A Study in Flannel (2 of 2)


“There we are! Right at the seam. Let me just tug this sleeve off–we’ll have you feeling more comfortable in no time, Wallflower.”

“The tattoos? Where do you think they came from, dumbass? Nice and trashy, just how I like my rednecks.”

“You don’t wanna be a redneck? Then I guess you should have looked at the calendar! Hear that everyone? Wallflower here didn’t want to a redneck but he didn’t even check the calendar!”


“Now Wallflower. No one thinks they want to be a redneck. But trust me, once you go there, you’d be surprised how few of ‘em wanna go back. Now give me that other sleeve, let’s see what we can do here…”


“There we are–you’re looking better already, Wallflower. Look at those new sleeves of yours, all those tattoos…You’re gonna be a real sleazy fucker, ain’t ya? Now one last thing, Wallflower…”


There we are-no more buttons on that shirt–just let that dirty, hairy bubba gut of yours hang out. Got some rings in those tits Wallflower! You’re kinkier than I thought. Oh? That feel good Bubba? You like having me play with those tit rings of yours? You know I get first go with every new boy, right? So lean in here, and shove some of that cigar smoke in my maw, you nasty fuck.”

“Fuck Bubba, that’s a nice mouth you got. Love the feel of that beard too–and damn fucker, a mullet? Whose 80’s fantasy did you come stumbling out of? Yeah, I see you grinning at yourself in the mirror–you do like it, don’t you? Just fucking admit it.”

“Yeah–that’s what I thought, Bubba. Now get down there and blow my rod–and then I’ll be turning you over to crowd here. Don’t think you’ll get away with being a wallflower the rest of the night–I think that pretty mouth of yours can look forward to being front and center.”

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