Pete the Pig Pt. 1 (Caption)

“Morning Pete,” Tatum said with a smirk, as his flatmate walked into the kitchen with a groggy look on his face, scratching his gut.

“Mornin’,” Pete said back, and went to the fridge, “Fuck, is there any of that pizza left from last night? I’m starving.”

“Nah man, you polished off both pies. I only got a couple of slices.”

“Are you kidding me? There was so much…”

“Guess you were hungry.”

“God, I need to get back to the gym, I can’t keep eating like shit and not even try and work it off again…” he let out a sigh of disgust at himself, hauled out some frozen potatoes and some eggs, and started working on making himself breakfast.

All the while, he was wearing the wifebeater. The same wifebeater he’d been wearing for close to two weeks–which coincidentally, was the last time Pete had shaven his face and also the last time he’d been to the gym. It was also two weeks since Tatum had put Pete under trance for the first time, using a hypno program he’d gotten off the net. He’d expected Pete to realize what was going on at some point, but he was still fucking clueless, and Tatum’s cock was raging hard in his boxers, watching his roommate walk through the kitchen, reeking of cum, because he’d spent the last two weeks serving as the apartment’s honorary cumrag, without even realizing it.

“Hey Pete, before you get to cooking, I got a load for you.”

Without missing a beat, Pete turned around from the counter, got down on his knees, chest puffed out, and stayed still, while Tatum got up from the table in the kitchen, already stroking his cock. Pete stayed perfectly still, like his mind had shut off, until Tatum had pumped out another load onto his wifebeater, and when he was finished, he stood back up, turned back around, and resumed making breakfast like nothing at all had happened.

Tatum’s cock had hardly dropped, however. He’d hated his roommate–how fit he was, how clean he was, how high and mighty, how he’d looked down on Tatum, especially for being a fag. Now he had him right where he wanted him, and he had a few more changes in mind for his roommate, before he was done.

Want to read more? There’s a second part that continues the story on my discord server for patrons!

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