Patreon Suggested Story: The New Wrestling Coach

There’s a new story available for all patrons over on Patreon! You can find it here, and here’s a little preview of it, if you’d like a taster…

“Morning, uh, Mr. Klein,” Alan said through the doorway, where the college’s new wrestling coach, Ferris Klein, was settling in. After the school’s last coach had quit unexpectedly at the end of the year, the school had had to race to hire a new one, and since Alan worked elsewhere during the summer, touring around the country and running wrestling clinics at high schools, he hadn’t had the opportunity to be a part of the process. This was the first chance he’d had to introduce himself as the assistant coach, and while everyone he’d talked to had had glowing things to say about the new head coach, Alan was a bit…skeptical, now that he was laying eyes on him himself.

The older fellow in the office looked back at him, hair and beard whipping around, and he glowered at Alan a moment, before…sniffing the air, it seemed, and he said, “You can just call me Klein–it’ll be easier. You’re Alan, right? The assistant?”

“Assistant coach, yeah.”

Klein let out a snort of some kind, but whether it was meant to be dismissive, or was just a snort, Alan couldn’t tell.

“I’ve heard really great stuff about you so far from the hiring committee, and I’m excited to get to work with you, and see what you have in mind for the team this year–”

Klein stood up suddenly from where he had been crouched, and Alan realized just how…massive the man was. Easily six foot four, with a thick gut and barrel chest, hair seemingly poking out everywhere around the tight polo shirt and shorts he was wearing. “I hate unpacking shit–why don’t we go work out? I find that’s the best way to get to know a man a bit better, see what you’re made of and what I’m working with around here….”

You can read the rest here, and for just a dollar a month, get access to all of these stories, and the ability to offer suggestions of your own!

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