What Brothers Are For

“Fuck, it hurts! Take it out–take it out!”

“No–this will make it feel better, just stick with it.”

Biff groaned, as his brother wormed his fingers in a bit deeper. He didn’t want to admit it, but the itch…did seem to be going away a bit. He’d been feeling it ever since he’d broken up with Amy last month, this…constant, frustrating, mind numbing itch in his ass. It hadn’t been bad a first, but lately, it had been almost impossible to cope with, and he’d finally confessed to his older brother his…problem. Immediately, he’d proposed this as a possible solution, and for some reason, Biff had just gone along with it.

The pain had eased away at this point, but while he felt some relief from the itch, it was still there, just…deeper than the inch of his brother’s finger that was in there. “How’s it feel, any better?”

“Yeah…” Biff admitted, “But…it’s still there, just…deeper, I guess?”

“Oh…Well let’s try this.”

Biff didn’t have time to ask what his brother meant, before he’d pushed the head of his hard cock against Biff’s ass and started pushing it into him. He screamed at him, and tried to crawl away on the bed, but his brother grabbed him by the hips and hauled him backwards, impaling him on the shaft. The pain was there for a few minutes, but then…nothing. No itch at all! Had it really worked? “Fuck that…it’s gone,” Biff said, “You…can pull out now, I guess.”

“Nah, it’ll be back. Better just…keep scratching it for a while, right bro?”

Biff wasn’t sure, but it did feel good, having his big brother fuck him for a while. So good, in fact, his cock got hard and blew a massive wad all over the sheets beneath him, and his brother shot deep inside him as well–after all, a bit of lotion can help a itch, right? And cum…looks a bit like lotion, he told himself. Still, Biff needed nightly scratchings and lotionings from that day on, which his brother, and all of his friends, were more than happy to provide, and Biff settled into his new role as the high school whore in a few month’s time.

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