Arctos: Mall (Part 5) [Interactive]

Marvin swung around the corner of the concourse, and looked around. He didn’t want to run into another shopfront, and the mall wasn’t busy enough yet to really have much of a crowd that he could disappear into. A short ways down, he saw a little alley in between two stores–probably for an emergency. He might get lucky if he hid there, and be able give the older guy who was chasing him the slip–or if the guy spotted him, he might be trapped. He decided it was worth the risk, and ducked into the little side path and around another corner–where there happened to be a couple of restrooms. He heard the sound of pounding boots as the clerk raced past his hiding spot, not even noticing that Marvin wasn’t out there to pursue anymore. He didn’t have a lot of time here really–the guy was bound to double back at some point and check everywhere a bit more thoroughly–but he had a couple of moments to look at his loot, if nothing else.

He pulled the ring out of his pocket and turned it over in his hands. He…didn’t really know why the thing had caught his eye in the shop–in fact, it hadn’t even been that expensive. He could have bought it, if buying things was what he liked to do. He tried it on his ring finger, but while it seemed to be the right size, it slipped right off into his palm again when he removed his fingers. He tried a larger finger, one he was sure would work, but again, it just…slid right off, almost like the thing didn’t want to be on his fingers…but that was ridiculous. It was just a ring–it wasn’t wanting anything.

He ducked into the restroom proper, where he could get a bit more light. In front of the mirror, he bent close to study the surface, looking at how…colorful the unadorned steel seemed, somehow. He bent closer, his face almost in his palm, when the ring moved suddenly, of its own accord, and latched itself onto his septum.

He hollered in sudden pain, a bit of blood running down his upper lip where the ring had pierced him. He grabbed onto it and gave in a tug, trying to get it off, but the ring was unbroken–he couldn’t find the joint, or the latch, or anything to show how it might come off of him. He tugged hard, and noticed that already the pain had died down–the piercing felt…normal, suddenly, like an old wound, not a fresh one, and as soon as the blood had started, it had stopped running entirely. He looked in the mirror, and sure enough, his nose was fully healed–what in the hell was going on with this thing?

He began to feel a bit…woozy then, and he felt another sting–in his lip this time. He saw a new ring burst out of his lip, wrap around, and join itself under his skin, and a barbell in his eyebrow followed soon after. He started scrambling then, trying to claw the metal out of him, but there was nothing he could do–the harder he gripped them, the larger they seemed to become, and they only multiplied–spreading over to his ears, and then down the rest of his body, where two metal rings appeared in his nipples, and lastly, a thick gauge PA in the head of his cock.

He pulled off his shirt to inspect them, but it wasn’t the rings that shocked him the most–it was what was happening to the skin around the rings on his chest. It was…ink–tattoo ink, he thought, but it was swirling, like in a pool, underneath his skin spreading out in a multitude of color, with no discernable pattern. It kept spreading out, down his arms, down his chest, up onto his neck, and when he opened up the fly of his pants and looked at his cock, the same ink was spreading there as well, and down onto his legs.

Before he could do anything else, however, the door to the bathroom opened–who was it who found Marvin in there?

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