Commission – Little Critter Diaper Delivery (Part 2)

He hit send, and the diaper brought him to another orgasm. He spewed hardly any cum, his balls drained dry, but this time he seemed to float along in pleasure for ages. The diaper had stopped for the moment, and even though he was exhausted, he also felt…wonderful, somehow. Easy going. Content. Relaxed. He could feel a build up in his bladder again, but he released it without a second thought, feeling the diaper sagging down even heavier, now completely sodden and desperate for a change. Thank goodness he had someone coming over who could help him out with that. A friend…a…a daddy…even.

He lolled about on the ground for a few more minutes, until he heard a knock on the door. He needed to get that, see if it was his friend coming to help change him. Everytime he tried to get up to his feet though, he would get dizzy and topple over. In the end, he crawled over and opened the door on his knees, and found Matt standing there, a six foot three brown bear, fairly chubby, with a big gut hanging over his dress pants from work. “Hey, I came as soon as…fuck, what stinks…?” he says, and then looks down at Hux in the doorway, smiling up at him innocently, naked aside from a very, very heavy diaper and a red hanky tied round his neck. Part of him knew he should be disgusted, shut the door and walk away…but damn, did that little pup need help. Help from…from someone like him. “Looks like I got here just in time, pup,” Matt says, smirking, and steps inside.

“I’m…willy wet…would you change me?” Hux asked, one hand moving up to his mouth, shoving his thumb in and sucking on it. He’d never really realized how…sexy Matt was, actually. It sure was good of him to help him out like this.

“Heh, of course little pup, that’s what…dudes like me are for, right?” Matt said, closing the door behind him. Dude wasn’t quite the right word though, there was a better term, something else he could be… “Go on and lay down, and let’s get you out of that wet thing.”

Like nothing was strange about this situation at all, Matt got down on his knees beside Hux, and undid the side straps on the diapers, a task which had proved completely impossible earlier–not that it should surprise him. Pups couldn’t work diapers, only…only daddies. Matt pulled down the front of the diaper, soaked with piss, and took a deep sniff. “Fuck boy, ya fouled this thing up good–got my cock risin’ real good–fuck pup, what the fuck is that thing? That yer cock?”

Hux sat up a bit, feeling Matt toying with something under his gut…but it didn’t feel right. He looked down, and felt his eyes bug out a bit at the sight of his new cock between two of Matt’s thick fingers. He’d never been incredibly hung before, but now–now his cock was less than an inch long, still somewhat thick, with a small sack of balls underneath. It wasn’t particularly sensitive either…though Matt’s touch had it as hard as it could get. That…that wasn’t right though. None of this was right. “M–Matt,” he said, trying very hard not to say Daddy instead, “I think…you need to get out of here.”

“Nah, hold on, pup, fuckin’ curious now–gotta compare…” Matt said, giving a few grunts as his other hand reached down under his gut, and let his fly loose, hauling his own cock out, and his eyes showed that, inside, he was freaked out by what his body was doing, but he was helpless to stop himself. His own cock was only averaged size, about five inches, but beside Hux’s tiny pecker it looked massive. Hux moaning a bit, sucking his thumb again as…as daddy looked at their cocks together, and started rubbing his up and down, beside Hux’s cock. “Fuck pup, that thing is fuckin’ tiny. Still, I think we both know that’s not what pups really need, right?” He looked over at Hux sucking his thumb and grinned wide. His face looked…different. Usually his facial hair was well trimmed, but it seemed to be extending slightly, forming a longer beard with a few flecks of grey around the chin. His hand had left Hux’s puny cocklet, and was slipping between his thighs, pressing between his ass cheeks for his hole, and when he touched it, Hux shivered and moaned, sucking his thumb harder.

“Oh…Oh fuck, daddy…” Hux said. Half of him wanted it inside of him, the other half wanted all of this to stop, but that chunk of him was growing smaller by the moment.

“Don’t want to waste such a good opportunity, do we pup? Hux wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but Matt answered the question by rolling Hux off the diaper, onto his belly, and then mounted him, running his cock between his ass cheeks, one hand holding his thick tail back and away from the hole, before pressing the head against his chute and sliding inside. “Oh fuck pup, fuck!” Matt said, before dropping into a low growl, slamming in deep. “So fuckin’ tight, fuck! Gonna fuckin’ cum pup, gonna seed yer hole boy, make ya mine, that what ya want?”

“Oh fuck daddy, fuck, please…” Hux heard himself moan, unable to stop himself.

His own cock was spitting cum on the floor as it ground against it, but the true pleasure was in his hole. Daddy’s hole. He felt it now, as Matt let out a roar, filling up his insides, nearly as much cum as he’d filled his diaper with, feeling everything around him…settle somehow. Fall into place. Daddy kept thrusting for a moment longer, and then hauled his cock out. “Fuck…goddamn pup, that damn hole a yers…every damn time.” He heaved a few breaths, and then added, “come on, let’s get you padded up again, before you make a big mess on the floor.”

Matt laid out another diaper from the package, and Hux laid out on it obediently, still sucking his thumb, looking up at and adoring his daddy. He looked…different from earlier, somehow, but he couldn’t place it. The grubby jeans, the stained wifebeater that didn’t quite cover his entire gut, leaving a crescent of brown fur sticking out. “Alright, there’s my baby pup!” Matt said, smiling as he fastened the straps. Matt could feel his daddy’s cum seeping out his ass and into the back of the diaper, but he didn’t mind–it felt…good. Normal. The way things were supposed to be. “Damn, Daddy’s a bit tuckered after all that! Gonna get me a beer and relax a bit–how’s that sound? You can play in the den with your toys.”

Hux crawled after his daddy, and noticed that the entire apartment had…shifted, somehow. But this is just where he lived, right? Lived with his daddy of course. His big, manly Papa Bear, as he liked to call him. He spent some time playing with his dolls and trucks, and then sucked off his Daddy when he got horny again, drinking down all the cum, realizing only later that his diaper was wet again with piss. Daddy liked it though, the smell of it, so he had his pup wear it for the rest of the evening, through dinner, and into bed–Hux only taking a moment to log onto his favorite forums, and add his own positive review of Little Critter Diaper Delivery–it really had changed his life, he wrote, and he never, ever, ever wanted to go back.

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