Ethan’s Birthday (Part 2)

Apparently, the other four animals had been mingling close, because as soon as Wes gave a wave, they all dropped whatever they were doing and headed right for the two of them. Once they’d assembled, Ethan led them down the hall to his bedroom, unlocked it (later on, people tended to fuck in whatever room might be free–keeping a lock on his own assured him he’d always have a place for his own pleasure as the night wore on) and all six of them filed into the room. It was spacious, but with six sizable men in it, it still felt a bit tight. Ethan looked at the four other men in their masks–and saw they were all colored differently. The pig he’d seen earlier was pink, there was a golden yellow horse mask he’d seen for a moment earlier, as well as a blue bull, and a red pup, modeled after a german shepherd. That one in particular was rather…enticing for Ethan, and while he was sure he’d be getting a taste of all of them, that one he wanted most, he thought.

Once the door was closed and relocked behind them, the four of them began to strip out of their clothes–also matched to the color of their masks, even down to their underwear. But it was what was underneath that which made Ethan’s breath catch–it was the horse he saw first–his pants had been…rather baggy, and so when he saw the massive yellow rubber cock hanging out the leg of the yellow boxers. The horse dropped those, and Ethan saw the rest–a bright yellow rubber cock sleeve–well, genital sleeve, really, since it also swallowed up his balls, into a massive set of low hanging rubber horse testes. The others all dropped theirs and revealed similar set ups. The pig and dog had members that could at least be held in my a pair of underwear, while the bull, like the horse, had spent the evening so far with a massive, girthy bull cock worming down the leg of his pants. It might have looked comical to some, four mostly naked, fairly average guys wearing lifelike rubber masks and huge rubber dongs over their own, but Ethan was fascinated.

“It seems that you like the look of those too,” Wes said, well aware of where Ethan was staring, the fox mask’s jaw dropped low. Ethan had…almost forgotten he had it on, it was so light, and he wasn’t even sweating too much in it.

“I…had better have one of those too,” Ethan said, “Or I’m not going to match.”

Wes laughed, “You’re as greedy as I imagined you might be. Don’t worry, we’ll get you…covered, but first, let me show you something more interesting than that, even. This will really impress you.”

Wes walked over to the closest man–the pink pig–reached out and started stroking his cock. The pig shuddered and snorted in obvious pleasure, leaned in and shoved the snout of his rubber mask into Wes’ armpit…and as Wes kept stroking the pig’s corkscrewing cock, Ethan noticed that the rubber was beginning to look…wet. Wes gave it a few more strokes, and and then stepped back, letting the pig himself take over the task, and that was when Ethan noticed his mask. It was longer. It no longer stopped right at the top of his neck–no, it had somehow extended down, and as he watched, it was growing down over his shoulders, and down his arms and his chest. It wasn’t simply coating his body, however–no, when it went over his chest, it grew out into two massive pink moobs, and then filled out into a massive pink gut where the man’s six pack had been moments before. His arms were similarly flabby, but thick as well, his hands swallowed up by gloves, fusing his hands into three fingers. The rubber around the pink cock had also been expanding, growing around his very wide hips and fat ass, then down, forming two wide thighs, his feet covered last, the man going up on his toes as thich wide trotters filled in as boots. There, now, in less than a minute, was a pink, rubber pig, the mask now somehow even more lifelike, fat shaking and jiggling as he kept stroking his cock…and then the tongue lolled out the side of his snout, and Ethan lost it.

He started pawing at the mask on his head, trying to get it off, but before he could get it loose, Wes was there beside him, arm up, his musk filling Ethan’s nose, and he went slack, sagging slightly into Wes’ arms. “There now, relax! There’s no harm done, trust me. He can be back to normal as soon as I want him to be.”

“I…That’s not possible…” Ethan muttered.

“No? Well, why don’t you go feel it and see?” Wes said, “But first, why don’t you get out of those uncomfortable clothes? You’ll feel much more natural and relaxed without them. Trust me.”

Ethan hadn’t been wearing much to the party–just a harness and a pair of rubber shorts, but Wes was right–he would feel better without them on. Wes helped him with the harness while he dropped the shorts, and then Wes slid an arm around his waist and walked him over towards the pig, who was still gleefully stroking himself, while feeling up his chubby body with the other hand.

“Go on,” Wes said, “Give him a belly rub–he likes that.”

A bit tentatively, Ethan reached out and gripped the pig’s gut. He had expected it to feel like a balloon, but somehow it had heft. Not quite the same feel as real fat, he supposed–but more like memory foam. He pressed his hand into it, the pig giving a grunt and leaning into his palm, and when he pulled the hand away it left an indentation for several seconds. “I…I still don’t understand it. None of this makes any sense–who…how did you do it?”

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