Arctos: Mall (Part 6) [Interactive]

The door opened, and it was exactly the person Marvin didn’t want to see–one of those mall rent-a-cop security fuckers. From the way the fat man in the uniform was panting out of breath, and the sweat marks under the arms of his shirt, it was clear he was the sort of officer who was more used to sitting in the office and watching security footage, than chasing anyone down. If Marvin was quick on his feet, he could probably outrun him–but in the tight space of the bathroom…there was no way he could get around him easily. He was going to have to be clever to get out of this.

“There you are,” the cop wheezed, “looks like I get to have my fun after all. And he said I’d never find you.” The big man leered at him in a way that made Marvin feel…rather uncomfortable, especially in his strange condition.

“Look, I–I don’t know what this thing is. Just help me get it out, alright? I don’t care what you do with it, I just want to get back to normal.”

“Normal, eh? Afraid I don’t know how to get you to normal–but you are going to come with me, and we’re gonna have a little chat, boy.”

The officer made a grab for him, and Marvin ducked out of the way, but couldn’t get past him. The officer took another swing and this time got what he reached for–the ring still in Marvin’s nose. He gave it a tug, and the thing…didn’t come out of his nose, but it grew larger, a second ring segmenting off from it, one that the cop put around his fat finger–and as soon as he did, Marvin felt…strange.

The colors swirling around his skin started to coalesce, becoming pictures and words–most of them having to do with being a mall cop, a pig, with…worshipping bit bellies and fat asses. His vision was going blurry, and his body was heating up–packing on muscle, in fact, and something else was wrong, in his head. It was like his brain was missing a few gears, running slower, making it harder and harder to think, until he collapsed on the ground in a heap–blacked out for a few moments, and came too after a bit, thanks to his bosses boot in his gut.

“Hey, you lazy piece of shit–get the fuck up.”

Marv rolled up, confused, and used the sink to help haul himself upright–but in the mirror…that wasn’t him, was it? The hulking muscle man, his body crammed in a tight mall cop uniform, his arms and neck a riot of tattoos, his face full of metal, a new buzzcut on his head. Hadn’t…he looked different, a moment ago? “S-Sorry Sir, I…I’m not sure what happened there.”

“Whatever–don’t worry about it. Just go get me my doughnuts, and then come to the office–I’ll be waiting.”

Boss left the bathroom, and Marv stared at himself a moment longer…but Boss had told him not to worry, so he didn’t. Instead, he headed out of the bathroom to the food court, got a dozen doughnuts (boss’ regular lunch order) and then took the box up to the security office. Boss was already there, stripped out of his pants, and sitting on his…special chair. A rimseat, in fact…and Marv found himself…drooling.

“Well, come on boy–you know what to do, don’t you?”

“Yes sir!” Marv said, set the doughnuts down, and crawled under the seat, where he could smell his Boss’ fat, sweaty ass, feel how hard his pierced cock was getting from the thought of cleaning it. Boss grunted and farted in the young muscle cop’s face, and grinned–serves a thief right, after all.


Ken was…down on his luck, but then again, there didn’t seem to be much luck to spare anywhere in down, especially not for him, and the other twenty guys who had just been laid off at the factory. Thankfully, he had a bit of severance from his union, but he…well, he needed a job, anything really, but no one was hiring. No one, except the new mall that had been redeveloped over the last few months. Ken looked around, copies of his resume in hand, and swallowed some of his pride. It wasn’t going to be…anything decent, but it was something for the time being, right? He could handle anything for a little while.

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