Holiday Curses – Thanksgiving (Part 3)

Isaac had always been around when Mark was growing up–but he had never really been as direct a tormentor as his two brothers or his father. No, what Mark resented about Isaac was that, as far as his father was concerned, Isaac was the third son he should have had–he was everything that he had wanted for Mark, but which Mark had been too faggoty to get for himself. A start football player, all the way through college, though he leveraged that into a career running a local gym rather than keep playing and trying to go pro.

Mark hated him for that–not because of his success, or because his father loved Isaac more than him, but because he looked…fucking perfect. He always had a great body and physique, despite the fact that all his youth, Isaac ate like a total pig and glutton. It had never slowed him down though, not once, and while he ate better now that he was older, he still…had that in him, that gluttony that no one else could see. Well, Mark was going to make sure everyone saw it from now on.

He didn’t lead Isaac into a bedroom, but rather into the kitchen, where he ordered his cousin to strip out of his clothes. Meanwhile, Isaac pulled a paint can out of his bag as well as a brush, and popped off the top. It had taken a few tries to get this one right, when he’d been working on it with his boyfriend, but he was quite happy with the result of the imago curse. It wouldn’t need a circle and a spell like with his brother–this solution, once painted all over Isaac’s body, would take care of everything.

Once Isaac was naked, Mark began the process of applying the solution onto his body from the head down. It was thick, but went on clear and even. Isaac tried to ask him what this was, but Mark didn’t reply–so he just allowed him to apply it, moving his body so he could get everywhere with the stuff, even the soles of his feet and between the cheeks of his ass.The stuff was clear, but had an odd sheen to it. I stayed wet the entire time Mark was applying it, until he had successfully covered everywhere on Isaac’s body. Then, all at once, he felt the paint harden and also constrict, binding to his skin, or fusing with it. He scratched at his body, trying to get it off, but it was…gone. It was just him, and his own skin, but something was different, something was wrong with him.

“There we go Isaac, you’ll be a brand new man soon, trust me. Man, look at all this food my mom made for Thanksgiving–it sure would be a shame to waste it. Remember how much you used to eat when we were kids, Isaac? Hell, even my brothers thought you were a pig behind your back. Why don’t you dig in, see what you can do?”

Isaac…was hungry, and Thanksgiving was the one day a year he considered a true cheat day, when he could officially eat as much as he wanted, no matter the consequence. He went over to one of the ovens, where the sides were being held warm, hauled out the mashed potatoes, grabbed a spoon and started eating, and eating, and eating. There was something wrong with him, something inside him, gurgling and grumbling about. Mark urged him on, compelling him to eat faster, to enjoy it. He’d always loved food after all, probably more than he’d ever really loved a person.

This carried on for an hour, until he heard the first sickening tear in his own flesh. It didn’t hurt, surprisingly, the massive gash in his flat abs, and there was no blood…just…more flesh underneath it. He panicked, but Mark drove him further, now that he was so close, stuffing him himself, opening the tear, hearing others forming all over his body until at last, the outer layer of Isaac gave way, breaking apart as a new Issac burst forth. A much, much larger Isaac than before.

His entire body was…new, like it had burst from a cocoon. It wasn’t that different really, he still felt, and looked, like himself…but he was so much fatter now. He had a sizable gut, much larger than he’d ever allowed himself during the offseason, sporting a physique more of a linebacker than a running back…but wasn’t that right? There were new memories overwhelming the others, years spent running defense rather than offense, years spent in more gluttony than before…loving food. Really loving it. The new Isaac dug into the meal with new fervor, and Mark knew the rest would take care of itself–once he saw Isaac use a gravy slathered hand to start massaging his cock and balls to stiffness.

It had taken a little longer than he’d hoped to deal with Issac, and he checked on John quickly, but while his older brother was exhausted, he hadn’t stopped for a second reveling in his new addictions, cementing them firmly in his mind where they belonged. Now, just his second older brother, Luke, and his uncle and father remained. Luke’s curse would be quick, at least. The middle child, Luke had been the real evil in the family. John might have been the brawn, but Luke was the brains, whispering ideas to him and Isaac, new ways to humiliate and hurt him. Well, now it was Mark’s turn to whisper a few commandments into his brother’s ear. He had control of them all, for the moment, of course, but this curse was more lasting. The commands he gave his brother would be unbreakable, no matter what.

Like some of the other polls I run, this one will have multiple winners! Luke will probably end up with a new job of some sort, as well as a few humiliating changes to his daily routines.

  • Finds a new job at a fast food joint
  • Finds a new job as a trash collector
  • Finds a new job as a full time sex slave
  • Starts wearing diapers
  • No longer showers or cuts his hair
  • Posts humiliating videos online
  • Gets trashy tattoos and piercings
  • Locks himself in full time chastity
  • Sucks redneck cock at rural rest areas

Here’s the public poll

Here’s the patron only poll

Votes will be counted in a couple days!

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