Green Energy (Early Version) | Wesley Bracken on Patreon

All right, so it’s October, and usually that means something Halloween themed. I wanted to have the next chunk of Halloween at Pigtown finished up for this month, but that wasn’t in the cards, so we’ll have to go with Orctober instead!

This is a story I’ve had sitting around for a while now, which I keep wanting to revise and rework fairly substantially, but I just haven’t quite found the time to do it yet–though I plan on getting to work on it soon.  It’s going to look pretty substantially different from this version here when all’s said and done.  It’s also a long one, to make up for the fact that last month’s bonus piece was a bit on the short side.

A quick summary: a young man discovers that a energy drink mix sent by a friend of his has some rather strange side effects. His friend thinks he’s prepared for everything that’s going to happen, but it turns out the mysterious company selling the powder has plans for them both. Contains orcs, muscle growth, weight gain, musk, watersports, rape, and dumbing.

The story is available for anyone contributing $5 or more per month to my Patreon account! If you aren’t contributing and would like to do so, the link above will help you out. You also get access to a sizable archive of unreleased and unfinished stories in my archive as a nice bonus!

Green Energy (Early Version) | Wesley Bracken on Patreon

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