Gino’s New Job (Part 1)

Gino’s gut told him the place was a fag bar, even though he couldn’t be sure, but he was so desperate for a job at that point, that he didn’t even care if it was or not. It’s not like he was applying as some gogo dancer or anything, he was just looking to be a barback, or well, anything, really. Hell, washing dishes? Even cleaning toilets, if he had to. His unemployment was about to run out, and without much in the way of skills, he was just happy to have an interview, if nothing else. 

The place had just opened for the day, though there was no one there aside from the staff. Looking around, he became a bit more certain that it was run for fairies, but a man not too much older than he was, in a tailored suit, spied him, walked over and gave him a firm handshake, introducing himself as Wilson. He was the owner, and he escorted Gino back to his office behind the bar, for the interview. 

The interview went surprisingly well. Gino wasn’t exactly happy about having to take all of his clothes off as soon as they were alone, but he did need the job after all. The questions seemed…a bit personal, but Wilson was forgiving. Gino tried to convince him he was straight for quite a while, but it wasn’t too long before Gino realized he’d actually been gay all along. And that Wilson was…amazingly attractive. That he’d do anything his boss told him to do, anything at all. 

That’s how he found himself on his knees, Eating out the back of his new boss’ pants, thanking him for offering him a job. It wasn’t going to be the barback position, apparently, and Wilson was rather vague regarding what it would entail, but he assured Gino he’d enjoy his work so much, he’d never imagine trying to get another job, ever again. Gino wasn’t really paying attention–he was thinking about how much better it would be if he could get his tongue against his boss’ hole, instead of just the suit, but before either of them had really had their fun, Wilson told him to stop, and straightened himself up.

“First things first, Gino, let’s get you into your uniform–then we probably have time for some training before your first shift tonight–how does that sound?”

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