How Lucky (Sketch)

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“You’d be so fucking lucky if you were straight, you know that?”

Evan looked over at Raymond, his dormmate. They were in their room, homework done (or done enough, at least) and were taking a break to play some video games together. Evan was gay, and Raymond was straight, but he’d never made a offputting comment like that before. “Excuse me?”

“I mean, if you were straight, girls would throw themselves at you. You got everything–looks, muscles…I don’t have shit.”

Raymond didn’t have…much, in those categories. Evan would have called him a twink, and a cute one at that, if you were into that sort of thing, but Raymond hated his short, petite frame. He must have gotten shot down again–he always got a bit petty and morose when a girl turned him down. He was a nice guy, but in Raymond’s opinion, the self-pity was exhausting. “I don’t have trouble getting guys either, so I guess I’m lucky anyway.”

“You don’t have to rub it in, you know.”

Evan shrugged.

They were silent for a moment, and then Raymond mumbled something quietly, but loud enough that Evan could hear it. “I wish I was bigger–then I wouldn’t have any problems.”

Evan tried to suppress a smirk–maybe it was time for Raymond to learn a lesson or two. Evan happened to come from a very long line of witches, and was quite powerful himself, though he prefered to keep a low profile. Raymond had exhausted his patience, though, plus Evan was horny, and maybe a little drunk from his secret stash of booze in the closet. He turned to Raymond, and said something in an odd tongue, something so complicated that Raymond couldn’t even begin to parse it into words, much less understand it. It felt…odd too, hearing it, like the words were doing something to him…but as soon as Evan finished speaking, he forgot the oddity, and went back to playing the game.

An hour later, when they finished, Raymond also didn’t notice that when he stood up, he was a bit taller, with a bit more muscle on his frame, and a five o’ clock shadow that hadn’t been there before. He went down the hall to the bathroom to take a shower and brush his teeth, and while he felt a bit…off, he couldn’t really pin down why. When he got back to the room, Evan was in his bed, reading one of those old tomes of his he’d brought to school with him. He looked at him…and felt a twinge of attraction, along with the usual jealousy, and made another comment about how lucky Evan was–but all Evan did was say the same strange phrase again, but it was just as difficult to understand as before, and when Raymond climbed into bed, his feet stretched to the end of the extra long twin beds they had in their room.

He also couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about Evan, in the bed next to him–not just about how good he looked, but how…sexy he was. Raymond’s cock was rock hard, and after half an hour of tossing about, he had to get up and go down the hall to the bathroom to jack off, thinking about Evan as he did. It felt…normal to think of him, but shouldn’t he be thinking of girls instead? He felt better with a load out of him, and went back to bed, mostly oblivious, although Evan had also jacked off when Raymond had left the room a second ago–and left his cum rag under Evan’s pillow. He found it after a moment, and got so horny immediately, he jacked off again, right in the bed there in front of his gay roommate, and then fell asleep with the crusty rag pressed to his nose.

The next few days were…strange. Raymond, or rather, Ray, as he was being called by most everyone, found his life becoming rather…unrecognizable. He woke up early and went to the gym to work out, and ended up sucking off one of the football linebackers in the shower afterward. He tried to keep focused on girls, but it was men he wanted–the burlier and hairier the better. It was a couple of days before he made another complaint about his life to Evan, and again, he said the same phrase as before, just as confounding…but it seemed stronger than before, somehow. Evan had to study at the library for a while, and so Ray ended up back in their room alone–where their beds were pushed together, for some reason. He stripped down to just his musky jockstrap, not even aware of the tattoos that had formed all over his thicker, hairier frame, nor the piercings in his ears, nipples, and the head of his cock. He did some school work, but had to take regular breaks to jack off, usually while sniffing Ray’s current cumrag, until his boyfriend got back from the library, and fucked Ray’s ass on their bed, just like always…right?

Evan imagined that Ray had probably had enough for now, but after a couple of days, he was bemoaning something else, how uptight the guys on the football team were about him sucking them off in the shower. It wasn’t a big deal, right? Evan just replied with the same phrase, and Ray bristled. Now seven feet tall, and packed with muscle, musk rolling off him, he was the center of attention no matter where he was–not just because of how big he was, but often because of what, and how little, he was usually wearing. Since the weather was nice, he was wearing only his custom leather harness, and a pair of tattered jean shorts tight against his wide ass, almost tight enough to see the end of the plug he always kept up his ass.

He looked down at himself, trying to take all of him in, and at last, Evan saw his face relax into contentment, and he looked over at his shorter, but still beefy boyfriend with a sigh. “Fuck, what the hell am I even complaining for? My life is pretty damn good, right?”

Evan just chuckled, nodded, and then pulled the big slut off to their room for an afternoon fuck. In the afterglow, Ray asked Evan what that thing he’d been saying lately meant. After considering for a moment, Evan said, “It’s hard to translate, but I suppose you could say it kind of means, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’”

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