New You Resolutions (Part 3) [Interactive]

College was supposed to be better. That’s what Morgan had always told himself. That’s what teachers had told him, what his parents had told him, what his friends had told him. That college would be better. In college, he’d be accepted. In college, everyone would understand him, and support him. College was the future. College was everything that high school wasn’t. As it turned out, though, everyone who bullied him in high school ended up going to college too–not the same college of course, but the same kinds of people. The jocks, the bigots–every flavor of bully was still here, and somehow, this was worse.

He’d gotten through the first semester, but it had been hard. Hard to have that illusion shattered, hard to realize that everything was going to be this hard, forever, probably. That there would be more days when someone shouted “Queer!” and “Faggot!” at him than days when no one did. That if he wanted to be who he was–and he most certainly wasn’t about to give the assholes the satisfaction of not being out and proud and weird and all the wonderful things he loved about himself–he was going to have to deal with all of it, always, and there was no way he’d be able to avoid it. That high school wasn’t the problem–the problem was people, and there was no way to get rid of people. That things never really get better, even if they do get easier–or rather, it gets easier to deal with them.

It didn’t help that he was thin, and somewhat frail. It didn’t help that he had a bit of a lisp, that he liked bright colors, that he was a bit of a slut (not that there was anything wrong with being a slut either, he would tell himself). It didn’t help that his response to getting picked on was to just get louder. Bolder shirts, bolder hair, lipstick and eyeshadow. He liked it, in a way. He liked how much he confused them. He liked how he knew they wanted him, that the big football jocks knew he could suck their cock better than any of their girlfriends. Knew that they wanted him to suck their cocks more than they wanted their girlfriends. He knew that they hated themselves more than they could ever really hate him, and that was a small touch of justice he could use as a buoy to guide him.

For the moment though, there was peace. The year was new and fresh. He was new and fresh. Campus was quiet and empty of everyone. He lived a few blocks away, renting a room in a nearby house from an older couple who were nice enough, even if he confused them as well. College might not be better, but he could be better. He could face anything. It was with this resolve in place, that he found the odd golden envelope on the floor of his room in front of his door, like someone had slid it under in the night. Confused, he opened it up, and found himself looking at a letter addressed to him–and with it, a short list of resolutions.

Congratulations! You have been nominated by someone you know for our exclusive resolution program, and we have selected you from many excellent candidates as someone who could benefit from our unique service. Enclosed, you will find your tailored list of New Year’s resolutions for the year 2019.

Now, we know what you are thinking, that you don’t need someone else, especially some strange organization, to make resolutions for you! That’s where you are wrong. You see, people who are nominated for our program are those in the most dire need of change, but who often are incapable of changing themselves, often through supreme self-delusion. You’ll be glad to know, then, that the included resolutions are compulsory, and non-negotiable. Come 2020. You’ll be amazed at what a little change can do for you!

Included with your 2019 resolutions, of course, is a mandatory invitation to our 2020 New Year’s Eve party. We know that it’s a year away (and goodness, do you have an exciting year ahead of you!) but we just want to make sure you mark your calendars now. Not that you have much of a choice in any case!

Enjoy the new year, and enjoy the new you!

New You Enterprises

Morgan read the list next, and gasped. This…this had to be some kind of fucking joke, right? There was no way he was going to do any of these things! What Morgan would soon discover, though, was that he had no choice in the matter at all.

Alright, here’s another list of possible resolutions for Morgan to contend with over the next year. Each person can vote for up to four, and I’ll use 4-5 of them to craft the next part of the story. The patron only poll can be found through here–votes in the Patron poll count twice as much, and I’ll usually use at least one option that’s popular with patrons that doesn’t get as much attention in the public poll. Thanks for reading, and for voting!

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