True Happiness (1 of 2)

“So wait–this is your limo? You didn’t just rent this for our date?”

“My own personal limo. You want some champagne? I always have some ready.”

“This is…I have to say, this is probably the strangest first date I’ve ever been on,” Kyle said, leaning forward to take the flute from Robin after he’d poured it. The two of them had gotten to chatting online, and struck up a bit of a fledgling relationship, and while Robin had dropped hints at his wealth, the sheer scope of his date’s extravagance was…surprising to say the least. Robin took a sip of the champagne, looking rather embarrassed. “I’m not quite sure what you see in an old bear like me.”

Robin was in his 50’s, Kyle in his late 30’s, and had amassed enough wealth to essentially retire. “What can I say? I like old bears. It’s hard to explain why…” Kyle was a bit on the chubby side, with a scruffy beard, button down shirt and  khaki shorts. He looked like he’d learned wealth gave him excuse to look however he damn well pleased. In fact, Robin was the first time he’d ever dated someone older than him–he’d always been one for twinks, but something about the fellow just…seemed so endearing.

“It’s a shame you aren’t happy, though.” Robin said, meeting Kyle’s eyes. The bluntness of the statement obviously caught Kyle off guard, but when he tried to look away, he found he couldn’t break eye contact with the older fellow, seated across from him. “I can tell, you’re rather…miserable.”

“I’m not miserable,” Kyle said, but he was as surprised by the doubt in his voice, as Robin wasn’t.

“It’s hard to admit, I know. Wealth can be such a burden. So afraid to let anyone see the real you.” Robin moved from sitting across from Kyle to sitting beside him, pressing him up against the side of the limo with his own sizable frame. Kyle could…sense something strange was going on, but knew too little to resist. “It’s ok, Ky,” Robin said, “You can let go–just relax. Daddy’s here.”

Kyle wasn’t sure what he meant, but his body reacted it too ways. First, his thumb slid itself into his mouth, and he started sucking it, and second, he felt a warmth in his pants, as his bladder released, soaking the front and rear of his pants, and the seat of the limo with warm piss.

“That’s a good boy. Now tell your driver we’re skipping dinner. How about we go to my place?”

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