Strange Fetish – Fungi

I’m going to be introducing some newer kinds of posts around here, because I would like to start using this space for some journaling and brainstorming, in addition to posting stories, because I have a lot of weird stuff rolling around in my head, and no real good place to try and put it all down–and not all of it is…immediately sexy. This sort of stuff is going to end up, for the most part, under the metawriting category over on the right there.

So I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for a bit, trying to think of how I might be able to make it work as an interactive, or as a stand alone story, or who really knows what anything is anymore, at times. The setting is definitely science fiction, and was partly spurred by this article about the video game “Anthem” and it’s development, in particular it’s early concept as a procedurally generated survival game, where the goal is to leave your fort and push out into a super hostile world as best as possible. I don’t write sci-fi very often, mostly because I tend to prefer rooting my stories in settings that more or less reflect our own world (which is why the sci-fi I do write tends more towards technological dystopia than space opera) but the concept for this thing, whatever it is, is a collection of colonists working to set up on a new world full of lifeforms that all end up corrupting these colonies in different ways. This in turn got me thinking about fungi.

Fungi are fucking strange, and if you want me to be fully honest, a bit horrifying. First of all, we’re seeing a uptick in resistant fungal diseases, in addition to the other resistant bacteria that are already becoming a problem. Fungi are already fucking capable of mind control, if you happen to be an ant in the rain forest, and they are capable of wild fucking genetic stunts on top of that.

All of the right content is there, in one way or another, but what I struggle with, honestly, is the sexy side of it. For one thing, it’s hard to assign a motive to a plant beyond a basic drive, and so that can make it difficult to create any real interplay between host and fungus is a way that makes sense. Then again, symbiotes are nothing new in this kind of fiction, and there’s no reason that this sort of content couldn’t work in a similar way. It also is a bit of a challenge to filter this sort of thing through fetishes that make the whole thing…sexy. You kind of end up having to launder the fungi to operate in particular ways, so that the result ends up being sexy at all. In any case, here are a few odd sketches I have of the idea, as examples. I don’t think any of these are going to become anything larger at this point, and that sci-fi setting is still in the early stages, but it’s still fun to ponder on.

  • A guy’s cock becomes a literal mushroom cap. It no longer ejaculates, but the simple act of fucking someone deposits corrupting spores inside the other fellow’s ass, which spreads the infection. The guy no longer orgasms, but sex is still pleasurable–the fungus uses this to encourage the host to continue fucking as much as possible, because release can never be found. Eventually, the host destroys their cock entirely (it isn’t that sturdy) but no worries, it can grow back. In fact, he’s growing cocks everywhere, all over his body, be can fuck everywhere now.
  • Quite a few varieties of fungi look a lot like hair, and I love the idea of someone being covered from head to toe in a strange, furry fungus, including all around their mouth, in a thick busy fungi beard. It looks normal enough until you get close, but by the time you notice that it isn’t quite hair, the shit is already stroking your face, digging it’s way into your pores, dragging you closer, and either spreading onto you, or harvesting your meat to power it’s own host further.
  • They look human. They were human, once. They still think they are human, but they know that something is wrong with them, inside them. They’re so hungry, all the time, and yet, no matter how much they eat, or what they eat, they never seem to get…fatter, or not, exactly fatter. They are getting larger. Their gut is distending, there is something inside of them, but it isn’t fat. It feels spongy, and fibrous. It’s getting harder and harder to move, it feels like their entire body is eating itself now, until at last, something emerges from their belly button, a stalk, growing up out of their fungus filled gut, releaseing a shower of spores all over them. People who inhale them find the hunger consuming their thoughts too, and the subject realizes the truth–they…hadn’t been human for days now. It was just a trick, they’re a plant. They put down roots, they grow, but most importantly, they keep feeding on everything they can find.

One thought on “Strange Fetish – Fungi

  1. The banal version is of course that this species of fungi reproduce sexually (as in combining DNA as opposed to asexually). So the fungi needs to get its spores into as many hosts as possible and combine with the spores already there, if any, otherwise grow in that host as well.


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