with their time, and so the two friends (or fuckbuddies, or boyfriends–they never really bothered trying to sort it out) headed over to Dan’s apartment, the third wheel, and occasional threesome. All three of them were young, slim, more twink than not, and plenty addicted to the gym. They went inside, and Dan was there on the couch, watching TV, with the biggest grin on his face any of them had seen.

“Alright Dan, what’s going on?”

Dan turned to the kitchen and shouted, “Hey daddy, get out here and meet my friends for a second!”

Reese and Hugh were confused, until an older, chubby face peeked around the corner of the apartment, and beemed at them. “Hi boys! Go on and have seat on the couch with Dan, and I’ll make some extra food for you all–and bring you some beers too!”

Dan waved them in, and they sat down on the couch with him, still confused. This…was not the sort of guy that Dan was ever into, but, as Dan told them, he had found this weird website, offering Daddies to come service you, or whatever, and after a few questions, telling the site he wanted a daddy to wait on him and cook for him, this old fella had just shown up at his door and started doing it! No questions asked!

It wasn’t a joke, either. The daddy brought out some beers for Hugh and Reese, and they decided to spend a night in, humiliating the old fuck, eating his food, and then they’d kick his ass to the curb the next morning…except…none of them could really remember any of that. The food was amazing, and they all ate a ton of it. The drink too much too, and at some point, someone put porn on the TV, and then the daddy was rubbing their bellies, and sucking them all off…and then, it was morning, and they were starting to wake up.

“Fuck Dan, how much did we eat?” Hugh asked, clutching his gut, giving it a rub. It was taut, sticking out like a beachball.

“Fucking…what the fuck happened to me!” Reese exclaimed, seeing the same thing had happened to him. He heaved himself up off the couch, letting off a belch as he did, and headed for the bathroom, clutching his head from the hangover. “Is that fucking daddy still here?”

“I think he left earlier,” Dan moaned, and let off a belch as well, “I heard the door open and close at least.”

“Well, he was a good…cook…” Hugh said, and looked around them, but all he saw was piled and piles of fast food containers and junk food bags around him. “I thought…weren’t we eating…something better than this?”

“I don’t even fucking remember man…”

“Fucking–I look like a fucking blimp! How can I get this fat in a night!” Resse exclaimed, coming back in, and as he did, he let off a fart of equal strength to the belch he’d just made, making Dan start laughing. “Fuck you Dan, this is a mess!”

“S-Sorry, I don’t know why I’m laughing man, it’s just funny…” he said, and let off a belch of his own, which only made him laugh and giggle even harder. Hugh and Reese looked at him like he was crazy, when the door to the apartment opened up again, and the daddy stomped inside, carrying bags of fast food, and a twenty-four count cast of cheap beer.

“Morning boys! I had to go on a supply run. Go on, relax–don’t need to do anything. Daddy will take care of everything.”

“Hell no! Fuck this, I’m out of here,” Reese said, and tried to get out the door, only for the daddy to…no one quite knew what he said, actually, but Reese sat back down on the couch, shaking slightly, and daddy beamed at his three boys there.

“Now, I brought you breakfast! I made sure to get extra. I had no idea I was going to be helping such skinny boys, and more than one! When Sammy told me he had friends, I didn’t know you were all going to be so cute, or so fun.” He set down the fast food breakfast bags on the coffee table, turned the TV back on, and all three of them found themselves…eating again. Daddy brought them their morning beers, and soon, all three of them were drunk as well, belching from the gas, feeling their guts growing even fuller and more painful than before, sharing looks of worry, and then horror, and they all realized the only way they could get up was with daddy’s permission, and then, only to go to the bathroom, supervised. But as they ate more and more, and daddy plied them with more and more beer…the horror waned, and all three of them started laughing at their belches and farts, trying to outdo each other, daddy encouraging them all, telling his boys how proud he was of them, and how good it felt to just relax.

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