A Daddy for Rubber Boy (Patreon Request)

Here’s another story, as suggested by a supporter on my Patreon! If you’d like to have the chance to read all of these stories (about one a week or so) and have the ability to suggest ideas yourself, along with lots of other perks, you can check out my page here!

This…was not the kind of gay bar that Aaron was expecting, the sort with drag queens and fancy drinks and mobs of straight girls. This was decidedly more…bearish, in flavor. He also probably should have checked the calendar on the website before showing up, because apparently it was kink night–almost everyone was wearing some sort of leather or rubber, which made Aaron, in his polo and shorts, stand out even more like a sore thumb. Well, one drink and he could leave and never come back, he told himself. He spotted a younger, skinner fellow over along the wall, one of the only guys there similar in twinky size to Aaron, and the only guy he was, and made eye contact. Not wanting to be rude, he gave him a nod–nothing too approachable–and hoped the rubber boy wouldn’t be interested in him. But much to his chagrin, a few moments later, there the boy was, in his black and yellow gear, grinning from ear to ear next to Aaron at the bar.

“Looks like your first time here,” the boy said to Aaron, “You should slip into something a bit more comfortable, or at least get out of that there,” before Aaron could do anything, the boy had one rubber gloved hand under his shirt, and Aaron pushed it away, shivering at the touch, and backed off.

“I’m not–look, this isn’t my scene. I ended up here by accident.”

“Oh, no one ends up here on accident, daddy,” the boy said, “Pigtown is for everybody. You just need to learn how to loosen up a little is all…”

The boy assaulted him again, this time shoving one gloved hand down the front of Aaron’s pants, and before he could yank it back out, he started working Aaron’s cock…and he shuddered in a sudden bout of pleasure. The rubber…fuck, it felt amazing somehow, and Aaron just groaned, and slumped over.

“There, see? That’s what I mean, just relax daddy, let your boy take care of everything.”

Aaron found the energy to fight him off again, but as he did, something still felt odd down his shorts. The fly and button had come undone, and in the dim barlight–he saw that his cock and balls were coated in black rubber. “What…what the fuck is this?” he touched it, and it was malleable, and he could feel it spreading across his groin to his legs, and up the front of his abdomen.

“Don’t fight it daddy, you’re going to love it, trust me.”

The rubber spread onto the hand that had touched it, and Aaron tried to shake it off, but it was spreading too quickly. He tried to run, but the boy grabbed him, pulled him into a hug, the rubber suit he was wearing sliding around Aaron’s body as well. “I’ve been waiting for a daddy for so long! You’re going to love it, I’ll make sure of it, just trust your boy, everything is going to be fine.”

The rubber swallowed him up in less than a minute, sealing him in from head to toe. Aaron fought, squeaking the rubber mits around his hand against his face, trying to breathe, until a vent opened up by his mouth and he could inhale again, only for thick tobacco smoke to flood into his lungs. A visor appeared as well, and began shining hypnotic lights into Aaron’s eyes, making his sink down into a booth, the rubber boy guiding him down safely, making sure the cigar shoved in the tube leading to Aaron’s new gas mask stayed lit. “That’s in daddy, soon everything will be just right.”

Inside the suit, Aaron began to sweat. He could, distantly, feel something happening to his body, feel it…growing thicker, bones growing longer, muscle filling in stronger, making him…making him a proper rubber daddy.

Yeah, that’s what the lights were telling him he was, he was a rubber daddy. A rough, aggressive rubber daddy, smoking cigars, pissing all over his rubber boy, making him drink it, getting them both soaked, fucking his boy’s hole with his massive rubber cock…

Aaron shook his head, trying to clear it. That wasn’t who he was at all! He didn’t want to be some rubber clad freak. He struggled again, trying to break his way free of the rubber, and almost like the suit could sense his resistance, the lights shone even brighter.

Not just a rubber daddy, no, he was a stupid rubber daddy. Too stupid to know what was good for him. Best to just…just let his good little rubber boy tell him what to do, best to just rely on his instinct. Still Aaron fought–but the rubber was sliding deeper now, into his ears, into his nose, sliding into his very mind, smoothing it over, making it so much harder to think about anything other than sex, anything other than making his rubber boy happy. He inhaled deeper now, feeling the smoke lodge deep inside his chest, feel how much he needed it, how much he loved the sensation of rubber against his skin, how much he hated being away from it. He wanted to wear it all the time, feel it against him whenever he could. He wasn’t complete unless he was wearing his suit, after all.

The suit knew it had won, and the lights shut off, the suit solidifying, losing its flexibility, seams appearing, and the boy peeled the gas mask away from his face, looking down at the weathered skin, the thick, greying beard stained with smoke, and kissed his daddy. Aaron…resisted for a moment, but then gave in, rubbing himself against his boy, feeling their rubber bodies sliding against each other, his rubber cock…aching, but not to cum. He let loose a blast of piss between them, and the boy latched into the head of his daddy’s cock, sucking down as much of it as he could hold.

“That’s…that’s a good boy…fuck yeah, drink down yer daddy’s filthy piss…” Aaron muttered, the gears of his new personality grinding to life. “Drink it all down, then daddy’s gonna pound that hole a yers, you’d…you’d like that, right boy?” It was a genuine question. Aaron wasn’t quite sure enough of his own mind anymore–best to always check with his boy. His boy…he was so smart, he always knew the sexiest things to do.

“That sounds great daddy–fuck me while you smoke one of your big cigars, and then you can fist me too, yeah, you’re such a sexy daddy! I’m gonna love you forever, I promise,” the boy said, hugging his daddy tight, and then pulling him deeper into the bar for a night of rubber fun they’d never forget.

3 thoughts on “A Daddy for Rubber Boy (Patreon Request)

  1. Fuckin’ HOT story!! Nothing hotter than a NASTY RUBBER DADDY with a big maduro in his jaw and his rubber fist deep in a rubber pigpussy


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