Still taking votes on part seven of Dale’s Story! We’ll be wrapping the interactive up in the next few weeks I think, so come help me figure out the conclusion!

Another day, another workout. The locker room was always fairly deserted at this time of day, at least, and Ian walked across the room towards his locker, having just finished his shower. He didn’t have the easiest shift at work, but at least he usually had the gym to himself when he got off late–and he’d always been a bit of a night owl anyway. Even if there had been someone around, Ian had never been shy or ashamed of his body. He undid his lock and opened the door, only to be nearly knocked off his feet by the stench that rolled out of the small chamber when he did.

He coughed, tears streaming down his eyes. He’d never smelled anything like that before in his life. Had someone put something in his locker or something? What even was that? It didn’t smell rotten exactly, more like…well, it was hard to describe, but it was more like sweat and BO or something, but way more powerful than should be possible. Holding his breath, he pulled out his gym bag and opened it up, but his clothes weren’t in there–it looked like some strange, disgusting work gear or something, and now he could detect other scents in the powerful aroma he’d begun to breathe in a bit more deeply–beer, piss, smoke, cum.

His cock was hard, and he was stroking it. He pulled out a disgusting jockstrap, pressed it to his nose and snorted in the scent, finding himself craving it–and then hauled out a disgusting, mud crusted work boot, shoved it to his face and huffed in the powerful scent, his cock exploding all over the bench. 

“Sorry fer borrowin’ yer locker, pig, but I didn’ think ya’d mind.”

Ian looked over at the man who’d appeared at the entrance to the locker room, soaked in sweat, reeking with the same musk Ian now couldn’t imagine living without, and he ran over, shoving his face into his master’s pit and licking out as much sweat as he could get.

“Heh, prefer not tah shower after I workout, but suppose we can make an exeption tahnight.”

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