Interactive: Frat Daddy (Part 2)

“Come on boys, time to get those asses up. We have a lot to discuss today, because we’re going to be making a few changes around here.”

The young men of Phi Beta Alpha all moaned a bit, still struggling with their hangovers and their recollections of their first wild party under their new Frat Daddy. Tyler sat up on the couch where he must have collapsed, looked at their frat’s Daddy sitting in a high backed chair in front of the fireplace, a mug of coffee steaming on the small table beside him, and a cigar burning in his other hand, and tried to remember the man from the night before.

He’d been older, but rather unassuming. Average build. He could almost recall glasses, but he wasn’t sure. A beard, but a rather thin one. Not unattractive, but not particularly striking either. He’d been wearing khakis, a button down shirt, no tie. The man sitting in the chair before them, however, only vaguely resembled the man from his memory. It was hard to take in anything other than the clothes at first, the leather boots shining in the light of the morning sun through the window, chaps stretched tight across Daddy’s thick thighs and calves, his monstrous cock and balls exposed, lying against the side of his thigh. He had on no shirt, just a leather vest and an armband with the insignia of PBA made from steel studs. The same insignia was on the leather muir cap he was wearing.

Under the gear, the man was simply massive. It was difficult to tell because he was sitting, but he had to be over six feet tall, perhaps by several inches. His shoulders were broad, chest and torso shaped like a barrel, packed with muscle and a tight muscle gut underneath. There was hair everywhere, across his belly and chest, on top of his shoulders and down his arms. He had a thick full beard with a touch of silver, trimmed neatly to about an inch long. He picked up the mug in his massive hands, took a sip, and set it back down. “Come on boys,” Ethan said, his voice deeper, with a bit of a western twang, “Hurry up and gather around Daddy’s boots, we have a lot to cover today, and you don’t want to waste Daddy’s time.”

The fratboys gathered around, skipping the chairs and the couches and instead sitting on the floor around Daddy, where boys were supposed to be, looking up at him. The more they stared, the less out of sorts he seemed to be, and Ethan smiled. When he’d woken up this morning, he’d felt like he’d needed a bit of a makeover, and the amulet had helped give him the body of his fantasies. Now it was time for his boys to help make a few more come true. He looked down at their anxious faces, none of them knowing what to expect, and his cock got a little harder, leaking a little bit of precum onto his chaps.

“Now, as your new Frat Daddy, my first impression of you boys here is that you lack discipline. For far too long, you’ve had Daddies who let you do whatever you like, who don’t best know how to help young men like yourselves grow up and mature into proper PBA men. Well all of that is going to change starting now. You might find me to be a taskmaster. You will consider my methods too harsh, at first. But these are the rules my frat daddy had for me when I was a PBA boy, and so they will be the rules you must abide by as well.”

He allowed a pause, but none of the boys spoke up. A few looked confused, their heads trying to catch up to reality as best they could. The amulet glinted in the sunlight–it would sort things out in any case.

“First things first, will be the establishment of a proper uniform for all of you boys, while you are under my care. While in the house, the only thing you will be permitted to wear are the items I am about to show you now. Outside the house, when you attend classes, you will be allowed to wear civilian clothes over it, but you may not remove the uniform unless given explicit permission, is that clear?”

Silence again.

“When I ask a question boys, the proper response is ‘Yes Daddy,’ is it not? Or do all of you lack even that basic understanding of your role here?”

“Yes Daddy,” the fratboys said, but it was a mutter. Displeased, Ethan stood up from the chair, rising to his full height of six foot five, grabbed one of the boys in front by the wrist, and dragged him forward so he was on his belly, and then Ethan straddled his back, pinning the boy to the ground, head towards the fireplace, with his ass before the rest of the young men. Ethan picked him because he hadn’t said anything either time, and he groped the young man’s tight ass in his rough hands. He brought one hand down, hard, on the young man’s ass, and made him holler.

“All of you will need to learn quickly that I do not tolerate lax discipline among my boys,” Ethan said, and brought down a hand on the other cheek, bringing out another yelp of pain. “You will not question me, and you will obey my commands with enthusiasm. You are members of this fraternity, this brotherhood,” he said, and smacked the ass before him again, hearing the young man sob slightly, “because you all wish to become proper PBA men. But I know full well that the only way to become a man is to be a boy first. Obedient, eager, and submissive.” Another smack, and the young man was shuddering now. “Do you all understand?”

A resounding cry of “Yes, Daddy” came from the fratboys, along with one whimpered cry behind him, and Ethan got off the boy’s back, rolled him over, and pulled him into his arms. The sudden embrace surprised the boy, and he tried to flinch away for a moment, but Daddy’s arms were too tight, and after a moment, he relented, and pressed his face into Daddy’s chest. “I will be hard on you. You will resent me at times. I do these things because I believe you boys are capable of withstanding them, and growing stronger. Some of you will not rise to the challenge I give you. Some of you will break, and will be expelled. But trust me when I say, that if you embrace me, my rules, my dominance, my order, you will understand in time that it was all worth it. 

The young man in Daddy’s arms, named Jamie, was caught between too many different feelings in that moment, and much to his surprise, began to cry, though he didn’t quite know why. The other boys looked uncomfortable, but Daddy stroked his head, held him close, his musk washing over him. “Daddy has you boy, you did well, thank you for serving me,” Ethan said, only loud enough for Jamie to hear, and much to his continued confusion, Jamie felt his cock throb. When he’d regained most of his composure after a minute or two, Ethan stood up and returned to his chair, but kept Jamie with him, sitting on the ground between his legs, both hands on his shoulders, squeezing him gently, reminding him of his power, and also of his care.

“First, on matters of personal grooming,” Daddy said, “All boys will have their heads shaven each day, when you wake up. You will rise at six each morning, gather in the communal bathroom, and shave one another’s heads clean. No one is permitted to shave their facial hair without my explicit approval, and the same goes for all other hair on your bodies. Shaving your heads is a sign of discipline, and your status–growing your hair shows that you desire to become men, true proper, PBA men. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, after you shave, you will be permitted your weekly, communal shower, and you all must soap and wash one another, never yourselves. Your soap will be unscented, and deodorant and any other scented product is forbidden. If you want to become men, you will have to smell like one soon enough.” He stood up from his chair, finished his coffee, and picked up his cigar. “Come on then, we might as well take care of that much. Then we will discuss the house uniform in more detail.

The boys discovered that all of the separate bathrooms in the house had disappeared, and one massive open bathroom had replaced them. Along one wall were several sinks and mirrors, along the other were toilets with no partitions. The third wall had a line of shower heads and soap dispensers between them. Daddy told the boys to pair up, take a stool from where they were stacked in a corner, collect a set of shaving gear, and begin–scissors first, if the hair was long, and then a razor–no electric equipment. Any boy who cut another would receive a spank from Daddy, for disrespecting their brother’s trust.

One boy, however, held back. Carter had been growing his hair out since he was little, and it was stunning–thick golden blond waves falling down to the middle of his back, which he usually had pulled up into a bun or kept in a ponytail. He was eyeing the scissors as someone would eye a noose, and Ethan went over to him, pulled him close, and guided him to a stool, telling him he would take care of him personally.

Carter sat on the stool, shaking a bit, obviously trying not to cry, while Daddy got out the scissors and ran his hands through his long hair, and at last, he begged, “Please Daddy, please don’t cut it, I’ve worked so long on it, please, anything else but not this…”

“Boy, that’s why I have to cut it,” Ethan said in his ear, “This hair is your pride, and no boy can become a man without being humbled. This is a gift for me. Offer this to me. I will not cut it until you ask it of me, because I have to know that you want what I can give you more than you want your precious hair.”

“I don’t understand why you’re doing this to us!”

“Because you need it. Because all of you need it, even if you don’t realize it yet. You think this is enough,” Ethan said, wrapping one hand in Carter’s hair and pulling it tight, “But what happens when you lose it? You think this hair makes you a man. You think this hair makes you who you are, but look in the mirror, go on, look,” Ethan said, and turned him towards a mirror, and Carter gasped.

It was…him in the mirror, but…older. Probably in his fifties, but what Carter couldn’t look away from was his head. His hair was gone–no, not gone, but the ensuing thirty years had not been kind. He only had a ring of hair left, brittle and greying and thin, but still long–but he could see in his older eyes how empty he was. How hard he had fought to keep that hair, where he’d stored so much of himself for so long, and now that it was gone, what was left? He wasn’t looking at a man, he was looking at a shell.

“Keep your hair if you so desire. Leave. I can expel you, but know that this is what waits for you if you do so, if you turn your back on your brothers now. If you turn your back on me.”

“If…If you cut it, what do I look like then?”

“I do not know–that is up to you, boy, and the work you do here for me.”

Carter ground his teeth for a moment, before whispering, “Cut it.”

“What was that boy?”

Carter realized that the entire bathroom had gone silent, and everyone was staring at him. “I said cut it, Daddy. Cut it off.”

“Thank you boy,” Ethan said, gathered his hair up in a fist, took the scissors and sheered it off. Carter let out a sob despite trying to remain strong, and then went quiet as Daddy cut away what remained, lathered his scalp, and shaved him smooth. Carter looked at himself in the mirror again, and didn’t recognize the face looking back at him. That…older version, he had known that was him somehow, even with all those years between them. But this new head, hairless and pale, he didn’t know who this was at all, and that terrified him more. But it was done. Daddy administered the required spankings for the boy’s whose blades had nicked one another, and after a shower observed by Daddy, the boys dried off and went upstairs, where their two room dorm rooms had been converted into one communal living area. The boys personal effects were gathered either in a small chest between the bunks or at the floor of the bed, or at the desks lining the other side of the room. On each bed was a small pile of gear.

Ethan led Carter over to his bunk, and used him to demonstrate the uniform. First, a bulldog leather harness on their chest, second, a leather jockstrap, and lastly, a buttplug. The plug, Daddy said, was especially important. Any boy found without a plug in their hole at any time would be subjected to substantial punishment. The plugs he’d provided them to start with were small–he saw the boys eyes go a bit wide when he said that. Apparently, they didn’t have the same understanding of ‘small’ that he did. Ethan helped the boys into their new uniforms, often having to work the plug in himself, since they were a bit too shy. Much to his surprise, one of the only boys to do everything himself was Jamie, the boy he had spanked downstairs. Without so much as a whisper of disobedience, he put on the harness as Daddy had demonstrated, sat down, and worked the plug into his hole with a grimace, but succeeded with less tears than others. Daddy made sure to put a hand on his shoulder, reach down and give his cock a little grope through the jock, showing him that he was pleased. When all the boys were dressed, they lined up for the final piece of their uniform–their collar. One by one, they kneeled down before Daddy as he went down the line, put the leather collar around their neck and padlocked them closed, and had each boy kiss the head of his cock and thank him for accepting them into the PBA brotherhood. He had them all stand again, and he looked down the line, head’s shaven, strapped into their new leather gear, all of their faces coated with a layer of fine scruff, and Ethan had to resist the urge to order them all to bend over so he could fuck them on a line. Later though.

Daddy brought the boys back downstairs and into the kitchen–where they found that most of the cooking equipment was gone, with a sizable machine against the wall. “From now on, you boys will be kept on a strict diet–a minimum of 5000 calories a day. This machine will dispense meals for you, and also keep track of your consumption, so I can monitor your progress. You are, of course, welcome to consume more if you so choose.”

The boys murmured a bit, and one of them spoke up, “Daddy…that’s…a lot.”

“Do you boys want to grow into men or not?”

“But what if we get fat?”

“Luckily, you have access to a newly installed house gym in the basement. The food here is more than willing to convert to fat or muscle. Whichever you would prefer is up to you and your discipline.”

No one was sure how to reply to that, and were a bit scared of upsetting Daddy, and so they stayed quiet. “In addition to your new diet, all of you will be expected to smoke at least two cigars a day,” Daddy said, leading the boys to the sizable humidor that had been installed near the kitchen. “Why don’t we get started, since I know some of you have never smoked one before. Take a cigar boys.”

Ethan walked the boys through the process of lighting a cigar. He used his lighter–a privilege, he emphasized. The boys used long cigar matches, cutting the end, turning the cigar for an even light, several of them taking in too much and coughing. 

“That’s good boys, nothing will get you going and feeling horny like smoking a cigar,” he said, feeling the amulet heat up slightly against his hairy chest. Sure enough, some of the boys reached down and started groping their cocks, only for Daddy to walk over and slap their hands away. “No masturbation! Men don’t need to masturbate–men need to fuck. If you want to nut, you’re going to have to use a hole. One of your brothers’ holes.”

The boys looked around at one another nervously.

You can, if you so choose, offer your hole to a brother willingly. But, any boy who subdues and forcefully removes the plug of another brother gains the right to that hole then and there, regardless of who it is–you will submit, and submit gladly. 

It didn’t take long for the first gasp to come up from the crowd of boys. They all turned, and saw that Jamie had reached out and tugged Tyler’s plug out with a pop, making him double over in pain from the sudden removal. Jamie, who had been hard and horny since receiving his public spanking from Daddy earlier, bent him over the back of a couch in the living room, lined up his cock, and drove inside, gently, but eager. Half the boys watched in shock, while the others all backed up against various walls and looked at each other suspiciously, their own bulges pushing out as they continued smoking.

“It’s up to you all, how you will negotiate this. I know many of you consider yourselves straight, though I have my doubts. One thing you are all, for certain, is brothers, and in my years as a frat daddy, one thing I can say with certainty is that you will only get through this together. You will need to learn to trust and appreciate and service one another as you service me.

Against the wall, two boys, Jameson and another, looked at each other, reached down, and pulled the plugs free from each other’s holes. Jameson was still loose from getting fucked by Daddy the night before, and part of him…missed it. He turned around against the wall, cigar gripped in his teeth, and allowed his brother to plunge into his hole and start rutting. Other groups of boys were wrestling each other to the ground, to discover who would come out on top. Daddy watched it all unfold before his eyes, his own cock growing to its substantial nine inch length, and growled in approval. A boy named Steve pinned Carter to the ground, pulled his plug free, and replaced it with his own cock in a moment, and Daddy stomped over, gripped the plug in Steve’s hole, tugged it free, and pressed his own cock to the boy’s hole. Steve tried to squirm away, but Daddy gripped him, shoving his own cock deep into the boy’s guts, and driving his own cock deeper into Carter below them, smashed beneath them both. Daddy provided all the momentum. With each drive into Steven’s hole, Steven would find himself fucking Carter, who would let out another groan of pain or pleasure, or something between the two. Steve came first, but Daddy didn’t relent. Steve ended up unloading a second time with Daddy holding him close, the heat of his cigar next to his ear, Daddy growling sweet little nothings into his ear before spilling his own load into the boy’s guts. He pulled free, and shoved the plug back in before any of Daddy’s seed could spill back out. He pulled Steve and Carter close to him on either side, sitting on the floor, sharing smoky kisses and paying extra attention to Carter’s smooth head, feeling the boy shudder each time Daddy rubbed his hand over his scalp. 

Yeah, Ethan was going to enjoy this, he thought to himself, he was going to turn the fratboys into real men–the men he wanted them to be, and he was going to love every moment of it.

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Interactive: The House Made Me Gay! (Part 6)

Quinn was certain that the mirror was doing something to him. It wasn’t hard to figure out, of course, but while he was a bit…terrified, in all honesty, it felt so good to let go around his reflection that he was willing to just embrace it. He didn’t know whether the idea came to him on his own, or if it was planted in his mind like so many others, but he knew, somehow, that the easiest way to get Taylor into bed with him, would be to…to get him to look at the mirror himself. Get the mirror inside him, somehow, in the same way in was inside him.

Of course, Taylor spent most of his days working out, and he wasn’t particularly keen on being interrupted, so Quinn had to wait until the late afternoon, when he heard Taylor tromp up the stairs and towards the kitchen, probably to start making himself dinner. Quinn was ready though, and he intercepted him before he could get started.

“Hey man, could you come look at something in my room real quick? I just wanna know if I should ask the landlord about it.”

Taylor’s brow furrowed, “What’s up?”

“I think my window has a bad seal or something, I can hear some wind through it.”

“I’d just call him,” Taylor said, and continued into the kitchen, “Mr Woodrow’s a good guy, he’ll sort it out.”

“Just come listen real quick, would you? I don’t want to call him for nothing. Maybe I’m just imagining things.”

Obviously annoyed at his routine getting disturbed, Taylor followed Quinn up the stairs and into his room. Taylor went over by the window to listen, while Taylor went and stood next to the mirror. After a moment, Taylor shook his head. “I don’t hear anything, but maybe we should call him just in…”

Taylor had looked back at where Quinn was standing, and ended up looking right into the mirror next to him. Quinn knew it must have worked–he could see that same…shimmer in his eyes that he saw in his own reflection, when the mirror…had him too. He cautiously walked over to his muscular roommate, laid his hands on him, feeling his body still clammy with sweat from his workout, and Quinn shuddered. This close to him, he could…smell him now, and fuck, he smelled rank, but it wasn’t…bad. It was just strong, and heady, and Quinn’s cock got hard just from leaning into Taylor’s pits for a sniff.

“You ok Taylor? Don’t worry, we’ll…we’re going to have lots of fun this evening, isn’t that right?”

Taylor nodded.

“See…the mirror is…is mine, Taylor. And as long as you’re in it, that means you’re mine too, doesn’t it? You have to do everything I say. It will feel good to do everything I say.”

Taylor nodded, and moaned now, his own cock tenting out the front of his shorts, leaking a bit.

“Get on your knees boy, suck me off.”

The voice that came out of his throat surprised Quinn. It was gruff and…and deeper. Not quite his own, but it was…his. Taylor got down, pulled down the sweatpants Quinn was wearing, and started sucking on his cock, hungrily, and Quinn had to lean on the wall to stay standing, his eyes drifting over to the mirror, seeing himself there, his burly, fat, hairy body getting serviced by this hot, musky jock…there was a twinkle in his eye, just a suggestion really…

“Get up,” Quinn said, “Go down into the kitchen, bring me some snacks. Daddy’s hungry boy.”

“Yes…daddy,” Taylor said, and stood up, leaving the room and heading for the kitchen. Quinn worried that being away from him and the mirror might snap him out of it, but a few minutes later, Taylor arrived back in the room, eyes still shining, arms loaded with beer, and snacks, and Quinn’s mouth started watering at the sight.

Quinn ordered Taylor to feed him for a while, while he just relaxed on his bed, telling Taylor in between mouthfuls how much he was enjoying this. How he wanted his daddy to be happy, how he loved feeding him, how serving him in whatever way he needed just felt so good to him, made his cock hard, made him want to service him more and more. Quinn took over his own eating, and ordered Taylor to start worshiping his body–especially his belly. Told him that Taylor loved being muscular, but that servicing fat men like daddy was what he was born to do, what made him feel complete. 

The mirror was getting…restless. It wanted to be fed, as much as Quinn did. He ordered Taylor up, told him to face the mirror, brace himself and bend over–daddy was going to breed his boy for the first time of many. They had no lube, but Taylor’s hole was hungry and wet, Quinn’s thick cock was leaking profusely, and they slid together like it was all part of some larger design. “Oh fuck, jockboy, fuckin’ hell you feel real nice around daddy’s cock…” Quinn moaned, and started fucking him long and deep. “Yeah, stupid fucking jockboy–good thing you have a nice daddy around here to keep you in line. You love doing everything daddy says, it makes everything so much easier for you, doesn’t it? Easy, and you get to feel good too. You just let all those complicated thoughts drain away, right there into the mirror. From now on, you just need to worry about getting bigger, and keeping daddy as happy as can be, you fucking got it? Oh fuck boy, here it fucking comes!”

It was the first load that Quinn hadn’t shot into the mirror since arriving at the house. It felt explosive, and bright, like he was firing hot light right into Taylor’s body. His boy groaned, reared up, and shot his own load all over the glassy surface, where it shimmered for a moment, and then melted into the surface, and both of them felt the mirror’s hold over them ebb away, Taylor turning around, holding his aching head.

Quinn was…nervous. Would he remember, or would he not? “Fuck daddy, thanks! You’re dirty jockboy needed that real fuckin’ bad…” Taylor said, leaned in and gave Quinn a deep kiss, massaging his big belly as he did, and Quinn melted into him, pulling his boy close, knowing he was his from now on. His…and the mirror’s. “Alright boy, that’s enough for now–get down there and make daddy some dinner.”

Taylor gave him a wide, and kind of stupid, grin. “Sure thing daddy! I love cookin’ for you!” Then he was gone, and Taylor relaxed, snacking on the food his boy had brought him, but already hungry for dinner–and for another round with his boy’s hole after that.


Mr Woodrow was more than happy to accomodate the two of them a few days later, when they suggested that they move into the basement together, converting the larger space down there into a studio apartment for them both, the mirror hanging on the wall within easy view of the entire room. It was a few days after that, when Marcus, the third member of the house arrived to move in, a week before school started. 

Mr. Woodrow was there, waiting for him, ready to give him the tour. It was a beautiful house…but Marcus struggled a bit, when Taylor came bouncing up from the basement to give him a hug, and tell him how excited he was for him to be living there with him and his daddy. Marcus…couldn’t really recall who this was at all, at least not right away. Mr. Woodrow helped talk him down, and when Quinn got home from his job later that evening, working as the foreman for a construction company, everything made a bit more sense…kind of. He’d met Taylor at school, and been introduced to his boyfriend, Quinn, not long after that. Quinn was in his early 30’s–and hadn’t gone to college, but they were…well, love was a weird word for what they had, but it seemed to work for both of them. Taylor was studying exercise science–badly, really, but he was good enough to graduate and probably find work. But for the life of him…Marcus found it had to believe he would be friends with them…for some reason.

But Marcus settled into one of the rooms upstairs, and started unpacking–and like Taylor and Marcus before him, he too, discovered something…odd in his room as he did.

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Winter Vacation [Interactive] (Part 4)

“Boy–Boy! Are you even listening to me?”

Brett snapped out of his thoughts, and looked back at Maury, sitting there on the sofa, rolls splayed out around him. “I just…I was thinking…”

“Boy, you know better than that–you don’t think. Just let daddy do the thinking for you, got it?”

Daddy–who was daddy? As Brett asked himself the question, the answer came to him–Maury was daddy, of course. He was the biggest, he was in charge–he was just…just daddy. It only made sense. He was daddy, and that made him the boy, and boys had to obey their daddies no matter what. Brett chased himself around the logical loop for a moment, and then let off a sigh–he was doing it again, wasn’t he? Thinking. Such a silly boy, he could be! “S-Sorry daddy, I’ll go make breakfast!”

Brett waddled out the room, finding it a bit…awkward, walking with such a substantial gut, but it was already beginning to feel more normal. He was a big boy after all–not as big as his daddy, but maybe one day he would be, if he was good. He found his way to the kitchen, and thankfully the pantry and fridge were fully stocked. Part of him wondered why that was–after all, they hadn’t brough any of this food along with them–it was almost like someone had prepared the place for them ahead of time. Still, that seemed like thinking, and he wasn’t supposed to think–just cook. He put on an apron and started mixing up some batter for pancakes, frying bacon and sausage, and looking for whatever else would make the best breakfast for his daddy.

Back in the TV room, Maury heaved a sigh. “Too smart for his own good, that one.”

Nate nodded, “Not like me daddy–what…what can I do for you?” he asked, and stepped closer, both hands resting on Maury’s gut, kneading it slightly, making him moan.

“Sounds like to me you have your own ideas, boy,” Maury said, and pulled him closer, Nate toppling over onto Maury’s gut with a groan, grinding his hard cock into his daddy’s fatty rolls. “Get under there and suck me off boy–and when you’re done, go help Brett with breakfast, and make sure he hasn’t gotten any other big ideas while he’s alone in there.

Nate was more than happy to follow his daddy’s orders, hefted up his massive apron of fat, lined with countless stretchmarks, and found his cock. Daddy didn’t last very long, and fifteen minutes later, with a gut full of daddy’s cum and beaming, Nate followed the sounds of pots and pans–and the smell of bacon–into the kitchen, where Brett was busy working at the stove.

“How’s it going, little bro?” Nate asked, and leaned in close, breathing his cum breath into Brett’s face.

Brett recognized the scent, and his chubby face went red with jealousy. “Hey, no fair!”

“Sorry bro–being the big bro has its perks, you know?” Nate said, and bumped his gut against Brett’s pushing him slightly off balance.

“Only by like, ten pounds,” Brett muttered, but he knew it didn’t matter. Nate was bigger than him, and that meant he was in charge–just like daddy.

“Here, I know what’ll perk you up–let me handle the skillet for a bit, I have something else you should focus on for a while.” Nate put his hand on Brett’s head, and pushed him down, and he fell to his knees, his big bro’s thick cock jutting out. He licked his lips, hungrily–it wasn’t daddy’s cock, but Brett enjoyed sucking off his brother just as much, if that’s all he could get, and so he started sucking and slobbering on it, groping his own cock while he did under his apron. Nate tended to the bacon, thrusting gently into his brother’s mouth, and took a few sample pieces for himself. Had to stay big, after all–he wasn’t about to let Brett pass him, if he could help it.

Meanwhile, Maury heaved a sigh on the couch. Now that he was alone…he wasn’t quite sure what he should be doing. In fact, all of this did seem a bit strange to him, now that he was thinking about it. Was the boy right? No–no, that was a silly thought. Boy’s weren’t right about anything–that’s why they need daddies, to tell them what to do! Still, he needed to do something, but he just couldn’t quite put his finger on what.

It took some effort, and he very nearly had to holler for his boys to come help, but he managed to get himself out of the sofa and onto his feet, though he was hot and panting by the time he made it. One thing he knew for certain, was that he needed to piss–he waddled his way into the bathroom and while it was hard to maneuver himself at the urinal, he managed well enough to get his piss into the basin, listening to it drain down below, and kept trying to think about what he needed to do. He thought hard, and could almost…hear a buzzing and humming in his ears as he did, and the thought came to him like a light bulb. “Of course!” he muttered to himself, shook his cock free of piss, and stepped back from the urinal, ready for his next task.

What does Maury do, while waiting for breakfast?

  1. Take a shower with some odd, masculine soap
  2. Smoke a pipe filled with Old Fogey brand tobacco
  3. Check on the pipes in the basement
  4. Come to his senses and resist

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Daddy’s Little Man (Part 4)

WARNING: Scat, Diapers, Extreme Mental Regression, etc. 

From the way his legs were swinging without even touching the ground, James realized he must have shrunk again as well, but with no way of measuring, all he knew was that his daddy absolutely dwarfed him…and yet he felt a strange sense of comfort in that. “Alright, come here little man, it’s alright,” Mr. Rawlins said, pulling James into a hug, and he melted into the older man’s chest, the sense of comfort and security which washed over him drove his earlier terror from his mind. He was on his daddy’s lap now–everything would be alright. Mr. Rawlins started rubbing one of hands up and down his big belly, and his peepee did that funny thing again, getting kind of stiff in his diaper, and James sucked harder on the rubber cock in his mouth. “Yeah, that’s my good little man. Still, since you’re being such a pain, I think we need to do something about that head of yours, don’t we? We need to make sure you stay occupied, so you don’t get any ideas about running away from me ever again. So how about this, how about we make you a naughty baby? A stupid, dirty, naughty little man? How does that sound? Would you like that? I know I would–I’d like that a lot,” Mr. Rawlins said, massaging his own cock through his suit pants.

Some distant part of James, something small told him he needed to get away, that he needed to fight against his daddy, but he was so big, and so…so important, and so nice…he couldn’t do that. He wanted to be whatever his daddy wanted him to be. As he sat there on his daddy’s lap, wreathed in pipe smoke, he suddenly felt his bladder release again, but this time it was different. It wasn’t just piss flowing out of him, it was his brain, his knowledge, his thoughts. It was like a drain had been opened at the base of his brain and it was all flowing out through his cock and into his diaper. It was so hard to think, and he didn’t have many words to use to do so, his eyes growing dull and vacant as a bit of drool seeped out around his pacifier. He was running on instinct more than anything now. He sucked harder on the rubber pacifier, feeling his peepee tingle in anticipation–but what he was anticipating he didn’t really know.

“Yeah, that’s much better. Look at those eyes of yours now–so innocent, so loving, so dull. You’re daddy’s little man, aren’t you? Aren’t you?” Mr. Rawlin’s said, tickling James massive gut and making him giggle around his pacifier. “Yeah, you won’t be able even think of running away anymore, will you? Still, I think we need to find something else to occupy your attention, just to make sure you don’t get any ideas. Daddies hate it when their little men get ideas.”

James felt his asshole release then, and a massive flood of shit filled the back of his diaper, and while the smell was horrendous, it also made his peepee tingle even more, especially when the shit started working its way around between his thick thighs and under his balls. Happy in his shitty diaper, James started rocking back and forth on his daddy’s knee, spreading it around as much as he could, wanting to get dirtier, filthier, a nasty, gross baby for his daddy, just like he wanted him to be. His peepee was tingling so much, and it felt so good, he could barely stand it, and he started humping his diaper, feeling his peepee rub up against the fabric as well as his fat.

“Yeah, what a disgusting little man. You enjoy that? You like having a filthy diaper? Just you wait–I don’t think I’ll change you for days–I want to see how full it can get. Still, I don’t think you’re quite naughty enough yet. How about we make that peepee of yours your new brain?”

The tingle in his peepee was suddenly ten times more powerful, and James weak thrusts sped up, the diapered man turning a bit so he could hump his full diaper against his daddy’s suit, and after a few moments he was rewarded with the most wonderful sensation, kind of like he was peeing again, but ten times better. He let out a groan, the pacifier dropping from his mouth, and his daddy bent over, giving him a deep kiss, toying with his little man’s nipples, and suddenly James was cumming again, unable to help himself, messily making out with his daddy, a small dark spot forming on the front of Mr. Rawlins’ pants as well.

“Yes, I think you’ll do nicely, little man,” Mr. Rawlins said, putting James down on the ground, where the massively obese adult baby gaped around with empty eyes while he rubbed the front of his pants with one of his hands, making his peepee happy and his daddy happy all at the same time, squishing his nasty shit around in his diaper. “Still, I had hoped you would be ready for school–I love a good school boy. I think I did a little too much damage for that though…let’s see then–we can’t have you wandering around in just a diaper after all. Still, I think I know just the look for a dumb, nasty and naughty baby like you.”

Mr. Rawlins wreathed his new little man in another cloud of smoke, and when it cleared, a new outfit was adorning his body–a tight fitting white sailor suit, or at least, mostly white. The crotch was stained a light yellow and the ass had brown streaks from where his diapers routinely overflowed, but James didn’t mind, clapping his hands with joy as he looked down at himself, letting loose a wet, shitty fart as he did, and looking up to his daddy for approval. He wanted his daddy to be happy–after all, his daddy could do anything he wanted.

“Ha, look at you–so handsome. You know, I was going to wait until we got home to introduce you to my special pacifier, but I…I don’t think I can wait, little man,” Mr. Rawlins said, and unzipped his pants, “Open up–daddy’s got something big for you to suck on.”

James didn’t need any more encouragement, and drooling a bit, he took the cock in his mouth and started sucking on it, feeling his pee pee start tingling again, and with one of his hands, he rubbed the front, feeling himself cum again like before, when he’d made his daddy happy. He loved making his daddy happy after all–and when the big man tensed up and unloaded his seed down his little man’s throat, James knew he’d made him very happy indeed.

Pigtown Daddies (Part 3)

“I’m…I’m not gonna say it. You can’t make me say it.”

Evan was coated in sweat, the marks on his back turning dark as the welts grew across. He’d lost track of the hours at this point, it had simple melded together into a blur of pain and pleasure–Barrett lashing him, Mick taunting him and fucking him with his dildo, promising him a real cock if he’d just admit it–admit that what Evan wanted, what he reall wanted, the reason he’d come back, was to be their boy, for real. But Evan wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction, if he could help it.

Barrett was panting a bit, and snapping the whip he was currently bringing down on the boy’s back. He cracked his neck and grunted, while Mick leaned in a bit closer to Evan, bringing his face close. “Boy–you don’t get it, do you? I don’t need you to ask for it, anymore. I just need you to admit it.”

“Fuck you.”

“Boy, now you’re just being obstinate.”

“I’m not your fucking boy, you fucker! Now let me the fuck out of here, you can’t fucking keep me in here, you’re asses are going to be in jail for the rest of your fucking life.”

“You gotta stop pretending boy, because now this is just silly. It was funny, at first, but now your daddies are starting to get…tired of your fatherfuckin’ shit.”

“You can’t do anything else to me, you dumbfuck, this is all you got. And you made me fucking like it! What the fuck did you expect?”

Mick just glared back.

“Jus’ fuckin’ show the boy, Mick,” Barrett said, frustrated, “I know ya like the reveal of it ‘n all, but he ain’t gonna git it ‘til he sees it.”

“Shut up Barrett.”

“Mick, yer just as fuckin’ bullheaded as the damn boy!”

“Not fucking in front of him!” Mick said, whirling on Barrett.

The argued for a bit, giving Evan a chance to catch his breath and try and regroup. It was…true, in a sense. He enjoyed this. He’d cum…fuck, he didn’t know how many times, but he didn’t want this to stop, he wanted his daddies to keep abusing him all fucking night long–

No–No, not daddies, why had he thought that?

“Fine, fucking fine, whatever–you’re fucking right, alright?” Mick said, and walked back to where Evan was bound to the cross, and he undid the chains holding him to the wooden cross. “Barrett says we could all use a little break, boy, so why don’t we all go have a drink? Then we can have some more fun.”

The bar–if they took him back to the bar, maybe he could escape out the door, if he was quick. He feigned exhaustion…but he didn’t have to fake much. His legs were rubbery, his back was screaming, and he still couldn’t really stand up straight because of the chain running from septum to glans. Still, the dim light of the bar was still a revelation to him, after so long in the red. Barrett went to the bar to get a round, while Mick directed Evan over to a table and sat him down, where Evan found he had a clear view of himself in a mirror stretching along the wall…and when he saw the image of himself there at the table with Mick, his jaw dropped, and he hauled his way out of the chair and over to the glass.

“The..what the fuck did you do to me?”

“I told you boy–I don’t need you to say it anymore,” Mick said, “We’re just waiting for you to admit it, finally.”

It wasn’t him, in the mirror. Not the person he’d been, at least. He was six inches shorter, or so, and quite a bit fatter. Arms and belly soft, the chain running tight against the curve of his gut to the smaller cock underneath the overhang. “I’m not…I’m not their boy, though…” he muttered to himself.

“Boy, git o’er here, ‘n sit down. Ya gotta take a break.”

“O…Ok daddy,” Evan muttered, and turned to where his daddies were sitting at the table, Barrett with three beers for them all, Mick looking like someone had spoiled his whole fun, and Barrett smiling warmly at him. He walked over, trying to sort out all of the thoughts and narratives in his head, but before he could get to his seat, Barrett grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him into his lap, wrapping his arms around his boy, Evan gritting his teeth in pleasure at the sting of his daddy’s sweat against his flayed back.

“Feel good, boy?”

“Y-Yeah daddy…”

“That’s a good boy. Ya doin’ a’ight? Daddy wasn’t too rough, was he?”

“Daddy…ya…ya know ya can’t be too rough with me…right?”

Mick scowled a bit at them both, “My way is more fun, you know.”

“Yeah, I suppose,” Barrett said, “but I think the boy’s been through enough, for a bit.”

“No way daddy! You can whip me some more, can’t you?”

“Heh–of course boy,” Barrett said, pulling his chubby pain pig closer. “I bet daddy Mick o’er there will lighten up once he gits his thick arm buried up that boy cunt, right boy?”

Evan looked at the door to the bar–he’d…he needed to leave, didn’t he? He’d planned on running, but why? He could remember…something, a vague something, but it had dissolved in the mirror behind him. He looked back at the mirror, and he thought, for a moment, he caught a glimpse of a man in the mirror, pounding at the other side, screaming, but a smack on the thigh from Barrett brought him back to what mattered, back to his daddies. “Yeah! Yeah, daddy Mick, you wanna fist me? I wanna feel that big fist in my hole way more than my dildo!”

Mick’s glower softened a bit, and he nodded. “Sure boy, I’ll fist you for sure. Fist you so fucking hard you spurt a load of boycum right out without even touching that cock of yours.”

Evan grinned, and bounced a bit on Barrett’s knee, rocking on the dildo as they drink, and when they finished, they went back into the red, and by morning, even the mirror had forgotten Evan had existed.

Pigtown Daddies (Part 2)

Evan tried to back away from them, but found his feet stuck to the floor–in fact, all of his body had frozen stiff, and he was aware that every eye in the red room had shifted to him, as Mick and Barrett circled him, predators eyeing a kill.

“What do you think Barrett? Didn’t expect him to come back for more–most don’t once they get a taste for it.”

“Well he didn’t exactly hang ‘round fer long–better make sure the boy can’t git away so easy this time!”

“Was pretty funny watching him get away though,” Mick said, “But point taken.”

Evan gasped sharply, as Mick reached out and pinched his nose–but it hurt much, much more than a pinch, he blinked rapidly, tears budding in his eyes, pulled his face away as best he could, but he couldn’t–something was connected from Mick’s hand to his nose. It took him a moment, in the light, to piece together what had happened–he had a ring in his nose, which had been the pinch, but also a thin chain was running through the ring, and the two ends of the chain were gripped in Mick’s fist a few inches from his face. Mick passed one end to his other fist, and with a laugh ran the chain back and forth through the new ring in Evan’s nose, the sensation of the chain rattling through making his shudder.

“Not gonna be going anywhere soon now, are you?”

“Please–please, I’m sorry, I–” Mick gave the chain a sharp tug with both hands, snapping his face down, and the sharp bite of pain made Evan’s cock throb.

“Shut up boy, and take it. Barrett–remove the boy’s shirt, please.”

Behind him, Barrett grabbed hold of Evan’s shirt, and tore it off him, and Mick took his hands down, the chains somehow growing as his hands moved, to Evan’s nipples, where with two pinches, he created two new rings and threaded the chain through them. Evan looked down, confused, and then up at Mick, who gave him a grin before tugging the ends of the chain up. Evan’s face snapped down towards his chest, but it could only go so far before the chain hauled his nipples up, and he panted, grunted and groaned in pain, eyes still watering. He tried to force his arms to do something, but they just hung limply at his sides–the one thing which was reacting was his cock–pain had never been something he’d enjoyed before, ever, but suddenly it was making him…incredibly horny.

“How’s the boy doing?” Mick asked Barrett, tugging the chains up another inch.

Barrett reached around and down the front of his jeans, groping his hard cock, “Boy’s gittin’ on real good, Mick–right boy?” He popped open the front of Evan’s pants and let them drop, and with only giving the chain a bit of slack, Mick brought the chain down to the head of Evan’s erect cock and with a final pinch, a thick gauge PA appeared in the head, the chain running through it, his cock tugged up painfully against his chest. Evan found the length was much too short to give him any chance at rest–he either had to bow his head down to release some of the pressure on his nipples and cock, or if he wanted to look up, he had to bear with the chain tugging roughly on his cock.

“Don’t cry boy, take your punishment like a man, since that’s what you want to be.”

Evan could move again, at least, and with his hands he ran his hands over the chain, but he couldn’t find any link in the chain where he could unattach it–it was a solid string of metal. “How…how the fuck do I get this off?”

Mick laughed, “Boy–that’s your punishment. Who said you could take it off?”

I have…I have to go to work, I can’t, fucking live like this!”

“Says the fuckin’ boy wit’ a ten inch dildo plugged in his hole–seems ya got along good wit’ that all day, didn’t ya boy?” Barrett said, pulling Evan close to him, grinding his crotch into his ass, thrusting against the base of the dildo, making Evan groan and leak.

“You can’t…you can’t just leave me like this, you fuckers!”

“Oh, we aren’t done with you yet boy–trust me,” Mick said, and shoved Evan over to the wall, watching him stumble and try to avoid tugging too hard on his cock as he struggled out of his pants. Together, they forced him up against one of several St. Andrew’s crosses along the wall, face to the wood, and with a few manacles and chains summoned from his gloves, Mick had Evan well secured to the posts.

“Don’t worry boy, you want this–you really do. That’s the worst part, isn’t it? That you’re enjoying this?”

Evan tried to look back and see what was happening, but all he could do was catch glimpses of Barrett wielding a leather flogger, swinging it around in his hands, red light glinting off the brute’s teeth. He flung the flogger, lashing across Evan’s back, and he cried out and arched back in pain, tugging on his cock and nipples at the same time, pain flooding through his body…but Mick was right. He…he did want this. Barrett lashed out again, and this time he did want it. It only took six of them before he felt his cock spasm, cum spewing out around his new PA, some of his splattering against the wooden cross in front of him, but much of it running back down the front and sides of his cock and dripping from his balls, Barrett taking a break so Mick could come up and toy with the dildo in his hole, giving it a few brisk thrusts, enough to make his ass spasm slightly as he shook.

“Best part about punishing boys, you know, is how much they like it. You do like it, don’t you boy?”

Sobbing, Evan nodded.

“We could stop, you know, if you want. Do you want it to stop?”

Evan didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what he wanted.

“Say it boy, say what you want.”

“I…I want…” Evan swallowed, “I want it to stop, please…”

“Only one way to make it stop, boy,” Mick said, “But you seem smart, if a bit bullheaded–maybe you’ll figure it out in a couple of hours.”

Pigtown Daddies (Part 1)

What choice did he have, really? He had to get this…thing out of him. Well, that wasn’t really the issue, Evan supposed, the issue was that he couldn’t get himself to leave it out of him. He’d been at the bar last night–the usual bar–but on the way home, he’d ended up…somewhere else. He didn’t remember much through the hangover and blackout, but he did remember the name–Pigtown. What had happened there…he only had a vague collection of memories, but what he did know was that when he’d woken up in his bed this morning, he’d had the thing in him.

The dildo.

The massive fucking dildo.

It had to be at least nine inches long, and thicker than a beer can–he’d felt the pressure in his ass when he’d woken up, along with the raging hard on, and when he’d tried to pull the thing out in disgust, he’d gotten it most of the way–but then his hand had plunged it back in, and he’d groaned, stroking himself off and fucking himself until he came in his bed. Horrified by what he’d done, he managed to get the dildo out long enough to take a shit, but after that, his hole had started to itch, and before he could even think too hard about it, he’d grabbed the dildo and slid it back inside him with a gasp–and that alone had started another round of fucking himself until he came.

The whole day had gone on like that–Evan trying to pull the dildo out, and when he rarely succeeded, trying to keep it out, and his hands working against him to get it back inside him and jack off almost constantly when it was. He didn’t understand it, but somehow he knew that Pigtown had been the start of it, and it might be where he can get the thing out.

The bar wasn’t particularly crowded, with plenty of seats, but Evan didn’t take one–he was afraid any pressure might get him started again, and looking around at the clientele, this…wasn’t the place a straight guy wanted to get caught with a dildo in his hole. Still, he didn’t recognize anyone, but he made his way to the bar to ask the hefty bartender if he knew anything. It turned out that he didn’t even have to ask, “Back so soon boy? You seemed pretty eager to get out of here last night. Ready to take Mick and Barrett up on the offer?”

“I–look, I don’t know who they are, but I…I have…did they do something to me? Last night?”

“Can’t get it out, eh?” the bartender said with a wink, and Evan flushed a deep red. “Don’t be embarrassed–the whole bar saw it.”

That didn’t help Evan feel much better.

“Look, you should go talk to them. If you ask real nice, they might help you out. They headed deeper not too long ago. You’ll find them, I’m sure.”

Deeper. He hadn’t noticed, but what he had assumed was the back wall of the bar wasn’t a wall at all–it was just dark. Walking stiff, he headed into the dark, feeling his way around a couple of bends, before emerging in a red-lighted chamber, where there were considerably more people, and considerably more sex going on that Evan was comfortable with. Mick and Barrett–who the fuck were they? He didn’t recognize anyone, even as his eyes adjusted to the light, but then came the whistle. He looked over, and two hulking muscle men, not too much older than him, were standing against the wall, waving him over. “Back so soon boy?” One of them called, “I thought you weren’t even gonna step foot in here again, from the tone ya had last night.”

The other one chuckled, “Nah, I told ya he was just bluffin’, Mick–he wanted it, he’s just playin’ hard tah get.”

Evan walked over, still a bit stiff, and the two men chuckled. “What the fuck did you do last night? Why the fuck can’t I get this…this thing out of my ass!”

“Easy boy,” Mick said, “We just gave you a choice is all–be our boy, or…well, you know what the other option is, don’t you?”

“Ya sure seemed tah like it last night, when we was poundin’ yer hole with it fer an hour, while everyone else was watchin’!”

“Well I don’t want to…to be your whatever, and I sure as hell don’t want this thing inside me, so let me fucking take it out already!”

“That ain’t the way the deal works, boy,” Mick said, and before Evan could do anything about it, one of his meaty hands slapped his ass, right on the butt of the dildo, forcing it in a bit further, and Evan moaned, his cock pulsing.

“But since ya came back,” Barrett said, “We gets tah make another deal with ya–how’s that sound? Two choices, either ya become our boy, or ya take yer punishment again, and like it, of course.”

“I’m not gonna be your fucking boy, you fucking creeps!” Evan said, “Now get this thing out of me, you fuckers, or I’ll make you fucking faggots take it out.”

“Ya hear that, Mick?”

“‘Sure do Barrett.”

“Boy still don’ wanna be our boy.”

“Guess that means he’s gonna have to take his punishment again–such a naughty boy.”

Stinkers – Eric’s Story (Part 7)


It took them both a while to get up to the dorm room itself, because Eric had to keep stopping, pushing Tom into alcoves so he could lick him and sniff him, delighting in his refreshing boyscent, already thinking about all the ways he was going to defile it once they got back to his room. If he had been clearer headed, he would have smelled what had happened in his room before opening the door, but the appearance of Tom had wiped every memory of Paul from his mind–so he opened the door and found his roommate rolling around in the middle of the room with the clothes he’d thrown out before, and the stench was horrific.

“Oh fuck–Paul?”

He didn’t respond to his name–but he did respond to the appearance of Eric’s musk, and Paul rolled over onto all fours and started crawling towards him, eyes void of all thought.

“Oh, I didn’t know you had a pig!” Tom exclaimed, and got down to greet Paul, stroking and petting his back, “Who’s a good piggy?”

“No–No, this…I threw that shit out!”

“You’re pretty thin for a pig–hasn’t he been feeding you? Well don’t worry, I have something you can eat, piggy.”

Eric was frozen as he watched Tom stand up and drop his pants to his ankles before squatting down, Paul smelling what was coming and getting his face right into the boy’s crack as he bore down and shit, Paul devouring as much as he could right from the hole–and Eric watched as his scrawny roommate’s body started to throb, and then expand with fat, gaining about fifty pounds by the time Tom stood back up, letting Paul lick the floor clean of what he’d missed. Eric was horrified. He wanted to run screaming from the room, but the fucking smell of that boy’s shit was turning him on like nothing else. Before he could think about it, before he could stop himself, he grabbed the boy and shoved him to the bed, bent him over, got down and started eating out his hole, licking it clean.

“Don’t worry daddy, I saved you some too.”

Eric lapped the filth straight from the hole, thinking about all the times he’d fantasized about this in his life, all those drunk nights he shoved a finger in his hole, sniffing it, too terrified to taste it, but it was better than he could have ever imagined. When the boy was empty, he stood up again, licking his lips, hauled out his cock and shoved it into the boy’s hole, cumming almost immediately, but Eric could sense that was just the prelude to what would be a long rest of the night with this sweet boy.

A nose and mouth pushed it’s way between his ass as he fucked, licking at his own ring–the pig was obviously still hungry, so Eric let his own shit loose, the pig squealing with delight and devouring everything as Eric fucked, some small part of him horrified at his own behavior, at his own actions, trying to reel the last shreds of decency back in, but he could tell, now, that there was no going back from this, and so he plunged in deeper, listening to the boy cry out in pain and excitement at being abused by his daddy, and decided that, tonight, he was just going to enjoy himself first, and worry about what it all meant later.

“Daddy? Daddy! I’m home, and I brought some friends over!” Tom said, the glee in his voice apparent as he charged into his filthy house. Greg was in the living room watching TV, another young man who’d been living with Tom when Greg arrived between his legs, worshipping his cock mindlessly, like a good cumdump should. He pushed the thing’s head away and heaved himself up from the couch as Tom bounded over to him and gave him an eager kiss–the boy was sweet again, his mouth like honey.

Tromping into the room after him came Eric, though he barely even recognized himself, after the night before. He was close to six and a half feet tall, but had packed on a massive amount of weight–Greg had to guess he weighed close to 600 pounds. He squeezed into the largest clothes he’d been able to find, but the rolls of hairy, stinking fat cascaded out around them. He had a wild beard which had grown down to his chest with a streak of white down the center, his face looking quite a bit older than his prior age of twenty-three.

“I see you found him–did you apologize, boy?” Greg asked.

“Yes daddy–I apologized to him all night long.”

“Good boy–now go play in your room for a bit.”

Tom nodded, and scampered up the stairs, as Eric gave a tug and the pig came in behind him, a knotted rope leashed around his neck. Paul had gained a massive amount of weight as well, hulking up, teeth growing out into small tusks, his face and body caked brown. “I…uh…I wasn’t, tryin’ to, but it got a liking a my scent, ‘n…” Eric tried to say, but the words weren’t coming out very well. He’d woken up this morning, surrounded by the filthy scene he’d created with Tom and the pig (he couldn’t quite remember it’s name for some reason) and knew, he had to find Greg. “Can ya…fix ‘em? Can ya fix me? I ain’t…know what’s happenin’ tah me no more. Fuck, why’d I sound so fuckin’ stupid all a sudden?”

“Because you’re becoming the man you’ve always meant to be,” Greg said, “Ya should embrace it! Enjoy it!”

Eric didn’t know what to say, he didn’t know how to stop this anymore. His gut grumbled instead, twisting into hungry knots.

“Look, why don’t I stuff that fat face of yours–you’ll feel better after a good meal. Then, we’ll get back to getting you feeling like your real self. You’re almost there–just a few more days, and you’ll be a true stinker, just like me.”

Stinkers – Eric’s Story (Part 6)

Eric did go to the library for a few hours, where he holed up in an isolated corner away from anyone else, and tried to focus on his school work, but nothing could get past his growing terror. Something was seriously wrong with him. He was bigger. He already stank like he hadn’t showered in days, and he’d just been sitting there in the cold room. He had a beard he couldn’t shave. His dirty laundry had just fucked up his roommate in some way he couldn’t even begin to explain. He’d spent all weekend fucking with some stranger. He’d raped one of his teammates. Trying to stack everything up together, everything felt too big. He tried searching online for anything he could find about what might have happened, but everything either led him to filthy porn videos he was too terrified to watch, strange online stories which read more like fantasies ripped out of twisted minds, and freakish conspiracy theories about aliens, government agents, and genetic experimentation.

He leaned back in the chair, feeling it creak, his gut growling. He’d been hungry for ages, but he didn’t want to give in. He could…remember eating with Greg, in that room, how he’d always lost control of himself each time, stuffing himself, Greg stuffing him, rubbing his gut, that time he’d…greased his cock up with butter and fucked him. He shuddered, and realized too late the memory had not only gotten him hard, but he’d just shot a huge wad right into his tight pants, the wet spot obvious and spreading across the denim. It dried in less than a minute, and the jeans he had on looked a lot less clean than they had been moments before–the same with his shirt, which looked like it was stained with who-knew-what and was suddenly crispy to the touch. The hunger was intensifying, becoming physically painful, but he didn’t dare go to the mess hall, not like this, not around all of those other people, but he didn’t know where to go instead.

He should go back to see Greg. He needed to know what was happening to him, he needed to know just how much of what he’d just read on the internet about this was true. He needed…to smell him, see him, taste him again. He pushed the desire away, and holed up in the corner of the library for a few more hours, trying not to think about what was happening to him. Once it had gotten a bit later, past the dinner hour, he ventured out right before the dining hall closed, piling a tray high with what remained, and trying to keep his distance from everyone, found a booth in the corner and stuffed himself, helplessly masturbating under the table, filling his jeans with four or five more loads of sticky cum before he finally finished his meal. He sat there, disgusted with himself, pleased with that disgust, a part of him embracing it, finding it sexy to be so reprehensible and filthy and fat. How was he going to live like this? Fuck, he needed a fucking drink.

There was a liquor store a few blocks away–he bought a fifth of whisky, and on impulse, a few cigars and a lighter. He’d never smoked cigars before, but they…they were calling to him in a way he couldn’t quite explain. He walked back to campus, but couldn’t go back to his dorm, and he couldn’t go back to the library, so he went back behind a maintenance building, lit a cigar and started slugging back booze, feeling a calm, dullness settle in over his mind. With the dullness there was nothing to hold back the horniness, and he started idly masturbating for lack of anything else to do, thinking back on his time with Greg, thinking about Tom in the hallway, how he’d smelled, how they’d all smelled together. He could…almost smell him now, in fact.

“D-Daddy? Oh fuck, daddy!”

Eric looked over and saw a young man coming towards him. It…couldn’t be Tom. He didn’t really look anything like Tom, but it had to be him, because Eric could smell him–more strongly than earlier that day, even. It was a powerful sweetness, a musky innocence, young fruit just beginning to rot. Tom had been a wide receiver, all lean muscle, but not any more–now he was half a foot shorter, his body rounded out in all the sexy places: wide hips, soft belly and boytits, and a big round ass that you could just eat for days. What the fuck was he thinking? What the fuck was he doing? He threw the bottle to the side and snuffed out the cigar, trying to clear his head as Tom approached. “Boy, you need to get the fuck away from me, I don’t…think I can control myself…”

“But Daddy Greg said I needed to apologize, for how I spoke to you earlier. I didn’t mean to be so mean daddy, but I…I wasn’t feeling like myself. Daddy Greg, he spent all day with me, really teaching me what a boy I am, and I see now! I get it daddy, I get it. I thought I was the important one, but Daddy Greg was just using me before–but now, everyone gets to use me, because that’s what I fucking want. That’s what I was fucking meant for.”

He came close, pressing his soft frame to Eric, who moaned and muttered, cock rock hard as the boy started stroking it, the scent of his filth and the boy’s sugar mixing, making him think of…of all the disgusting shit he could do to this little fuck, and how he’d love it, because that’s what boys did. They loved everything their daddy’s did to them, and everything was new to them, every time. But not…here. Not right here, in the open. Well, maybe…No! No, just…just a quick fuck, back in his dorm, and then the boy was gonna be out on his ass. “One apology fuck, and that’s it boy.”

They both knew he was lying, but they believed it for the moment, as Eric grabbed the boy’s hand and the booze with the other, before dragged him back towards his dorm, so the boy could properly apologize.

Stinkers – Eric’s Story (Part 4)

“Wait, all weekend?” Eric asked, “What day is it?”

“Fucking Sunday afternoon,” Tom said.

“Wait, I was in there for…for two whole fucking days?”

“Like I said, don’t worry about it,,” Greg said, trying to usher Eric back inside, “Let’s keep playing–I bet we can get a few more loads into that jock of yours.”

“No–No, I have to study, I have school tomorrow, I have to go.”

“No, you’re staying.”

“No, he has to go daddy,” Tom said, “I want him out of my house. Fucking get the fuck out!” Tom stepped up, grabbed Eric by the wrist and tried to pull him away, and Eric felt an odd anger grow in him. What was this boy thinking, he could tell him what to do? Tom gave another tug, and Eric didn’t budge–instead, he pulled him back, Tom landing against his chest, Eric’s big arms wrapping around him as he sniffed and licked the side of his neck. “What the–fucking let go of me!”

Eric didn’t quite know what he was doing, or why. All he knew was that this is exactly what he wanted to be doing, even if he hadn’t known that a second ago. Tom was still fighting and squirming–Eric let him go for a moment, he turned around, and then Eric grabbed him by the shoulders and shoved him up against the hallway wall, pressing their bodies together. Tom seemed…smaller than he had been before, less intimidating. “Eric…fuck Eric why…do you smell like that, all of a sudden?” Tom asked a bit breathless.

“Like what?” Eric asked, not really caring about the answer, as he hauled up one of Tom’s arms and started eating out the filthy pit there.

“Like Greg, you smell like daddy. I mean, different, but…” Tom lost track of what he was saying, eyes rolling back in his head as Eric’s new musk assaulted him.

Eric didn’t answer–he didn’t even have an answer that might have been satisfying, but what he did have was a need to fuck his teammate’s dirty hole. Tom, too, was wearing his jockstrap from practice and no shorts–Eric spread his legs and reached under him, feeling his greasy hole which had obviously been used quite a bit this weekend. Tom moaned, trying to protest, looking over to Greg hoping he would intervene, but the old man had his own cock out and was jacking off, watching Eric molest him. One of Eric’s fingers slid into him, and then another, and it wasn’t long before Tom’s resistance had disappeared completely, as Eric hefted him up and pinned him to the wall, slipping the pouch of his own disgusting jock to one side, and then lowered him down and impaled Tom on his cock in the hallway, his legs floundering as he groaned and begged Eric to fuck him. He was only too happy to oblige, rutting with him suspended against the wall, hammering into his ass while he cried, cum spewing from Tom’s cock between them, while Eric’s precum dribbled out of Tom’s ass and onto the carpet in a disgusting puddle. Eric came once after a couple of minutes, but kept going, fucking Tom for close to twenty minutes against the wall, both of them panting and shaking from the exertion of the position, Eric finally stepped away, allowing Tom back down onto the floor, when he crumpled down, lying in the puddle which had formed beneath him, his face drawn to the filth, licking it up, unable to stop himself.

“Damn man! That was quite the fuckin’ show!” Greg said, clapping a hand on Eric’s shoulder, which again, felt…higher than it should be, but he smelled Greg’s pit again, and fuck it would be nice to just laze around some more, eating and drinking, sniffing and fucking and–

Eric shook his head, clearing his thoughts away, and stepped back. He’d just fucking raped Tom, hadn’t he? Granted, Tom had enjoyed it–was still enjoying there on the floor, but why had he just done that? “I don’t…know why I just did that.”

“Well, when we git a whiff of a boy, sometimes instinct just takes over. Best tah just roll with it.”

Boy. He looked at Tom, and the word spoke more than it should. More than just a name, more than a title, more than a sexy nickname–it was more like…Greg was talking about a different species. Tom wasn’t like the both of them. Tom was just a “boy”, like Lassie was just a “dog”. It didn’t sit well with him in his gut, whatever it meant. “If…Tom’s a boy, then what am I?”

“I told you man, we’re stinkers–top a the heap. Well, I’m a stinker–yer still comin’ intah yer own, but hang with me a while longer, and we’ll git ya feelin’ like yer real self soon enough.”

Greg approached Eric again, grabbed his cock and started stroking it, licking Eric’s chest, sucking on one of his nipples, Eric trying to keep from falling back into the doldrums where he’d wasted his entire weekend. He had studying to do! Classes! Practices! Tests! Didn’t any of that matter anymore? He wasn’t quite sure how to answer that question, but what he did know, was that all of this was way too fucking strange. He needed to get out for a bit, get some fresh air, get away from Greg and Tom and this filthy house. “No, I…I gotta go.”

“No way man, ya ain’t going anywhere–things ‘r just gettin’ excitin’! Look at ya!”

“I can’t…do this.”

Get back in that room and relax–I know how the doubts go, but if you just–”

“No!” Eric screamed, and shoved Greg away, “No, fuck you! You don’t fucking know how I fucking feel right now!”

“Fuck man! Calm down!”

“How the fuck am I supposed to calm down? I just fucking raped that fucking boy there!”

“Ya can’t rape a boy–they all want it, they just don’t always know it.”

Eric couldn’t listen to anymore of this. He went back into the room, dug out his clothes (or at least what he thought were his clothes, but they were a bit small on him) threw them on, and hurried down the stairs. Greg didn’t try to stop him, he just said from the bannister, “You go work your shit out then. And when you figure out you can’t go back–hell, that you don’t want to go back? I’ll fucking be here, waiting for you.”