Police Dogs – Episode 2 (Part 7)

Chance struggled harder, but he could feel himself shrinking further with each notch, and no matter how hard he tried to free himself, the smaller he became, the heavier Dingo seemed to become–and the harder it was becoming to breathe. He kept struggling anyway, and the badger allowed him to do so, walking around and feeding Dingo his cock for a few minutes, ignoring Chance as he cursed him, pleaded with Dingo to listen to him, and kept struggling, but now, it really was hopeless. He was just…too small. Too small to do anything, and after a time, he collapsed, heaving for breath, losing feeling in his legs from the weight of Dingo pressing down on them. Seeing that he’d finally given up, Geoff walked back around, and pushed his police boot against Chance’s face. “Lick it, pup. Show me you’re sorry with that little tongue of yours.”

Chance pulled his face away, and the badger grabbed the end of the collar again, and tugged it, but didn’t pull it tighter yet. “Lick it, or you’ll be even smaller–so small, I might just let your fat husband here squish you to death. Hell, maybe I’ll even feed you to him as a snack.”

Chance looked up at Geoff, at the badger’s grin, at how…far away it was, all of a sudden, and he realized just how much of a miscalculation he had made. A miscalculation about this badger, about just how…sadistic of an animal he was dealing with. He could see there, that he would, in fact, shrink him down into a snack and feed him to the lug squishing him under his bulk–and given how far gone Angus was…Chance had little doubt that the dog would feel much remorse at all at doing so. He looked at the toe of the boot inches from his face now, and wondered, for a moment, if being eaten might be the better proposition…but that was ludicrous. Just…Just lick the boot! Just give the crazy fucker what he wanted. His head was spinning, and he felt like he was going to pass out–he just couldn’t catch his breath. Just be a good boy, and lick the boot like he should do, because…because Master told him to. So he did, surprised at how much of it his tongue could reach from where he was pinned on the floor, and the badger lifted the boot up and let him lick the bottom.

“That’s a good boy, a very good boy. Lick that boot nice and clean–you like the taste of dirty boots, don’t you little pup?”

It…did taste kind of good, didn’t it?

“I want to hear you say it, pup. I want to hear you say that you’re a naughty, dirty, boot licking pup. Say it.”

No, he wasn’t going to say it, but he didn’t stop licking–he just…pretended like he hadn’t heard what he said. Geoff chuckled, but didn’t tighten Chance’s collar again–instead, he reached over and loosened the collar on Dingo. In a few seconds, Dingo had grown a four or five inches taller still–and packed on even more weight than before, crushing Chance down a little further.

“Say it, you dumb, worthless little pup.”

“I’m…a dirty, bootlicking pup,” Chance wheezed out, now earnestly struggling to breathe. “Please, sir, I can’t–I can’t breathe…”

The badger let him struggle another moment, and then told Dingo to get up, and let Chance catch his breath. Chance sat up, happy to be getting lungfuls of air for the first time, and looked around the room–everything…was bigger. He forced himself upright, but that didn’t help much–he had to be less than five feet tall–at the most. More likely, he was around four and a half–much, much smaller than the other two, and especially Dingo, who was even larger than before.

“Sigh, what to do with such a naughty, obstinate pup,” Geoff said to himself, tapping one claw on his chin, “I’m going to have to give you something else to focus that naughty energy on, you know. Something to keep you occupied, you dirty pup. Dingo, drop those trousers of yours, and bend over–let’s see that wide ass of yours.”

Dingo nodded, and did as the badger ordered, though it was a bit tight of space for him where they were in the hall. His hips were wide enough to almost touch both sides of the hall, creating a massive furry wall of ass right in front of Chance, who gulped.

“Well go on–if you’re as dirty a pup as you say you are, you know what you want. Don’t pups like you love sniffing other dog’s holes? I never understood it much myself, but to each their own.”

Before Chance could object, the badger grabbed him by the back of the head, and shoved him in snout first, and the scent was overwhelming to his new nose. He tried to push back anyway, but the badger was too strong.

“Good boy, eat that doggy hole.”

Yeah…yeah, he was a good boy, a good, dirty pup. He gave it a lick, and then another one.

“Good boy, get in there, I want to hear Dingo moaning.”

Chance dug in deeper with his tongue, and he could hear Dingo moan, and he knew he was doing good, doing really good. He was a good boy, a good boy for his master.

“Yeah, that’s right. Get it good and clean now–that’s what you’re job is going to be, I think, a naughty little pup like you. It still might be a bit too much for you to handle–cleaning asses, licking boots, sucking on our dirty paws after a long days work. I don’t know if you’re up to it, honestly.”

Chance licked harder–he…wanted to be a good boy, he wanted to be a good ass licker, a good paw licker. Geoff grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hauled him out of Dingo’s crack, and he whined.

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