Reflections on Vanity (2 of 2)

Fuck, when my phone notified me and I had all those fucking pictures of my sexy nephew right there–I just about came in my pants. I’d been saving this fucking mirror for him–I’ve had it in my collection for years, waiting for him to grow up into the cutest little cub, and now he was mine–not that he knew that yet. I waited in the apartment complex for him to get home and go inside, and gave him five minutes before slipping in after him for another session–and there he was, jaw dropped, eyes glazed over, just staring at himself in the mirror, and I got to work on his softening mind all over again, molding him day after day, watching him change little by little into exactly who I wanted him to be.

He started to enjoy my company more and more, and soon I’d come over every day. Something about me–he suddenly enjoying my presence, my eyes staring at him, my touch would make him shiver. He liked the attention, and soon, after a month, he was becoming a bit of a narcissist–obsessed with himself, but desperate for other people to stare at him too–especially me. He started working out–I didn’t want him to lose all that softness, but he needed to tone up a bit for what I had in mind. See, he was starting to do badly in his classes. He’d always been a good student, but now he just couldn’t focus. He scraped by the first semester with C’s, but by the spring, he knew what he was. Stupid. Just a pretty cub with an empty head, desperate for his sexy old uncle to stare at him, to watch him dance, to fuck those tight holes of his.

He flunked out and dropped out that spring, but he didn’t care about that anymore. No, he cared about things that really mattered–his sexy body, making sure his stupid head stayed empty, and obeying and pleasing his sexy uncle. Oh? He just sent me another selfie–looking good, right? It’s his first night at the club–he’s so excited. Come on–I promised all my pervy old friends would be there to cheer him on tonight, and then just wait for the after party at his place–we’re all going to give that cub a night he’ll never forget.

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