Lost Boy (2 of 2)

“Oh, you look so much better with that beard trimmed down short like that. Much more presentable and cute, boy.”

“Thank you sir! I’m…glad you like it.”

“Now now, what did we talk about? Sir’s what I used to be, but what am I now?”

“Oh–sorry, d-daddy…” Part of Lee fought that word, tried to keep it from getting out from between his teeth and lips, but it got out anyway, and it felt good, saying that. It always felt good doing what daddy said.

Daddy had found his lost boy at the grocery store–he’d been so scared there without his daddy!–and brought him back to the motel room where he was staying, gotten his boy out of those adult clothes he’d been wearing, gotten him cleaned up and into his new boygear–a leather harness and jockstrap, before trimming down his beard nice and short. Now daddy was shearing the hair off his head, and after that, he would shave him bald, so he’d look like a proper, slutty little cub. The whole time, he’d been talking to his boy, and his boy had been paying good attention. Telling him how much he’d missed his daddy, how happy he was to be back with him, and how terrible he felt for running off like that and getting lost for so long.

“You were a very, very bad boy, you know that, right?”

“Yes daddy…I’m…s-sorr–” but he couldn’t quite finish the word.

“It doesn’t sound like you’re very sorry to me. I think daddy’s going to have to punish his naughty boy, for running off like that. Maybe you don’t really deserve to be daddy’s boy after all, if you can’t even apologize for running off.”

“No daddy! Don’t send me away! I want to be a good boy, I do!”

“Well, let’s get this head of yours cleaned up, and then we’ll hit the bed, and see how much of a good boy you can be. Because if you can’t–then we’ll see how you like being daddy’s dirty piggy for a month or two, and try again after that.”

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