Musky Poppers

“Yeah, don’t bother with any of that pesky thinkin’ boy, just take another hit. I know how much you like the smell of this one. Here, let me just hole that nose for ya….yeah, real good snort, piggy boy, fuck! Now get back on that cock.”

“Stupid fuck–should be careful who’s drugs you borrow, boy. These poppers a mine are real fuckin’ powerful. In fact, you might recognize the stink of ‘em at this point, with that nose of yours pressed in my sweaty bush. Yeah–it’s me. My fuckin’ stink, all intense and shit. So fuckin’ intense, it short circuits stupid little boys like you, ‘n ya start doin’ everything I say.”

“I mean, I ain’t any real looker–at least, not if you ain’t lookin’ fer a roughneck! My musk’s always been real strong too, most guys hate it, but once they get a nice long whiff of it, well, they tend to stick around. They just can’t help it.”

“That brain of yours will turn back on in a few more hours, once I’ve got ya good ‘n broken in. Course, ya ain’t never gonna be smart like ya were! Nah, that head a yers is takin’ a real beatin’ right now, I can promise ya that. Ya also ain’t gonna be able tah go without smellin’ mah stinkin’ body fer more ‘n an hour or so–ya’ll probably try tah leave, but ya’ll come crawlin’ back, like they all do eventually. Sure, I’ll git bored a ya eventually, but you…maybe not for a while. Yer pretty fuckin’ cute, I gotta say.”

“Yeah, you…I’m gonna like keepin’ you real close, boy. Maybe get you a job with me, in the trash truck–all day, you’ll be smellin’ my pits, suckin’ my cock–have you smellin’ real filthy soon enough. Git tah know yer musk as well as I know mine, put some more tattoos on ya, put some more fat on that frame, grow out that beard.”

“Still, daddy gets tired a every boy eventually. Few years down the road, I’ll sell ya off tah some other stinky son of a bitch. He ain’t never gonna be enough fer ya, but ya’ll live. Course, if yer real good, I’ll help ya make some poppers a yer own, ‘n ya can make yerself a boy–but we’ll have tah see, won’t we? Yeah, here it comes boy–first taste a daddy’s cum. First taste of many, trust me.”

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