True Happiness (2 of 2)

That first night together, Kyle–or rather, Ky, as he soon demanded everyone call him–learned what he’d really needed all along to be happy. He needed a daddy. Someone to hold him close, someone to fuck his tight, fat hole. Someone to change his diapers and treat him like the little baby he’d always wanted to be.

When he’d returned home, reeling from the night’s revelations, he hadn’t known what to think. One part of him kept insisting that it hadn’t been him, that he hadn’t wanted to do those things, that Robin had…been controlling him somehow. But if that was the case? Why couldn’t he stop sucking his thumb? Every time his attention lapsed, it would go right back into his mouth, and he’d suck it like…like he’d sucked daddy’s cock the night before. He was hard again, and trying to jack off, but it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel right not being in a diaper, not having his…his daddy looming over him, helping him, telling him what a good boy he was. He soaked a pair of shorts in his piss again, and while it made him incredibly horny, he still couldn’t cum, no matter how hard he tried.

Robin called him that evening, to check in on his little boy, and hearing his daddy’s voice was enough to trigger the load which had been building all day long. He didn’t even touch himself–as soon as he heard those words, cum just spilled out into the front of his pants, mixing with the cold piss, and he realized he hadn’t even changed from his experiment earlier. He knew he should feel ashamed of himself, but he just felt so…happy. Joyous even. He chatted with his daddy, not noticing how he slipped into childish language after a few minutes, and he sent a car to bring Robin to his home, along with an overnight bag–but Robin never did leave.

Robin couldn’t leave–Ky needed him. After a week, Ky had lost all control of his bladder and bowels, forcing him into diapers all day, every day. But he was so happy. After a month, he transferred most of his wealth to his daddy, but that too, made him extremely happy. Six months later, he barely even left the house anymore–he stayed home in his room, looking quite different than earlier that year. Daddy had shaved off that hair and ugly beard, leaving his face clean as a baby’s bottom. The tattoos were for fun–and for Ky’s other role as a masked, kinky sub Robin would drag around to the city’s bathhouses when his baby had been extra naughty. But Ky was happy, at last–at last.

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