It was one of the most decently clean rest area bathrooms around. That’s because it turned patrons into either pigs or pigfuckers.

Rob found himself not wanting to leave the stall. Instead he was in his hands and knees licking every porcelain surface he could. Nose changing. Turned up a bit into a snout. Snorting and grunting as he did. Tusks pushing out from his lips. He heard someone enter but it didn’t stop him.

Alan just needed to stretch his legs a bit and drain the lizard. He stepped up to the urinal with the intention of peeing but when he heard the sounds coming from the stall he had other ideas in mind. A sneer grew across his face as did some unruly graying stubble. He pushed open the stall door to find the changing Rob drinking from the bowl.

Alan grabbed Rob by the shirt and spun him around. He unleashed a torrent of acrid piss down the front of the piss pig. Rubbing his growing belly as he did. Rob drank eagerly then began cleaning Alan cheesy cock. Grunting and oinking as he did.

A stream of foul language poured from Alan’s mouth as he face fucked his new pig. Once he blew his load across the pigmam’s face and scraggly beard and hauled him up to his feet. Leading him out of the restroom by the unbuttoned shirt he lead him to his truck where they hopped in and sped away.

James walked in and smelled something in the air. He pushed open the stall door and saw a small puddle of piss. Taking a deep breath a calm came over him and he got down on his hands and knees.

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