A Bulked Ass (Caption)

“Dude, I think something’s wrong with my ass–does…does it look bigger to you?”

TJ put one foot up on the coffee table, and pointed his ass towards Ben–and his fellow frat brother shielded his eyes in confusion when he looked up. “What the hell man, put some pants on.”

“They don’t fit–I…I took some stuff I got online, and I thought it would bulk me up, but it just fucked up my ass!”

“And what the hell made you think I’d want to see it? Go to the doctor or something!”

“I…I don’t know. I just wanted to show someone, and…and there’s other stuff going on too, like…oh fuck, one’s coming, I–” TJ was interrupted by his own fart blasting from between his cheeks, hard enough to make them shake a slightly, and before Ben could react, the smell hit him. It was pungent and thick, but also…somehow enticing, and his jaw dropped a bit, a little drool accumulating at the corner of his mouth.

“Fuck–I…maybe I should take a closer look,” Ben mumbled, and got off the chair he’d been sitting it.

“Whoa, Ben, you…you ok man?” TJ said, noticing his bro’s eyes had glazed over, and that…something else seemed a bit off to him too. But before he could do anything, Ben shoved his face between the massive cheeks of TJ’s ass and started eating him out–and it felt so good that TJ just moaned, moved over to the sofa while Ben just kept eating, another fart blasting from his ass right into Ben’s face, but they both just moaned in pleasure.

It was TJ who looked back after a few minutes, saw that the hair on the top of Ben’s head had turned silver, and freaked out enough to pull his ass away. Ben…wasn’t looking like Ben anymore. His face was slicked with drool, his hair receding and turning silver, a thick bushy beard growing around his mouth. “Wait boy, daddy…daddy ain’t done with that ass yet–don’t you want daddy’s cock in ya? Gotta make sure that hole is good and loose first, right?”

Ben stood up, a thick gut hanging off him, and a massive cock swinging between his legs. TJ tried to get away, but Ben grabbed hold of his hips, dragged him back, and kept eating. Soon, TJ was moaning and shivering again, and Ben knew he was ready, and impaled the boy on his cock–all thoughts of his prior youth wiped away–and when another frat bro happened upon the scene, and the stench in the room, it wasn’t long before TJ had a whole bevy of dirty daddies passing around his wide ass for fun.

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