Haven’t gotten to my inbox in a while, so I’ll probably go ahead and empty it today. If you have any other questions for me, go ahead and throw them in the box, and I’ll give you my always candid answers!

Don’t forget, I’m open for flash commissions this month! They are $20 dollars for 1000-1500 words on any topic. You can also request things like:

  • Photo captions! Got a photo and a story to match? I can write that for you.
  • “What Would I Do To You?” sketches, for those of you who like the second person stories I write on occasion. I’ll do anything you want! Just let me know.
  • Alternate branches for the interactive stories I write! Were you disappointed with the turns the stories have taken on occasion? Want to see an alternate ending? I can do that for the stories I’ve written, or for any chapter on CYOC you might like to see extended.

Send me a message or an email, if you’re interested!

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